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supernana Sat 07-Apr-12 14:31:09

Wish to change user name from supernana to soop How?

shysal Sat 07-Apr-12 14:55:43

Jingl will know, she has done loads of name changes! I think you have to resign then sign up again under the new name.
Glad you are on the road to recovery, and hope the album turns up. flowers

bagitha Sat 07-Apr-12 15:05:11

email them at "[email protected]"

bagitha Sat 07-Apr-12 15:05:58

No need to de-register.

supernana Sat 07-Apr-12 16:41:34

Have done so, thanks bagitha x

jeni Sat 07-Apr-12 17:38:43

So when we soop, it's actually you?

supernana Sat 07-Apr-12 17:41:27

jeni Indeedy doo x

jeni Sat 07-Apr-12 18:26:19

Fine, think I'll change mine to jangle!

wotsamashedupjingl Sat 07-Apr-12 18:57:43

Yeah! Go on jeni. Great idea! grin

wotsamashedupjingl Sat 07-Apr-12 18:58:12

We could have 'em all well confused grin

wotsamashedupjingl Sat 07-Apr-12 18:59:29

(confused = confused).

Greatnan Sat 07-Apr-12 19:02:05

I feel a bit uncomfortable with people being able to change their name without telling us (so not you, Supernana). They could come back in a completely different guise and play tricks on us.
The other forums I use do not allow you to have more than one name from any one e-mail address or,indeed, from any one computer.
Sometimes it is fairly obvious when we have a 'returner' because it is hard to disguise your style - I am sure I would soon be recognised - but perhaps I could come back and very sweet and fluffy!

jeni Sat 07-Apr-12 19:19:07

I'm always sweet and fluffy!sunshine

Annobel Sat 07-Apr-12 19:21:40

Awwwww. I like you as supernana and it will be hard to think of you as soop. sad

Anagram Sat 07-Apr-12 19:25:16

Yes, couldn't you have been soup? Hearty, warming and wholesome? grin

glammanana Sat 07-Apr-12 19:33:44

You will always be a supernana but under a slightly different to a lovely lady.

Greatnan Sat 07-Apr-12 20:04:26

Which soup would Supernana be? How about scrumptious leek and potato, or bacon and lentils? Not mine strone , though!

glammanana Sat 07-Apr-12 20:11:03

Cock-a-leekie maybe !!! grinwith crusty bread

Anagram Sat 07-Apr-12 20:12:56

Game? wink

jeni Sat 07-Apr-12 20:26:03

Spicy mulligatawny ? grin

ninnynanny Sun 08-Apr-12 17:37:22

Why are you changing your name for what reason?

*SOOP* Sun 08-Apr-12 17:51:20

bagitha used the name and I liked it a lot. As for the lassie behind the name, she's still exactly the same...a touch dozy and inclined to be dippy but good at heart smile

Ariadne Sun 08-Apr-12 18:34:43

We know that, SOOP! xxxxx