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It is possible to send a positive report of a post to GNHQ

51 MawBe

‘The Panel of Joint Care Experts’: are they going to answer Posters’ questions?

6 LucyBGransnet

Imbalance in feedback opportunities

207 Ellianne

Is it possible to attach an audio file to a post?

4 ElderlyPerson

Why no response from GNHQ ?

4 Marydoll

All OP posts in green on thread?

21 LilyGransnet


5 LilyGransnet

Attention HQ - Iam64

46 LilyGransnet

How do I bump up threads as they are showing

32 welbeck

Treat yourself

7 sodapop

Why do threads no longer appear in time/date order on the Active list

12 MawBe

Is Gransnet unsafe? - please help.

23 Chestnut

Inactive thread warning?

9 Nannarose

Private messaging

6 Soniagransnet

Photos not posting

35 Jaxjacky

Highlight original author

30 Nannagarra

Out of order

7 sodapop

Royal threads hidden! 🤔

62 maddyone

Annoying adverts

21 Soniagransnet

Silly adverts on Gransnet

22 Kamiso

Threads advertised in the daily newsletter

23 lemsip

Odd threads appearing simultaneously at the moment

12 Namsnanny

Why are there sometimes only three threads?

16 grannyrebel7

Why am I having to Log In?

6 BlueBelle

Posting problem

20 AnnieGransnet

Mystery ads appearing on your screen.

8 AnnieGransnet

Watch List

3 Welshy

Trolls trolling

106 sodapop

Mobile site

18 LilyGransnet


14 NotSpaghetti

Retrieving Threads I have 'hidden'?

4 shysal

Newsletter advert

21 Calendargirl

Are you reluctant to re-start childcare for GCs? GNHQ needs your help...

12 RowanGransnet

Server keeps crashing. Gateway error.

12 YorkLady

What's happened to the search facility?

13 LilyGransnet

Server keeps crashing.

12 Redhead56

Changing user name

2 lemongrove

Quick question from a Newbie!

30 mokryna

Are you receiving the Gransnet newsletter?

12 SueDoku


7 ZadieGransnet

Rules - Mumsnet & Gransnet discrepancies

324 JaneJudge

Trial of Met police officer

14 3nanny6

Non Grandmothers on GN - Attitudes about Motherhood and Grandmotherhood

101 Blossoming

I can’t post. Any help

27 ZadieGransnet

Removing a post I started

3 Teacheranne

Sorry for the site being down

46 LauraNorder


1 Lona

Anyone else having trouble sending PMs?

121 Marydoll


8 ZadieGransnet

Recipes - a dedicated thread, maybe?

32 ixion