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Resoned discussion is not victimisation.

16 Philippa111

Gransnet Daily emails

18 grannydarkhair

How do you view all your own posts

2 Elegran

Does GN have a programme that puts a value on different post categories?

14 Galaxy

Can we highlight all OP's posts please?

31 JackyB

Site logging me out when trying to post

7 JackyB

The relevance of some advertising on Gransnet?

8 eazybee

Having trouble starting a new discussion

17 LilyGransnet

The irony!

3 Farmor15

why no edit option?

30 Summerlove

How do I change my username

3 Baggs

Aldi advert with spinning wheel

122 downtoearth

How do I delete a post?

12 Sorchame

Replying to reports

6 Georgesgran

Contacting Gransnet

21 Farmor15

Whatever happened to Book of the Month

16 Callistemon21

What's sock puppeting please?

61 Doodledog

No games

22 fancythat

Missing bar to choose "I'm on" etc

2 Gymstagran

Bear with me, just testing

29 BlueBelle

Suddenly have "Trending" sidebar - please advise...

18 BlueBelle

Taking you back to where you were ....

22 Callistemon21

Opening PMs currently

7 Marydoll

How can I change my user name?

7 FannyCornforth

Changing email address linked to my account.

2 Susanlikesart

Notifications of pms

8 kittylester

Temporary Mumsnet logo -not at all funny!

231 Galaxy

Does this happen to anyone else?

55 FannyCornforth

Least likely on screen advertising

5 volver3

How do you respond to Trolls?

31 M0nica

Malfunctioning Active List: Update

3 Whitewavemark2

Unwanted gransnet videos.

166 BlueBelle

Are these Freesias or not?

23 Granmarderby10

Get rid of the games!!

67 Chestnut

Pop-up Advert for horrible, sexist game

7 nanna8

Beautiful forever makeup ads

4 Ali08

Usernames and search function

17 MerylStreep

Very annoying pop up videos

172 Bobbysgirl19

Moving a post

3 Moonwatcher1904

The site is driving me mad!

154 NanKate

Cookie consent - over and over

12 karmalady

Is this kind of message permitted on Gransnet?

27 crazyH

Replies to Posts

5 lixy

Has anyone on GN got the right to give private information about you?

592 Blossoming

Odd private message

25 Callistemon21

‘Russell Brand’s Parenting Tips’ 🤣

17 eazybee

Advance warning - essential site maintenance from 9am Saturday 29th October

32 DaisyAnne


5 Grannyheartache

The Search Function: Does yours work? ?

31 nadateturbe

PM s “removed at user request”

28 Sweetpeasue