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This page seems to have moo-ved.

28 NatashaGransnet

Hi just joined

28 Harris27

Anyone else having problems

10 seacliff

Whole forums not appearing on my Last Day list.

5 NatashaGransnet

Enormous Font

18 kittylester

Yesterday's description of Scandinavian Christmas

12 LaraGransnet

The @ function still doesn't work!

51 NatashaGransnet

What have I done? Where's my newsletter?

19 Marydoll

Site Search

10 Lucca

New mental health thread

28 FarNorth

How to ignore the 'why not start a new thread instead' message.

17 Callistemon

Rev James Morgan


Hi Is GNHQ not functioning?

37 Marydoll

Private messages -are they?

108 LaraGransnet

Private messages

4 PamelaJ1

Changing my username

35 Riverwalk

OP's responses highlighted?

27 Oopsadaisy4


12 NanaandGrampy

GNHQ, question for you.

38 Marydoll

Private messages

31 Marydoll

I cant send a pm!!

17 LaraGransnet

Want to stay in the loop?

1 LaraGransnet

Clarity in titles for posts......please.

37 Summerlove

Do you know what?

89 Blossoming

Switching from desktop to mobile

23 mary51

I have just noticed this in my Inbox tab. 🤔

106 Doodle

Tech fix 🎉

21 Marydoll

‘Mobile site‘ option has disappeared for me.

32 rosecarmel

Pop-up survey

20 Squiffy

Don't miss out on the FREE Gransnet newsletter!

8 CraftyGranny

How else can I clean up my newsfeed

1 BlueBelle

why can't we continue an existing thread - when it makes much more sense than starting a new one?

19 MawB2

Those “helpful” ads down the side of the screen

3 JackyB

Problem with posting in an existing thread

38 NatashaGransnet

Now I ve lost something !!

34 Squiffy


23 GagaJo

Another change

32 rosecarmel

Troll hunting and thread deletions

720 Marydoll

Thread title juxtaposition

9 Kalu

New consent form - UPDATE: Link to FAQs here

108 Elegran

GNHQ could you please add this feature? *Batts Eyelashes at GNHQ*

27 Chewbacca

pop up consent form today

33 LaraGransnet

Thanks GNHQ, don't want to seem ungrateful but.......

50 Chewbacca



Please GNHQ, pretty please, can we have.....

40 Luckygirl

Get the FREE Gransnet newsletter - here's how

7 NatashaGransnet

If you are seeing Airy Dress advertisements......

43 Callistemon

Bookmarking / Watching a thread

7 Squiffy

Warning! Scam PM received.

20 Alexa

Trying to edit my email adderss - nothing happens!!

4 Esspee