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Do you remember wayback when.........

42 kittylester

PLEASE READ AND COMMENT Is it wrong for the virtual cruise threads to have lots of links?

39 MerylStreep

A thread not appearing in I m on

12 Yammy

Where are the icons?

7 JackyB

Problems using Gransnet last 30 mins - just me?

21 Oldbat1

How is the choice of which threads are mentioned in Gransnet Daily made please?

4 StarDreamer

Problems loading Gransnet

84 AnnieGransnet

Which forum do you read first?

45 M0nica

Student research projects and surveys on Gransnet

37 Doodledog

Is this a speed record for Gransnet daily?

8 Stephanie48

Has Mumsnet been hacked?

15 Callistemon21

Did anyone get Gransnet Daily today?

25 kittylester

Is it possible to upload a PDF document to a Gransnet thread?

3 Farmor15

Gransnet adverts with sound!

19 25Avalon

How many posts in a thread?

7 FannyCornforth

Phantom threads

7 tanith

PMs. Currently unable to accept PMs

2 welbeck

Posting pictures of children on this site.

150 kircubbin2000

Top Topics

3 Mollygo

Probate anyone applied themselves?

57 Shandy57

black rectangles in headings

8 lixy

‘Royal’ Forum anyone?

64 Callistemon21

PM s “removed at user request”

22 JaneJudge

The order of postings when one has just posted

15 NotSpaghetti

What's wrong with posting about 1st World problems

62 BigBertha1

Could we please have subject lines that tell us what the thread is about?

24 Vintagejazz

Still at Aintree HQ?

3 MawtheMerrier

Desktop mode. Can you help please?

2 Polly73

""Someone has posted on the following thread"

4 Grannybags

Ignore button

49 Jaxjacky

Please move my post!

1 Scribbles

OP Posts Highlighted.

46 Kim19

Quoting other posters

13 Beswitched

Anybody else struggling to upload a post?

19 Doughboy

Posting on threads to put them down

110 Beswitched

Logging in

5 Iam64

Gransnet with advertising

1 Auntieflo

Dear Gransnet

3 Luckygirl3

How do I change my User name?

30 FannyCornforth

Why are we having to log in all the time?

25 toscalily

Not in the spirit of Gransnet

334 FannyCornforth

Contacting Gransnet

14 Judy54

changing username (again)

7 Nana3

Breakfast casserole

7 Kim19

Replying to a PM

21 Callistemon21

The New Stuff at the Top of the Page 🤔

45 Germanshepherdsmum

What is your favourite forum?

28 Doodledog

How do you know what Gransnet members are buying?

17 Kim19

Struggling with this site

4 crazyH

Pop-up ads driving me crazy

30 Jackiest