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Do you have questions about your Will? Ask Cancer Research UK’s expert solicitor Rebecca Massey - £200 voucher to be won

111 Nannan2

Unwanted gransnet videos.

166 BlueBelle

Are these Freesias or not?

23 Granmarderby10

Get rid of the games!!

67 Chestnut

Pop-up Advert for horrible, sexist game

7 nanna8

Beautiful forever makeup ads

4 Ali08

Usernames and search function

17 MerylStreep

Very annoying pop up videos

172 Bobbysgirl19

Moving a post

3 Moonwatcher1904

Contacting Gransnet

15 MayBee70

The site is driving me mad!

154 NanKate

Cookie consent - over and over

12 karmalady

Is this kind of message permitted on Gransnet?

27 crazyH

Replies to Posts

5 lixy

Has anyone on GN got the right to give private information about you?

592 Blossoming

Odd private message

25 Callistemon21

Having trouble starting a new discussion

14 BlueBelle

‘Russell Brand’s Parenting Tips’ 🤣

17 eazybee

Advance warning - essential site maintenance from 9am Saturday 29th October

32 DaisyAnne


5 Grannyheartache

The Search Function: Does yours work? ?

31 nadateturbe

PM s “removed at user request”

28 Sweetpeasue

Nightwatch and Trolls - can we use it? ?

17 welbeck

Replying to reports

1 AnnieGransnet

In Memoriam thread - would it work?

76 Dickens

Do you remember wayback when.........

212 Barmeyoldbat

PM issues

7 Lucca

? Reinstate the Benefits Forum! ? Please Sign ?

21 FannyCornforth

Where are the icons?

9 AnnieGransnet

? Disappearing Sub-Forums Alert! ?

38 FannyCornforth

PLEASE READ AND COMMENT Is it wrong for the virtual cruise threads to have lots of links?

39 MerylStreep

A thread not appearing in I m on

12 Yammy

Problems using Gransnet last 30 mins - just me?

21 Oldbat1

How is the choice of which threads are mentioned in Gransnet Daily made please?

4 StarDreamer

Problems loading Gransnet

84 AnnieGransnet

Which forum do you read first?

45 M0nica

Student research projects and surveys on Gransnet

37 Doodledog

Is this a speed record for Gransnet daily?

8 Stephanie48

Has Mumsnet been hacked?

15 Callistemon21

Did anyone get Gransnet Daily today?

25 kittylester

Is it possible to upload a PDF document to a Gransnet thread?

3 Farmor15

Gransnet adverts with sound!

19 25Avalon

How many posts in a thread?

7 FannyCornforth

Phantom threads

7 tanith

PMs. Currently unable to accept PMs

2 welbeck

Posting pictures of children on this site.

150 kircubbin2000

Top Topics

3 Mollygo

Probate anyone applied themselves?

57 Shandy57

black rectangles in headings

8 lixy

‘Royal’ Forum anyone?

64 Callistemon21

The order of postings when one has just posted

15 NotSpaghetti