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incorrect password message

1 jura2

Getting Gransnet under a different format

6 Dawn22

Still getting server error on all forum threads HTTP 500

6 Gonegirl

Server error - apologies

15 Blinko

What on earth has happened?

3 trisher

GNHQ: Forum error message is HTTPStatus 500-Servlet execution threw an exception.

1 Marydoll

Please check server error on all forums

1 Alima


26 Gonegirl

Webchats - who would you like the chance to talk to?

22 M0nica

Advice to new? posters

8 Elegran


91 Gonegirl

Highlighting posts

15 ZoeGransnet

PM and notifying you.

14 SarahGransnet

You’ve done it again HQ

33 Gonegirl

dodgy banner suggesting problems for Martin Lewis

6 humptydumpty

Dear GNHQ, I am so sorry to bother you but can you please sort out the total mess I made of the title of this new thread

8 Gonegirl

I've not had today's gn email......

12 SarahGransnet

The Decline and Fall of GN?

110 Callistemon


6 Blinko

GNHQ Sending a pm

6 Gonegirl

Anybody else being denied entry?

11 Gonegirl

Your Privacy is Important to us - I KEEP agreeing

2 SarahGransnet


21 NanKate

Competition for book

6 callgirl1

Strike through still not working

54 BlueBelle

That £50 voucher offer from GNHQ!

18 Auntieflo


28 Daisymae

Tool bar

54 jackfowler


27 Mitramonday

Beware the 'Martin Lewis' ad!

6 EllanVannin


5 Cherrytree59


12 Bathsheba

Personal message

22 SarahGransnet

Username changes

74 Buffybee

Daily newsletter

5 kittylester


5 Charleygirl5

Come on GNHQ

95 EllanVannin

Puffin Competition - faulty link.

5 Auntieflo

Only my opinion

35 notentirelyallhere

Daughter problems

7 Sara65

Do I leave one son out of my will.

106 Oswin

Keep getting logged out of the site

6 blondenana

Just a ^little^ 'thumbs up'.

24 kittylester

Error 521

4 EllanVannin

"I agree" thumbs up

44 Lazigirl

PMs going into spam

3 kittylester

GNHQ reporting design fault.

114 Rufus2

Advertising bespoke essays?

9 M0nica

Next Tory leader

4 boat

Editing a post

7 Humbertbear