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HQ is it really acceptable ....

216 Elegran

GNHQ - please help as can't post at all!

15 Maggiemaybe

Not receiving newsletter

4 fourormore

Not receiving newsletter

5 JackyB

Pop-up ads for known rogue companies

30 grannyticktock

GNHQ, what's going on?

8 annsixty

"Go back to Mumsnet!" Mumsnet V Gransnet dilemma...

59 SirChenjin

Not getting daily updates

27 grandma60

GNHQ - Personal Messages

8 Greenfinch

Anyone else having problems?

8 Elegran

Hide button

21 BlueBelle

An observation on behaviour

8 TrendyNannie6

Don't exercise? Get in touch

1 CariGransnet

OPs highlighted on green throughout the post - why do some people have this and not others?

50 EllaKeat

Recent "odd" posters & threads

22 BlueBelle


5 SarahCGransnet

Attn. GNHQ!

7 JustineBGransnet


2 SarahCGransnet

Advice on medication

13 Callistemon

Can't remember the thread last night?


Win all those books?

2 SarahGransnet

For BT internet users - it's not us, it's them!

2 Ilovecheese

why can't we continue an existing thread - when it makes much more sense than starting a new one?

13 Rufus2

Being logged out of GN.

4 Bathsheba

Queens Christmas Speech

29 lemongrove

When I try to send a PM....

5 Gonegirl

Can anyone tell me where to find...

7 Gonegirl

Editing Posts

5 Bussy

Gransnet ads

11 Purpledaffodil

Foul language and crude posts.

82 fizzers

How to use the 'Search' function

11 SirChenjin

Hello new posters

18 grannyactivist

PM notifications not happening

9 tanith

Where has this come from ?

9 ZoeGransnet

Where is it???? GrandmaNorm's Christmas cake recipe.

9 Gonegirl

England Emoji

11 NfkDumpling

Bloody whinging Gransnetters

105 Rufus2

HQ please

41 Callistemon

gransnet in my email

2 phoenix

Privacy pop up

134 Squiffy

Keep an eye out for PM's!

18 phoenix

Hello GNHQ

44 trisher

Daft question?

10 ZoeGransnet

Unwelcome pm

21 Bopeep14

Churchill Awards 2019 - help us choose a winner

38 CariGransnet


18 quizqueen

Does anyone else start at the bottom?

19 Maybelle

Site has changed to desktop version

7 MissAdventure

I'm on

3 Judy54

Problem with site

8 ZoeGransnet