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A question for Gransnet HQ

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Gracesgran Tue 09-Sep-14 21:44:58

I'm sure it's somewhere but I was wondering what the demographic is of the members on Gransnet - if it's known of course smile

durhamjen Tue 09-Sep-14 21:55:42

Does it matter?

Gracesgran Tue 09-Sep-14 21:57:49

Possibly not to you but I am interested durhamjen. Do you feel I shouldn't be?

Ana Tue 09-Sep-14 22:03:41

I don't see how it could be known. We aren't required to fill in a detailed questionnaire when we join.

kittylester Tue 09-Sep-14 22:03:53

Haven't we just filled in a questionnaire about that sort of thing?

I agree, I'd be interested too!

Gracesgran Tue 09-Sep-14 22:05:01

I didn't know if they had done any research Ana. I was really only asking a question sad

Ana Tue 09-Sep-14 22:06:30

I haven't!

Ana Tue 09-Sep-14 22:08:00

Don't be sad, Gracesgran - I just wondered how on earth GNHQ could know, but as kittylester says, some have completed a questionnaire...

durhamjen Tue 09-Sep-14 22:10:07

Gracesgran, you said "I'm sure it's somewhere", which assumes you think they have asked us all questions.
What sort of questions do you think they should have asked us?

Gracesgran Tue 09-Sep-14 22:22:14

I suppose the question sprang to mind with Cari (I hope that is right smile) representing Gransnet on the programme today. I just assumed that Gransnet would have some sort of profile that DP could refer to when deciding who to invite on.

When I said I am sure it's somewhere I actually meant that in a self-deprecating way, as in "I don't know where to look" but, of course, that is hard to convey on a forum. I thought the smile would help.

I do not think they should have asked us anything durhamjen. I actually said if it's known of course. I was making no assumptions; just asking a question.

Why do you mind me asking?

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 09-Sep-14 22:34:11

I don't think anyone knows, or could possibly know, the true demographics of any online forum. Look how many people have joined just to enter the competition for one thing. They won't have given any details about themselves.

Profiles are the nearest thing you can get to knowing anything about anyone.

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 09-Sep-14 22:34:55

And neither you nor I have got one of those at the moment Gracesmum. grin

Gracesgran Tue 09-Sep-14 22:40:03

Bless the poor child jinglbellsfrocks but I am her Gran not her Mum. Not that I mind but I have a feeling there is a Gracesmum on here.

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 09-Sep-14 22:42:52

OH gosh no! Sorry. grin (Gracesmum is now someone else) (if you see what I mean) smile

durhamjen Tue 09-Sep-14 23:03:49

I do not mind you asking, Gracesgran. That's why I said does it matter?

Ana Tue 09-Sep-14 23:32:40

I'll tell you something for nothing, Gracesgran - there are many members of the teaching profession who post on here (some retired, of course), and quite a few Guardian readers.

That is merely an observation, nothing more.

durhamjen Tue 09-Sep-14 23:39:37

Don't forget the social workers and the DM readers, Ana.
The medical profession as well.
Who have we missed out?

ninathenana Tue 09-Sep-14 23:59:25

Isn't there a solicitor ? Don't forget the all important domestic engineers smile

Gracesgran Wed 10-Sep-14 09:10:25

I suppose I was as interested in the age profile, as not all grandparents are pensioners, as in what everyone does. Knowing how many are retired, etc., would be interesting too, though.

LucyGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 10-Sep-14 09:33:31

Hi Gracesgran. Our new census will reveal more, but we know from the last one (2 years ago) that gransnetters tend to fall into the 50-70 age group and are mainly (but absolutely not exclusively!) women. Hope that helps!

kittylester Wed 10-Sep-14 10:05:27

I'd also like to know how many people are still working and at what age.

Gracesgran Wed 10-Sep-14 11:04:11

Thank you Lucy. I am a bit of a fact gatherer or, as my family would say, I have a bit of a dustbin mind smile. The 50-70 age group sounds really interesting; such a transitional stage.

Kittylester It would be also interesting to know how long those who are not yet retired intend expect to go on working. We are probably expecting a bit much for the lovely, hardworking people who run Gransnet though smile

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 10-Sep-14 11:15:58

Oh shite. Another age group I'm too old for.


Elegran Wed 10-Sep-14 11:32:50

That is only the bulge in the middle of the bell curve of normal distribution, jings. The elite (us) are not there with the hoi polloi majority, they are in the more select part of the curve, toward the far end.

Galen Wed 10-Sep-14 13:15:22

2 years for me if there is any work