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A book advert too far! [hmm]

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jinglbellsfrocks Wed 01-Apr-15 12:09:59

this here !

I suppose they will be criticising me for havling onbe or two - or all - of these in my garden next! tbuhmm

Really GNHQ. Tou have gone too far!

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 01-Apr-15 12:11:32

Shall I do that again? Typing is dreadful!

Ana Wed 01-Apr-15 12:22:49

Didn't notice the typos, but don't really understand why you're in a tizz about this, jingl...tbuconfused

thatbags Wed 01-Apr-15 12:23:36

Just been and had a look. I don't understand what your problem is, jings. If you don't like the look of the book, don't buy it. Folklore about garden plants is hardly a step too far. What on earth do you mean?

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 01-Apr-15 12:23:41

Oh fuck me! It's a joke! tbuhmm

gillybob Wed 01-Apr-15 12:24:09

I was sure it was a April fool. confused

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 01-Apr-15 12:24:13

You do realise there is no book, don't you?

gillybob Wed 01-Apr-15 12:24:57

Ooops crossed posts jings . I guess you do too. grin

gillybob Wed 01-Apr-15 12:26:26

Well I realised it..........

Question is, did you though? I mean, at first?


NannyGoat12345 Wed 01-Apr-15 12:27:29

Ha ha Jingle..... you do make me laugh. Just as well they didn't mention cactus, I would hate to think you had something prickly in your lady garden.

thatbags Wed 01-Apr-15 12:29:25

Well done, HQ! grin

Ana Wed 01-Apr-15 12:30:34

But it's after 12 noon, so it doesn't count! tbugrin

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 01-Apr-15 12:33:04

What, like this nannygoat?

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 01-Apr-15 12:34:52

Ana. They put it up crack of dawn. I thought perhaps not many people had seen it. (It's not only me that comes straight to Actives, is it?)

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 01-Apr-15 12:36:04

I spent forty minutes searching the threads for the April Fool, before someone told me it was on the front page!

NannyGoat12345 Wed 01-Apr-15 12:36:09

Whoa, Jingle, now THAT is impressive tbuhmm

pompa Wed 01-Apr-15 12:36:39

This reminds me that when I worked for Age Concern, we used to pick up the "lady with the yellow bush" a couple of times a week. (it was in her front garden of course)

NannyGoat12345 Wed 01-Apr-15 12:38:42

Sorry, I meant to use this smiley tbublush - I will never be the same now I have seen that!

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 01-Apr-15 12:39:41