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Techies, help please!!

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Alea Fri 09-Oct-15 08:44:16

Since just a few minutes ago ( 8 ish) all I am seeing when I attempt to read any thread with more than one post, is a list of posters on a pink background.
I also had to "find" Gransnet again via Google as it had disappeared from Safari saying server couldn't connect.

Gracesgran Fri 09-Oct-15 08:50:47

I cannot see what Alea has said but I am having real problems on my laptop. It is OK on my Kindle Fire but I now cannot see the separate comments.

It has been running slowly on this computer for days. I thought it was my broadband but it is only this site.


Anya Fri 09-Oct-15 08:51:29

Can't read your post Alea so guessing it's the same problem I'm having

gillybob Fri 09-Oct-15 08:51:50

This is weird, I keep getting a pink grid of names.

ninathenana Fri 09-Oct-15 08:53:42

Mobile site is fine on my phone.
Will switch to desktop and have a nosey

ninathenana Fri 09-Oct-15 08:54:58

Desktop fine too, very odd

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 09-Oct-15 09:07:54

Sorry about that. Fixed now (fingers crossed). Early morning gremlins <mutter>