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KatHQ, re the blog this afternoon...

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jinglbellsfrocks Thu 12-Nov-15 16:08:21

I think the end quote marks are in the wrong place. Shouldn't they come at the end of the actual blog? Then the info about the book comes separately?

I do hope you don't mind my mentioning it. smile

from a very appreciative of all your excellent services, JBF. smile

JulieGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 12-Nov-15 18:37:58

Hi, Jingle. Thank you, I'll pass this on smile

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 12-Nov-15 18:52:06

Thank you. smile

Sorry to be pedantic.

KatGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 12-Nov-15 20:14:34

What a great eye for detail you have, jingl smile

'fraid when we do guest posts, the system quotes the whole text and doesn't leave any space for a separate info box.

Hope you're having a lovely evening.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 12-Nov-15 20:31:36

But... but... It only involves moving the last pair of quote marks.

I don't think you understand what I mean. (wrings hands in the frustration only known to committed pedants) Have a quick look! (pretty please) The apostrophes need to come after the word "sixty" at the end. Not after the word "Amazon".

Just a quick look. here is a link to it to make it quick and easy

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 12-Nov-15 20:33:42

Oh, you don't need to bother. I will take extra meds a chill pill.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 12-Nov-15 20:34:17

I hope you are having a lovely evening too. smile

KatGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 13-Nov-15 08:07:02

I do understand what you mean. The quote marks are preset to quote everything in the box...

Anya Fri 13-Nov-15 08:16:39


soontobe Fri 13-Nov-15 08:34:29

Can I ask, if I may, it hasnt come from an actual blog has it?
It is pieces of a book, put together, but not in the order they are in the book? As the very last paragraph doesnt really seem to carry on from the other parts.

shysal Fri 13-Nov-15 08:55:24

While the pedants are here, may I ask whether one or two quotation marks is correct, or doesn't it matter? I tend to use only one, out of laziness.

shysal Fri 13-Nov-15 08:57:38

I am referring to the inverted commas, not the positioning at beginning and end.

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 13-Nov-15 09:08:15

Well they should un-preset 'em then! [tears hair and howls]

That's fine Kat. I'm fine too. smile

Alea Fri 13-Nov-15 09:33:45

Following this avidly, I realise how desperate I am to not tackle the ironing this morning grin