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What's going on with the ads??

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merlotgran Tue 06-Dec-16 19:46:13

I spotted the 'bright yellow' ads thread earlier but didn't post because I wasn't having any problems.

I am now overwhelmed by a bright green Dettol ad every time I log in. If I try to click on 'Active' or anything else it goes straight to the Dettol home page. I can't get rid of it so have had to abandon that route and come in via facebook.

Anyone know how to get rid of it?

I am using the desktop site.

Flippin' annoying angry

Nelliemoser Tue 06-Dec-16 19:52:29

Oh Merlot Thank heavens it is not only me. I have been slamming Dettol lately and I began to think they were after me. wink Any button I pressed gave me a B**** Dettol advert.
I closed GN and my Laptop down and it eventually went.
GHNQ do your techies know what happened.

Nelliemoser Tue 06-Dec-16 19:56:59

Merlot I have asked GNHQ about this for when their techies wake up.

merlotgran Tue 06-Dec-16 20:00:12

Thanks, Nellie. I tried re-booting but that didn't work.

Purpledaffodil Tue 06-Dec-16 20:06:12

I had a similar problem when it kept going to Supersavvyme a few weeks ago. I emailed GNHQ and eventually their techies fixed it.

merlotgran Tue 06-Dec-16 20:08:51

I cant even use the 'contact us' link. All I get is bloody Dettol grin

Ana Tue 06-Dec-16 20:11:23

Download AdblockPlus is all I can suggest (it's free!). I've had very few problems with unwanted ads since I installed it.

TriciaF Tue 06-Dec-16 20:13:42

If you've got firefox download ublocker. That has worked with me.
Husband put it on, I haven't a clue, but it works.

Elegran Tue 06-Dec-16 20:15:03

I don't think it is caused by the Gransnet site directly. Google sell space to advertisers who want their ads to appear in your browser (via adsense). Adsense senses whaen someone mentions something, and that triggers a related ad to appear.

Google also offer a service to site owners like Gransnet(via adsense again). If they sign into it, they get a minuscule amount of money from Google every time someone clicks on an ad that adsense has shown on a browser while a site page is on that browder.
If you go to you can select what kind of ads you want to see, and which you don't. If you leave it at default and do nothing, you will get whatever ads the adsense app thinks are relevant to your interests.

I think there must be other advertising agencies that do the same thing - the banner at the top of my screen (Travelodge) at the moment has a little arrow at the top right that says "ad choices" clicking on that puts up a way to influence which ads they show me. I can opt out of ones I don't want.

You may have to keep opting out of things until you have banned all the annoying ones!

merlotgran Tue 06-Dec-16 20:26:26

I don't actually mind the banner at the top because I can ignore that but having a page completely covered by an advert is a tad annoying especially when it prevents you accessing anything.

I'll download Adblock Plus and see if that helps.

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 06-Dec-16 20:41:56

Gah! It's happening to us too. confused Very frustrating. We're trying to drag the tech team back from the pub to sort it out. We'll sort out soon as we can. Thanks for letting us know.

Elegran Tue 06-Dec-16 20:46:24

There may be an option in your browser control to stop the popups that obscure a page - I don't think they are supposed to do that. There is probably a setting to delete all cookies when you close down for the night too, except any that you have marked to be kept. If you can't find how to, get Ccleaner and run that every few days. That deletes all kinds of stuff that could be clogging up the memory as well as cookies, temporary internet files, and so on.

You could also scan your machine for malware using Malwarebytes. There may be a sneaky little addon in there that lets the popups in by the back door in.

merlotgran Tue 06-Dec-16 21:05:08

I've downloaded Adblock - Thanks, Ana and it's all GONE. Banners the lot.

My page looks pristine. grin

Ana Tue 06-Dec-16 21:14:38

Glad it worked for you merlot! smile

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 06-Dec-16 21:19:45

Hi all. Tech have fixed the issue so you will be able to navigate around the site now. It's nothing to do with Google Ads, I'm afraid, so please don't worry about all that.

merlotgran Tue 06-Dec-16 21:28:21

Cheers, Lara wine

Swanny Tue 06-Dec-16 21:40:38

Just come back after a couple of hours doing other things! I'd tried various ways to avoid that dreadful Dettol ad page and didn't want to have to start thinking technical. Thanks Gransnet Tech for sorting it for us - just don't let it happen again grin grin

Nelliemoser Tue 06-Dec-16 23:23:36

Ana Mine went wrong when I was trying to download Ad block. I am now sure the Dettol company is out to get me.

callgirl1 Wed 07-Dec-16 00:19:13

I had to give up on trying to log onto Gransnet this afternoon, kept getting that darned Dettol ad whatever I clicked on, it`s OK now though.