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Fake News/Clickbait etc. on GN

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POGS Wed 08-Feb-17 10:55:14

Lasi night a post was deleted and GNHQ raised this point.

LaraGransnet (GNHQ)Tue 07-Feb-17 20:53:09

Hello, just to clarify, anything brought to our attention that is libellous will be deleted immediately. So please if you see anything do let us know so we can take action. Yes, there is a lot being said about Trump, but we can't allow anything to stand that we suspect may not be fact. We don't have any 'sinking funds' sadly...

I did not report the particular post, if indeed it had even been reported?, but I thought it was quite probably repeating Fake News or Clickbait.

I am raising this thread because unless posters have read the thread where, a) a post was deleted and b) GNHQ posted why it was removed some posters may well be unaware of the possibility this could even happen on GN. A blind faith in our fellow posters to be acting responsibly I suppose.

As some Fake News/Clickbait can be of a salacious/libellous nature I am openly asking GNHQ to inform posters of the danger of Fake News as I genuinely believe some posters are not of the belief it could/might/does happen on Gransnet.

This thread may be deleted as being a thread about a thread but my intention is merely to raise awareness as to the problem of Fake News/Clickbait etc. on GN.

I would be happy for GNHQ to remove this thread and put a thread in it's place to warn posters of Fake News/ Clickbait etc and ask posters to report links / posts that are suspicious as I believe this is a growing problem.

Thank you.

rosesarered Wed 08-Feb-17 10:59:26

It is certainly something to be aware of.