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Trying to access Health pages

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Auntieflo Tue 15-Aug-17 11:58:46

Just now I was trying to read through a Health thread, and could get no further than Page 2. Accordingly there are 16 pages, but each time I tried, I could get no further. Have all the other pages been deleted?

BlueBelle Tue 15-Aug-17 16:27:30

I can see lots of health threads Auntieflo are you going in through Forums and then Health because for me there are dozens and dozens
I m on an iPad

LucyGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 15-Aug-17 17:55:50

Hi Auntieflo, could you let us know which thread it was so we can have a look? They look ok to us at the moment, but then I'm not sure exactly which thread you were reading - let us know smile

Auntieflo Tue 15-Aug-17 17:59:23

BlueBelle, thank you. Yes, I did go through Forums/Health/ then was scrollimg through the subjects. I was trying to find a specific topic, and the postings. There are 52 pages of Health related subjects, but when I put my query earlier, I could only access the first two pages. Since I have come home, I can now go to pages 3/4 etc. So I am still looking for the subject I want to research a bit more. Apologies for the ' round the houses' reply, but hope you understand what I am getting at. Not very good at explaining I'm afraid.

BlueBelle Tue 15-Aug-17 18:34:05

Main thing is you're back to normal xx

Auntieflo Wed 16-Aug-17 08:23:51

Hi Lucy, only just seen your post. I think what I was trying to do is OK now, or at least it was last night.
I won't tell you which thread I was researching, as I might end up on the dreaded Facebook, and I don't want my medical faults spread around for all of Facebook to see. I definately don't do Facebook. Never have, never will. (Unless you think otherwise). Sorry if that sounds harsh, but what I have learned in the last couple of days, beggars belief.