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MaizieD Fri 19-Jan-18 11:14:35

Dear Gnet,

Is there any reason why you can't put some sort of indicator on the 'inbox' button to let users know that there is an unread message waiting in it for them?

I keep missing PMs because although you very kindly send me email notification that I have one/some, my email client has a tendency to put your emails into my Spam folder , which I don't always check ...

Mumsnet manage to put a star on the button if there are new messages in one's inbox; can't you do something similar?

LauraGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 19-Jan-18 14:32:50

Hi MaizieD. We have already put in a request for something of this ilk to our tech team - it's a good idea!

ninathenana Fri 19-Jan-18 15:10:15

Good idea Maizie my notifications go to an e-mail address that I don't often check.

JackyB Fri 19-Jan-18 15:29:47

This has prompted me to look at my Inbox and I found lots of lovely messages which I had never seen- some of them over a year old. Now everyone will think I'm awfully rude for not answering. Help!

Grannyknot Fri 19-Jan-18 16:12:13

My Inbox icon (the head-and-shoulders silhouette) has a dot on it when there's an unread message in the Inbox... or is that only on the mobile version?

MaizieD Fri 19-Jan-18 22:46:23

The dot must be on the mobile version, which I very rarely use.

I'm amazed that this hasn't been raised before shock
Particularly as the forums had a bit of a revamp not so long ago..

Thanks for your reply, LauraGransnet, I hope your techies take note very soon.

Nelliemoser Fri 19-Jan-18 23:15:12

Yes it would be a very a good idea.

BlueBelle Fri 19-Jan-18 23:17:26

Well I use the mobile version and don’t have any dots in fact I was going to ask the users question myself

BlueBelle Fri 19-Jan-18 23:18:13

Poster not users sorry

Jalima1108 Fri 19-Jan-18 23:22:06

The mobile version on my tablet does have a red dot above the inbox icon, however, I rarely use the tablet because I can't get a post to post iyswim (even when ticking the 'keep me logged in' box).

MaizieD Sat 27-Jan-18 15:18:55

Any progress on this, Laura?

LauraGransnet (GNHQ) Sat 27-Jan-18 15:22:47

Not yet, MaizieD I'm sorry to say. There's a bit of a queue with other tech work which is taking priority, but this is something that we are definitely looking to implement.

MaizieD Mon 09-Apr-18 10:11:02

How long is the queue? It's two months now and nothing's happened!

BlueBelle Mon 09-Apr-18 10:23:05

So how come I m on the mobile site on my iPad or iPhone and there’s no red dots
I really don’t understand why tech take months and months to do very simple tasks

Craicon Mon 09-Apr-18 10:30:44

Is there a Gransnet App as some of you have mentioned a mobile version?

ninathenana Mon 09-Apr-18 12:08:59

Scroll to the very bottom of the page Craicon and you can click to change your version.

ninathenana Mon 09-Apr-18 12:11:06

Regarding the 'red dot' I currently have one showing but no unread messages confused (mobile site)

LauraGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 09-Apr-18 16:51:52

We'll follow this up.

Craicon Mon 09-Apr-18 17:27:41

Thanks ninathenana. smile

LauraGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-Apr-18 11:12:16

Hello! Just to give you an update on this... various other pieces of tech work are taking place at the moment, so this is low down on the priority list unfortunately. You'll be able to change your PM preferences to receive email notifications (if you don't already receive them) whenever you get a PM which should hopefully help for now.

MaizieD Wed 11-Apr-18 11:17:19

We already have that option,*Laura*. It's a bit helpful but see JackyB's post in January.

Disappointed that Gnet regards this as low priority