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LauraGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 31-Jan-18 15:49:14

Hi everyone!

Following the notifications bug we experienced last week (apologies again for that), we're pleased to let you know that this has been fixed. You'll now have the option to receive email notifications on your 'I'm watching' threads.

You'll be able to set your preferences in one of two ways, either through the 'I'm watching' section or on 'My Gransnet' by clicking 'Edit your forum preferences'.

We hope this feature will be useful for those who would like to receive email notifications.

Pittcity Wed 31-Jan-18 16:30:02

Thank you Laura. I have just adjusted my settings.

mcem Wed 31-Jan-18 17:13:33

Thank you. I have just contacted GNHQ asking to have my emails 'pruned'. I wondered if I was alone in being told of every post on any thread to which I'd contributed.
I'd tried to Opt Out but the link didn't work.
Hope it's back to normal now.
All I want is a notification of my very occasional pm's.

NanaandGrampy Wed 31-Jan-18 18:38:58

Thanks Laura . I’ve shut mine off .

mcem Thu 01-Feb-18 06:48:45

All possible boxes unticked but 2 new emails this morning.

mcem Thu 01-Feb-18 06:58:18

Sorry these were messages I missed yesterday in my second inbox!
None today so hopefully fixed.

shysal Thu 01-Feb-18 07:26:59

I unticked all boxes but still received some emails!

NanaandGrampy Thu 01-Feb-18 09:02:17

I'm still receiving emails Laura , although I unsubscribed yesterday . I've checked each email and the box in unticked on them all but they're still arriving . HELP !

LucyGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 01-Feb-18 09:26:12

Morning all, we're looking into this now!

jordana Tue 13-Feb-18 23:03:20

I unchecked my box tonight after starting another thread about getting so many emails from grans net. Hope it has worked