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It's there again, that ad for make up tips for old ladies!

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phoenix Sun 17-Jun-18 18:34:58

Saw it again at the bottom of the alphabet thread.

mcem Sun 17-Jun-18 18:42:34

Reported it earlier on your earlier thread.
Unlike others it's not the use of old that bothers me but the fact that it leads to a known scam.

phoenix Sun 17-Jun-18 22:21:06

How does it get on GN? confused

mcem Sun 17-Jun-18 22:42:46

I'd really like to know too. Does GNHQ simply not have the tech ability to stop their infiltration?

Chewbacca Sun 17-Jun-18 22:50:00

I've repeatedly clicked on the little blue cross at the top of it and reported it as being inappropriate. But still it pops up over and over again. Personally, I find it offensive. Would any advertisement be allowed if it was specifically aimed at any other demographic? Or is it acceptable because its aimed at "old ladies"? At best, it's ageist and should not be allowed to appear on this, or any other, forum.

Baggs Mon 18-Jun-18 05:53:04

Compared to, say, millenials, most of us are old. What's wrong with targeting a particular, very vague, age group? I think it'd actually be nice to see more old faces (like ours) in ads.

Not that I use make-up. Can't be arsed.

The scam aspect is a separate matter and HQ ought to get onto it. Did anyone contact them directly about it?

mcem Mon 18-Jun-18 06:22:41

I've now contacted GNHQ twice about this scam. More concerned about this than 'ageism'.

PamelaJ1 Mon 18-Jun-18 07:01:46

Mine says older. Older than methuselah I suppose🤣

Tea and cake Mon 18-Jun-18 07:16:22

It doesn't just appear on Gransnet. Have seen it when on other sites.

aggie Mon 18-Jun-18 07:31:42

The advertisement I see is for funeral plan , I haven't clicked on it ,

Pittcity Mon 18-Jun-18 07:49:55

I keep get ads for senior socks!

Eglantine21 Mon 18-Jun-18 08:35:31

I’ve got travel to Dubai!

LauraGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 19-Jun-18 09:07:28

Hi all - just to let you know, we're looking into this.