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ninathenana Mon 03-Sep-18 16:37:09

Just testing as couldn't post from mobile site half hour ago

ninathenana Mon 03-Sep-18 16:38:38

Well that worked smile

feel to delete GNHQ

Grandad1943 Mon 03-Sep-18 17:40:48

Mobile site keeps going offline then returning a few minutes later here.

LauraGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 04-Sep-18 10:02:43

Hi both - there were a couple of site updates made yesterday, which may have affected the mobile site. Please do let us know if this issue reoccurs.

Grannyheartache Tue 11-Oct-22 20:00:03

Does anyone have a brilliant idea for a Christmas present for a 2.5 year old grandson? Big brother had everything so he has acquired a lot of stuff.
And yes, we have given generously to a number of charities over the years but I don’t see nearly enough of him or his brother and really look forward to making Christmas special. ( or actually not Christmas because they always spend that with DIL’s parents. )