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Gransnet adverts with sound!

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MamaCaz Tue 09-Nov-21 11:43:40

I'm struggling to say this without swearing, but I have just started getting these adverts on Gransnet, and they are EXTREMELY annoying.

Silent adverts, I don't mind, but these - they are so intrusive that I am seriously considering leaving Gransnet altogether unless someone can tell me how to stop them from coming up!

Jackiest Tue 09-Nov-21 11:49:10

Try using an ad blocking browser like Brave. There are other ones as well as Brave.

Hetty58 Tue 09-Nov-21 11:49:39

MamaCaz, just download AdBlock Plus. I've had it for years and it's really good. Sometimes you have to 'unblock' a webpage e.g. to read a newspaper article - but it's done with a couple of clicks.

Esspee Tue 09-Nov-21 11:55:32

I sometimes accidently set off the videos on the BBC news pages which can give us quite a shock (I prefer to read the news.) and solved the problem by turning the volume right down. Easy enough to turn it back up when needed.

MamaCaz Tue 09-Nov-21 11:57:27

Thanks for the advice. I will look into those.

bondrrfonsa Wed 01-Jun-22 09:42:09

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

Chestnut Wed 01-Jun-22 09:45:04

Can't sympathise really because I have Ad Blocker and don't see or hear any adverts ?

Charleygirl5 Wed 01-Jun-22 11:26:29

I agree with Chestnut. I used to find GN adverts particularly annoying because of their intrusiveness if that is a word.

25Avalon Wed 01-Jun-22 11:39:00

I was tempted by Adblocker but it’s £2.99 for the first month and £9.99 a month thereafter so l’ll put up with the ads.

Chestnut Wed 01-Jun-22 11:42:27

I have AdBlocker and it's free.

25Avalon Wed 01-Jun-22 13:57:31

How do I get it for free Chestnut? I wondered if it’s because I want it for my IPad?

Chestnut Wed 01-Jun-22 14:05:09

Well I'm using a computer. I don't know how but I just went to AdBlocker and downloaded it. It's not showing in my list of installed programs but it seems to work and for free.

BlueBelle Wed 01-Jun-22 14:10:09

I use an iPad there is not adverts with sounds I have adverts at the side which I don’t see because they are off the screen but no sound with them ??
I don’t have any blockers !

FlexibleFriend Wed 01-Jun-22 14:55:53

AdBlocker is free.

25Avalon Wed 01-Jun-22 16:01:01

Hi FlexibleFriend how do I get it for free please?

fairfraise Wed 01-Jun-22 16:04:21

Does anyone know if AdBlocker would work when playing WordswithFriends?

Chestnut Wed 01-Jun-22 18:26:56

Do you use Google Chrome? I've just seen this:
Open Google Chrome. Open the Settings menu, and click Security and Privacy. Select Site Settings, and then click Additional permissions. From here, you can toggle Ads on or off, and also adjust Popups and redirects.
So maybe you can control ads from within Chrome?

Chestnut Wed 01-Jun-22 18:32:58

Or I've just found this:
How to add AdBlock in Google Chrome

Just Google AdBlock and things will come up.

25Avalon Wed 01-Jun-22 18:43:55

Just found Adblocks for Safari app to download for free which I have just done.