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How many posts in a thread?

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JackyB Wed 09-Mar-22 08:36:06

I was just looking at a thread which was fairly new and had very few posts so far. I read it, then closed it, then refreshed "Active" and noticed that it now had 23 contributions (the number in the little grey circle after the title in the "Active" list

So I opened it again to see what people had written in the mean time, and noticed (for the first time) that there is also a little grey circle with the number of posts at the top, after the title. It said "17"!

Hardly an important matter in the grand scheme of things, but it did seem odd!

bondrrfonsa Wed 01-Jun-22 09:41:22

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Maggiemaybe Wed 01-Jun-22 09:48:57


timetogo2016 Wed 01-Jun-22 09:57:17

Am i missing something ?.
What has hair growth got to do wath the thread.
I thought the same a while ago JackyB.

Elegran Wed 01-Jun-22 10:55:54

Some threads show how many new posts you haven't seen yet. 23 minus 17 is 6, so perhaps you had already seen 6 of the comments on the thread without many posts.

FannyCornforth Wed 01-Jun-22 11:22:43

Jacky there is 1000 posts in a full thread

FannyCornforth Wed 01-Jun-22 11:23:36

Oh it’s an old thread.
But Jacky eventually gets her answer!