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Where are the icons?

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JackyB Sun 31-Jul-22 11:24:55

On the mobile site, there was always a useful red bar at the bottom of the screen with icons such as "Active", "I'm on", and a couple of others which I admit I rarely used. One of them was "search" which I never used because everyone said it didn't work. For the last couple of days this has disappeared. It flashes on when I open a page - any Gransnet page - and disappears a split second later, before you can even read it. Has anyone else had this happen?

Galaxy Sun 31-Jul-22 11:28:16

I am looking at it at the moment. Hasnt changed on mine.

SueDonim Sun 31-Jul-22 14:16:32

Still here on my page.

Kim19 Sun 31-Jul-22 17:07:21

I have it right now and it hasn't been missing.

B9exchange Sun 31-Jul-22 17:10:41

Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling?

BlueBelle Sun 31-Jul-22 17:14:56

Definitely still here

JackyB Mon 01-Aug-22 08:47:53


Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling?


Is there an app? I just have it open in a chrome window.

This phenomenon is only on my tablet. On my phone I still have the familiar red bar.

JackyB Sat 27-Aug-22 22:15:08

I have just discovered "Show shortcut buttons" in the drop down menu.I must have inadvertently hidden them at some point. Has that always been there?

Anyway, have got the red bar back now.

AnnieGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 30-Aug-22 12:37:28

Hi - we're pleased to hear this has been sorted. Do let us know if you have any further problems.