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Lucca Wed 31-Aug-22 10:41:30

Tried to reply to a PM but I just get a pop up when I click send saying “close” ??

Blossoming Wed 31-Aug-22 13:08:19

Is your mailbox full? You may need to delete some old messages. Some sites have a limit on the number.

LauraNorderr Wed 31-Aug-22 14:27:50

Have just sent you a brief pm to test. It went okay. Let’s see if you can send one to me. If that works okay then the problem may be with the recipient, full inbox or decision not to receive.

Lucca Wed 31-Aug-22 15:09:09

I recently cleared loads

Esspee Wed 31-Aug-22 15:18:00

My main complaint re. PMs is that you can spend time composing a long message then posting only to be told that the person is not accepting PMs. Surely they could notify you before you start composing messages.

AnnieGransnet (GNHQ) Sat 03-Sep-22 12:21:21

Hi Lucca - are you still having problems sending PMs?

Lucca Sat 03-Sep-22 12:38:21

No it’s sorted thanks. Don’t know how but…