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Having trouble starting a new discussion

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PiscesLady Sat 08-Oct-22 15:14:45

I have just joined and wanted to start a new discussion but when I try to 'create conversation' a message says to log in - but I am logged in!
Is there a limit on how soon after registering you can post - or a limit on how much you can post in one message? (it's quite a long one!)
I'm now wondering if the system will allow me to post this..

kittylester Sat 08-Oct-22 15:21:50

Well this one worked! Try again

PiscesLady Sat 08-Oct-22 15:36:34

Thanks. I did try again and that worked too. I guess my computer wanted to make sure I meant it!!

Charleygirl5 Sat 08-Oct-22 15:43:38

Good, PiscesLady you appear to be up and running now.

BlueBelle Sat 08-Oct-22 17:07:02

Hi Pisces guessing you are piscean I am too ….so there we have something in common already

crazyH Sat 08-Oct-22 17:22:43

Welcome PiscesLady

PiscesLady Sat 08-Oct-22 17:31:05

Good guess BlueBelle!
Thanks to Charleygirl5 and also crazyH

Aldom Sat 08-Oct-22 18:35:15

Welcome to Gransnet PiscesLady. smile

JackyB Sat 08-Oct-22 20:05:58

Welcome pisceslady. I always get "Access denied" when I start a thread but it starts anyway.

AnnieGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 11-Oct-22 10:50:16

Good to see you're up and running! If you've any issues posting please get in touch at [email protected] and we'll investigate.

grannymags Tue 15-Nov-22 14:02:13

Can anyone tell me a name for a person who cannot accept blame for even the smallest thing when questioned about anything the first thing out of their mouth is a lie these needless lies are getting me down

MawtheMerrier Tue 15-Nov-22 14:09:56

Do you have a context for this opinion/question?

grannymags Tue 15-Nov-22 14:14:03

Yes I live with him

BlueBelle Tue 15-Nov-22 14:24:37

Why not start a thread of your own grannymags
Bit too generalised and doesn’t really fit in ‘the site stuff’ forum be better of in Ask a gran or chat