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Farmor15 Wed 12-Oct-22 17:17:02

Sometimes on a thread a poster will quote information that OP has previously given on another thread in Gransnet or even Mumsnet. I find this a bit disconcerting, especially as I usually can't find the post referred to, at least using the Gransnet search function. Someone recently said that searching using Google worked much better - which having tried I would agree.

However, I find this practice of posters looking for other posts from the same person and quoting back what they've said, a bit like spying! If one doesn't want to be spied on in this way, and post on both Gransnet and Mumsnet, at least have different usernames. Also, choosing a rather ordinary word or phrase as a username will make it harder for anyone to search for you!

Blossoming Wed 12-Oct-22 20:37:37

I thought it was against the rules to quote other threads in a thread.

I use a different name on Mumsnet.

FannyCornforth Thu 13-Oct-22 08:22:30

Same here. It’s against ‘talk guidelines’ and should be reported if you aren’t happy about it.

Farmor15 Thu 13-Oct-22 10:52:39

Thanks - I didn't know it was actually against talk guidelines so will consider reporting if I spot another incidence. It seems that some posters recognise others from Mumsnet posts, particularly if they have the same username. However, it can derail a thread if previous issues not mentioned on that thread are brought up and often "used against" a poster.

HeavenLeigh Fri 17-Mar-23 16:04:26

I tend to answer on the actual current post, but it does seem like some people that answer tend to go back to some older posts to check if they have posted about the same problem, I must admit I find that very strange, I just wonder why they do this, I’ve seen this a few times.

Delila Fri 17-Mar-23 16:22:47

Some people on here sometimes use information gleaned about a person from previous threads to undermine them. It’s very unpleasant. I don’t know about information collected from Mumsnet posts, but it happens on here.

JaneJudge Fri 17-Mar-23 17:10:21

I think sometimes people do it because they don;t think the poster is genuine, which is also against the guidelines

rafichagran Fri 17-Mar-23 17:24:07

I use a completely different user name on Mumsnet.
I had a incident where a poster wrote about me saying something she thought about my posts. She was wrong. What I disliked about the the post was she ended it with 'just saying'. I found her rude and passive aggressive.

rafichagran Fri 17-Mar-23 17:24:58

Should say all my posts.

HeavenLeigh Fri 17-Mar-23 17:37:59

That’s disgusting Rafichagran
It just makes you wonder what else is going on in their lives to make them so nasty

rafichagran Fri 17-Mar-23 18:44:48


That’s disgusting Rafichagran
It just makes you wonder what else is going on in their lives to make them so nasty

Thankyou, Heavenleigh

Fleurpepper Fri 17-Mar-23 18:51:51

Doing searches going back years is despicable.

Recently though, someone's comment on a very recent post, that had stuck as quite outrageous in some other posters minds, was mentionned because it was relevant to the thread. Which is fair enough, really.

Galaxy Fri 17-Mar-23 18:54:00

How on earth are people getting the search function to work. It never works for me on GN but always works on MN.

BlueBelle Fri 17-Mar-23 18:55:30

I saw you on FB last week fanny commenting on a particular group thread I recognised it immediately but was surprised you used the same name

MawtheMerrier Fri 17-Mar-23 22:49:35

We have had some “dodgy” posters, I hesitate to use the “T” word , I prefer to think of them as perhaps fantasists, who have been sussed because they could not maintain consistency in their (made up) back stories.
It’s not spying to be aware of glaring inconsistencies and some of them have received their marching orders from GNHQ.
Just saying, elephants are not the only creatures who never forget. 🐘 .

NotSpaghetti Sat 18-Mar-23 07:55:18

I have searched for people when we have had a strange and particular thread which I have found familiar.

I'm totally useless with names - not an excuse, just a fact - so have mostly no idea of who is who unless it's someone we see a lot here.

I wouldn't quote a previous post but suppose I might say "I think this has been said before" or similar. I don't believe this is stalking. I'm trying to get a handle on something in my own mind.

MerylStreep Sat 18-Mar-23 08:05:27


How on earth are people getting the search function to work. It never works for me on GN but always works on MN.

A good search facility costs money. GN doesn’t generate enough money to warrant the cost, MN does.