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TopSec Fri 06-Jan-23 09:23:28

Good Morning all,
Is there any form of notification given when someone has either responded to a post and / or comment one has made on Granset Forums? I know on mumsnet I get an email if someone responds directly to something I have posted, whether a new post or a comment I have made - I don't seem to get those from Gransnet. Am I being really stupid here?

Auntieflo Fri 06-Jan-23 09:37:55

TopSec, go to the "I'm on" section, and you will see if anyone has posted a comment/ reply to your post.

Marydoll Fri 06-Jan-23 10:29:34

That email notification doesn't happen on GN.

shysal Fri 06-Jan-23 14:36:07

I am describing desktop site here, don't know about mobile. If you click on 'Customise' at the head of any thread you can choose to watch threads you start or ones that you post on. Next there is an option to be emailed when a watched thread is added to. This should solve your problem.

lixy Fri 06-Jan-23 14:39:28

The view I have of this thread has a 'Watch this thread' orange rectangle at the top, I think you'll get an email if you click on that to activate it.