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Are these Freesias or not?

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dustyangel Thu 02-Mar-23 11:23:46

Can anyone tell me if these really are Freesias? DH asked if I’d like them about two weeks ago and they are looking more like Freesias every day. They didn’t at all at the beginning! Just very tall stems with a blue bud on the end of several of them. A bit dull really but I never say no to flowers in the house.

They were about 3 inches taller but I thought that they’d be too tall for the vase so I simply chopped the excess off, the stems had already been split, used the little packet of powder supplied and have obeyed the instructions not to change the water, just topped it up a couple of times.
They have really done us proud.

ExDancer Thu 02-Mar-23 11:58:56

Well they do look like freesias, do they smell like freesias?

MaizieD Thu 02-Mar-23 12:00:22

Yes, They're freesias

Should have posted this on the Gardening forum, really.

Gin Thu 02-Mar-23 12:01:11

They look lie freesias to me, a lovely colour. The way the unopened buds curve down in an arc are typical.

tanith Thu 02-Mar-23 12:08:07

Beautiful and yes I agree they look like Freesias I’ve looked for Freesias in the shops for ages but can only find them to order online. Along with sweet peas I think they are my favourite flower and smell divine. Lucky you.

Norah Thu 02-Mar-23 12:10:00

Yes, freesias.

dustyangel Thu 02-Mar-23 12:17:12

I’ve just had a good sniff ExDancer and I suppose they do smell like fressias but only very faintly. Not the lovely faint wafts of perfume that I’d expect.
I like sweet peas as well tanith.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 02-Mar-23 12:24:19

Definitely freesias.

BlueSapphire Thu 02-Mar-23 12:55:07

Yes, very definitely freesias, my favourite flower and my wedding bouquet.

Sarah75 Thu 02-Mar-23 13:00:36

Yes, freesias. I think their scent is stronger in warm weather?

dogsmother Thu 02-Mar-23 13:05:26

We used to grow them commercially and I will assure you they are. My favourites are blue, if I could just remember some of the names.

Sarah75 Thu 02-Mar-23 13:13:13

I grew them in pots last year - they were lovely!

Nightsky2 Thu 02-Mar-23 13:13:32

Lovely freesias, I saw them in a Co-OP last week and was tempted. They only had one bunch left and I like to buy 2 bunches so I left them. I think you’ve got more than one bunch in your vase.

Nightsky2 Thu 02-Mar-23 13:14:50


I grew them in pots last year - they were lovely!


dustyangel Thu 02-Mar-23 17:16:49

Thanks everyone, yes, I’d come to the conclusion that they are definitely freesias but grown. commercially. I’ve got a lot in the garden, yellow and cream ones. Some of their stems are quite long but most lying sideways because of the strong winds.

We’ve had lovely sunshine today but obviously not warm enough for the freesias to have much scent and I’ve deliberately kept them out of direct sunlight.
Sarah75 yours are exactly the same colour as mine. How talented to be able to grow them yourself.

I think the bunch cost €6.99c (def just one) and they have given me an immense amount of pleasure.

Ali08 Wed 22-Mar-23 06:08:31

Yes, and aren't they just beautiful?! They come in many colours and gave a gorgeous scent. I'd happily have a garden filled with them!

Ali08 Wed 22-Mar-23 06:10:37


When you see them growing try loosely tying them to a little stick that stuck in the ground. Or pop a loo roll inner over them. To stop them wilting. You could cover or colour the loo roll inner so they don't spoil the view.

NotSpaghetti Wed 22-Mar-23 06:11:07

I always think the white/off white are the most fragrant.

nanna8 Wed 22-Mar-23 06:35:58

They look really pretty. Not much flowering here just now as we head into Autumn after a dry,dry Summer.

Scapa1 Wed 22-Mar-23 20:13:55

I love freesia they are my favorite flower. I had them in my wedding bouquet 50 years ago this summer.

NotAGran55 Wed 22-Mar-23 21:57:27

I did too Scapal and my bridesmaids wore them in their hair.

Congratulations for the summer.

Mollygo Wed 22-Mar-23 22:54:48


I love freesia they are my favorite flower. I had them in my wedding bouquet 50 years ago this summer.

My wedding bouquet too.

Granmarderby10 Wed 29-Mar-23 11:39:49

Fabulous freesias, they smell divine