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Malfunctioning Active List: Update

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FannyCornforth Sat 01-Apr-23 04:57:33

Hello smile
As you may know, the Active List hadn’t been working properly for a couple of years now.

‘Us lot’ on the almost entirely invisible Hip & Knee Replacement Thread were getting heartily sick of it, so I emailed Mumsnet last week.

I received a reply the same day saying that it was ‘a glitch in the algorithm’ and that they’d look into it in order to (hopefully) rectify it.

Just thought I’d let you know

FannyCornforth Sat 01-Apr-23 05:52:57

I’ve just this second posted on the Wordle thread, but it didn’t move, and this thread was still at the top even though it’s almost an hour since I started it confused
The Ask A Question thread has disappeared too

Whitewavemark2 Sat 01-Apr-23 05:56:42

I’m trying to get a thread started about orangutangs, and it won’t “go”.

I’ve given up.