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Tell Collette Tours what’s stopped you from travelling to certain locations

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EllieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 04-Mar-19 10:05:44

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Everyone loves to travel and see the world, but places on our bucket lists aren’t always easy to explore. There are considerations and potential worries about everywhere we visit from the small “Will I like the food?” to the bigger “Is it safe to visit there at the moment?”. Travel company Collette Tours are interested to find out if there are any places you’d love to travel but haven’t, and what are the things that have put you off doing so.

Here’s what Collette Tours has to say: “As the longest-running tour operator in North America, Collette has provided guided travel for 100 years. With trips to all seven continents, Collette’s guests fulfil their deepest travel aspirations in a variety of ways with travel styles that are diversified to suit every traveller’s personal style.”

So what’s worried you about places you’ve always wanted to go to? Have you always wanted to explore Japan but worry about the language barrier? Perhaps you dream of travelling around different countries but aren’t sure how to start planning? Maybe seeing the Taj Mahal is on your bucket list but you’re not sure you’ll be able to manage well in the heat? Or you’d love to watch the sunrise over Machu Picchu but there’s a difficult hike to get there?

Whatever destinations you’d love to go to but there’s something that’s stopped you, please share them below and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £300 voucher of your choice (from a list).


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MaggieRoseM Thu 07-Mar-19 03:34:53

Cost is mostly what stops me travelling, though being disabled and without transport (we're waiting for the DVLA to figure out what's going on) definitely doesn't help. I'd love to go to Ireland as my family are Irish and I've yet to visit, though Wales is always on the horizon in my mind.

Oldwoman70 Thu 07-Mar-19 08:55:50

Like Marmight and Elrel I am also put off travelling due to a lack of a companion. I am happy to visit places such as the Canary Islands alone but not somewhere further afield. I know there are companies which specialise in holidays for solos but they are always much more expensive than package holidays.

If you go on a package holiday you are hit by the dreaded single supplement with the room allocated being tiny and in the worst part of the hotel - usually over the bin store!

Marmight Thu 07-Mar-19 09:25:11

So true Oldwoman. Many of the so called 'deals' are out of season and they need to fill the rooms or you are offered a room share with a total stranger. I looked at an amazing trip recently to Japanese Gardens, very expensive at around £3000, and the singles supplement was over £1900 andthey had the cheek to offer £250 off if you booked by the weekend! That's just taking the p* shock. Having said that, there are some good hols with Solos....

Missfoodlove Thu 07-Mar-19 09:40:00

More than anywhere in the world I would love to experience the sights, sounds and smells of India.
My mother in law was born there and lived a priveleged life, my son volounteered for 6 months working with the Dalit and saw the darker side of India.
At 18 this experience changed my son, he became a man with huge compassion and humility.
He said the people he met were poor beyond our comprehension but the most generous and happy people he had ever met.
My obsession with hygiene is the only thing preventing me from going.
I know it sounds shallow but I really cannot cope with dirt, it’s hard enough travelling in the UK and Europe at times but I cannot cope with the thought of being so far from home and ill.

chelseababy Thu 07-Mar-19 09:40:33

S America - but political unrest seems to be spreading - is it safe?

Grannybags Thu 07-Mar-19 10:43:02

We've just cancelled a trip to South America sad My husband couldn't have the Yellow Fever jab and we didn't want to risk going without it.

glammanana Thu 07-Mar-19 11:18:18

Mexico is on my bucket list I would just love to go my son has been when he was with the UN and said the people where so friendly and welcoming,its such a long flight and that is the only thing that is putting me off.

EllanVannin Thu 07-Mar-19 12:45:30

I saw in and around Bombay ( as it was known when I was there ) now Mumbai. I remember it being a " bit " smelly in parts but that was because there were animals in some streets/roads. I was in a hotel " Chatta---something " but was meeting up with a doctor from where I was working who'd kindly invited me to visit her family while en-route for Australia.
The architecture is outstanding with the Gateway being the most prominent feature.
I'd loved to have stayed longer but had only booked for 3 days before travelling on. People were lovely and the colourful garments struck me so when in the market I bought a couple of pairs of colourful trousers and beautiful tops for my hols in Oz. The doctor was so kind and took me in her car around the area of countryside near where her family lived, about 3/4 hours from the airport. It really was beautiful out of town and you could have been anywhere.

I only remember having two innoculations---Cholera and Hep A. about 4 or 5 weeks before travel. It was 1990.

There were some beautiful looking women and men in that country.

I would love to see Dubai airport as it is present day. Abu Dhabi was one airport I'd admired years ago with its ceiling made up of thousands/millions of pieces of coloured mosaics. Magnificent, but I wasn't allowed to photograph it at the time as there were armed guards all over the place. It will probably have all changed now. Doha too.
Favourite airport was Singapore as even back in the 90's it was classed as the best, now I believe it still is.
Pudong airport ( Shanghai ) was a comparatively new airport in the late 90's but another amazing place for a stopover.

If I ever had the good fortune to take a final trip to Oz, I'd stop off at Dubai to break the journey just to see how the other half

Miep1 Thu 07-Mar-19 13:39:30

I'd give my left arm to return to Istanbul where I lived for quite a few years. I'd take my best friend with me as she desperately wants to feed all the cats! The price of travel these days prohibits us going however and the fact that I am in a wheelchair doesn't make things easier, sadly. I'm afraid my dream will remain unfulfilled

52bright Thu 07-Mar-19 14:39:31

DH ad I love to go on tours now that we are a bit older. We see a lot and don't have to drive. However I wish there were more tours done at a slower pace so that we weren't always moving on. If a holiday is 2 weeks long it would suit us best to stay 4 or 5 nights in 3 places rather than being moved on every night or 2. That way we could see some places under our own steam as well as following a tour guide about and have the odd day's rest around a pool. If there were places to see within a 50 mile radius of the hotel day tours could be arranged maybe on a pay as you go basis so those wanting extra sights get them and those wanting to explore individually or rest can.

GeminiJen Thu 07-Mar-19 14:56:00

Unless there was specific advice from the Foreign Office against travel, nothing would prevent me from travelling to a country I really wanted to visit. Before going to University I spent a year in Africa with VSO and I can honestly say it changed my life. Since then, I’ve travelled far and wide, including to those countries people have already mentioned as potentially unsafe.....such as Israel, Egypt, Istanbul....After all, if you’re concerned about attacks on tourists, would you also avoid London? And yes, India is hot...and I did experience more than a touch of Delhi belly....but so worth it for the magnificence of the Taj Mahal, the intricate architecture of the Amber Fort, the hospitality of the people. Travelling by bus in Cuba, staying with locals and providing much needed currency. And the wonders of the Galápagos....China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more...all sources of marvellous memories to share with the grandchildren .....Many of these trips were solo travel, incidentally.......In my experience, it’s so much easier to meet people and really experience the country’s culture and hidden places.

McGilchrist41 Thu 07-Mar-19 15:00:19

We did my husbands, “bucket list” before he passed away, so I have been most places I wanted to visit but not China. I would love to go but just not sure now whether my arthritis would let me do that long journey or, would I have to be carried off the flight and do I really want to do it alone?

weather Thu 07-Mar-19 17:18:30

My husband would love to visit Canada to see our son and his family in Prince Edward Island. I have been 3 times but not for a few years now. We had our flights booked for his wedding 16 years ago and decided to use Saga insurance instead of our usual one for Europe as my husband had had 2 DVT's and was on warfarin and we thought Saga would be better for us for world wide as we were in our late 50's.
We declared all the medical conditions and they sent us the confirmation letter and price...we then had to change the dates and received another confirmation letter. As the deposit was much less than the insurance we left paying for a few weeks..
Then just as we were leaving for Gatwick for a holiday to Slovenia I rang to say I was just putting the cheque in the post and checking the amount was still the same. There then followed a hasty "you have to speak to our doctor" who then told us we couldn't have the insurance after all.
I then tried immediately to insurance with our usual one who said "You have just been refused insurance" so they were unable to insure us for Canada.
Having no more time to spare as we were leaving to catch the flight to Slovenia I then had to cancel the Canada flights and not only lost the deposit but we were then unable to attend our son's wedding.
I did feel this was wrong of Saga to do this having had the confirmation in writing twice.
So of course this is why we are reluctant to book again in case an insurance company changes its mind but we would dearly love to visit our family in Canada together.

EllanVannin Thu 07-Mar-19 18:05:24

Weather, if you produced a letter to the insurance from your husband's GP saying he was okay to fly you could at least have had your deposit back.

Lollin Thu 07-Mar-19 20:47:37

shock weather I've never used that face before on here but am genuinely shocked how absolutely awful !

Chewbacca Thu 07-Mar-19 22:28:40

I'd love to visit Pamukale, Ephesus and Cappadocia in Turkey again but my OH is disabled and, although he could manage the flights, he couldn't manage the touring once we'd arrived in Turkey. If there was a way for all the internal travel arrangements to be set up for him, it would be lovely to go again. <wistful emoticon>

mumofmadboys Fri 08-Mar-19 06:41:23

My DH is a reluctant traveller. I would love to visit China, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Harris27 Fri 08-Mar-19 07:03:42

If would love to go to Australia to see my niece and her family but can't do long haul have breathing problems and circulation. I have lots of photos from her and she visits every couple of years. My wildest dream was to travel on the orient express its been a yearning for years but alas the funds don't match the dreams!

TwiceAsNice Fri 08-Mar-19 09:17:50

There are many places outside of Europe I would still like to travel too but Im afraid funds don’t allow, too expensive

B9exchange Fri 08-Mar-19 09:27:29

For us too, cost is the only prohibitive. In a few years it will be health issues, inevitably, but for now if we could afford it we would go anywhere. (Just rule out overnight flights, can't sleep sitting up, can't afford flat beds, and takes a week to recover after one!)

mbody Fri 08-Mar-19 10:24:47

To see the northern lights would be my choice. One day!!!

moleswife Fri 08-Mar-19 10:36:17

I have always dreamed of an African safari to see its wildlife - especially elephants - but the thought of putting my feet into my boots in the early morning to find a scorpion or deadly spider there is rather off-putting - or have I just been watching too many old films?

Greygoose Fri 08-Mar-19 10:51:53

Id love to go to Japan, but travelling alone and the long haul has put me off. So a partner and business class would be perfect. I'd write a review on my blog to encourage over 60 singles to travel!

Psalmody Fri 08-Mar-19 10:52:07

Ever since reading Essie Summer's wonderfully funny romances set in New Zealand, with her marvellous description of the beauty and natural world there I have longed to visit. Lack of funds then health issues had put a spanner in the works, and now we have 2 puppies who would be challenging to get care for, yet I still long to see and experience the beauty of the islands.

Annaram1 Fri 08-Mar-19 11:02:14

moleswife Yes you have been watching too many films. Even in England I always kick my shoes about before putting them on, then shake them out. Keep a nice jam jar handy so you can catch anything which comes out (unlikely, but always be prepared.) My friend nearby put on her shoes without checking and got stung by a wasp on the toe. Good luck.

I'd love to go to Peru to see the Macchu Pichu, and am not afraid of the distance. At the moment funds are a bit limited.