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Do you have questions about joint care or joint pain? Ask the panel of expert consultants from Spire Healthcare - £200 voucher to be won

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LucyBGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 21-Jun-21 10:02:28

We all get aches and pains from time to time. When you feel these in your joints, it can quickly ruin your day. Keeping our joints healthy and pain free is important so that we can continue to comfortably enjoy everyday activities that bring us joy and keep us active. With this in mind, Spire Healthcare has brought you a panel of experts who will be on hand to answer your questions about looking after your joints.

Here’s what Spire Healthcare has to say: “Spire Healthcare is a leading independent hospital group in the United Kingdom, with 39 private hospitals and eight clinics across England, Wales and Scotland. Working in partnership with around 7,500 experienced consultants, Spire Healthcare delivered tailored, personalised care to almost 750,000 inpatients, outpatients and day case patients in 2020.

The Group’s well located and scalable hospitals have delivered successful and award-winning clinical outcomes, positioning the Group well with patients, consultants, the NHS, GPs and Private Medical Insurance providers. 90% of Spire Healthcare’s hospitals are rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC (or the equivalent in Scotland and Wales).”

Want to find out more about who will be answering your questions? Read about the panel of experts below:

Dr Gerard Sinovich
Dr Gerard is a Consultant in Pain Medicine, Chronic Pain and Anaesthesia. He is an expert at assessing and treating a range of different pain conditions and symptoms.

Mr Stephen McDonnell
Stephen is a University Lecturer in Orthopaedics at the University of Cambridge and Consultant Knee and Hip Surgeon working at Addenbrookes Hospital. His current practice is aimed at knee pain and arthritis, knee replacement surgery and the management of hip arthritis and hip replacements.

Mr Chris Gooding
Chris is a Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. He specialises in general orthopaedic surgery with a specialist interest in hip and knee surgery, specifically lower limb joint replacements, revision hip replacement surgery and sports injuries.

Perhaps you’d like to hear tips for treating joint pain or you’d like to ask if certain diets, exercises or alternative therapies could help you manage your aches and pains? Or maybe you’d like to know more about when and why you might need a joint replaced? Whether your question is about recognising arthritis, recovering from joint replacement surgery or supplements that can improve joint health, post it on the thread below. The expert consultants from Spire Healthcare will be back in July to answer a selection of your questions.

Everyone who shares a question on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky Gransnet user will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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Calendargirl Mon 21-Jun-21 11:34:23

My DH has a painful knee, GP has prescribed paracetamol and ibuprofen rub for osteoarthritis.

Not keen to start on a constant painkiller route.

Will turmeric capsules help?

Luckygirl Mon 21-Jun-21 11:42:00

I had a right hip replacement about 7 years ago. The gain from this has been that my hip no longer locks in place. However, there has been no gain pain wise. It is extremely painful and has been from day one. I still have all the original pain, plus stabbing pain in groin which began after surgery.

Scans and x-rays have been done and it has been established that it is structurally sound. However, it is not functionally sound. I have been told there is nothing to be done and that it is just bad luck.

If it were bursitis, then a steroid injection cannot be done because of the presence of the prosthesis and the danger of infection. Other than that painkillers are the only option. I cannot take morphine derivatives (I have Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction) nor anti-inflammatories (I am on Rivaroxaban), so paracetamol it is - and it does not kill the pain.

My personal theory is that a nerve was tweaked - but who knows? Is this to be the rest of my life or does anyone have any bright ideas?

Thank you.

Charleygirl5 Mon 21-Jun-21 12:10:18

Mr Mc Donnell- I am aware that a THR can dislocate post-surgery if the hip is flexed to 90 degrees. Is it possible to have a deeper lip in the acetabular section to stop this because it would be next to impossible to use a stairlift post-surgery?

Thank you

Teacheranne Mon 21-Jun-21 12:12:43

I have severe arthritis in both knees, confirmed in X-rays in 2013 which showed little or no space between the bones. I now take two tramadol and two paracetamol three or four times a day but am still in severe pain with every step I take. I have to use a walking stick ( or two) to walk although I can only manage a few steps without my back starting to ache as well. I cannot stand still so shopping is out of the question - thank goodness for the internet!

I would like to know if there is a stronger painkiller I can take in order to gain some pain free mobility so I can exercise again and lose weight, I am very overweight now.

Also, I was told when having injections in my knees that, even though I have private medical insurance, it was highly unlikely that I would be able to have knee replacement surgery at a private hospital as I am too high risk and might need interventions during the surgery from other teams such as cardiac or anaesthesia. Is that true, that a surgeon would only do the operation at an NHS hospital with access to specialist support?

RubyGran Mon 21-Jun-21 16:58:14

I have arthritis in my hands, big toe, and left knee, and the top of my spine at the neck and my lower back have begun to be painful as well. Consequently I am unable to stay comfortable or asleep in bed for very long. Can you suggest a treatment or painkiller which would be helpful please?

ExD Mon 21-Jun-21 17:09:33

I have had lumber pain for 60 years (I am 82) ever since my 1st baby was born. I was told it would go away but it didn't.
My GP won't refer me for any scans saying that by now arthritis will have set in and all that can be done is is pain relief or a spinal block.
I fell and fractured L1 two years ago, this doesn't trouble me 24/7 like the 60 year-old pain, just flares up when I overdo things.
I am on morphine for this.
I am constantly in such pain I wish I could just not wake up one morning, I pray its tomorrow.

GeminiJen Mon 21-Jun-21 17:31:00

I'm 77. Hate taking any medications (on the grounds that there are always side effects). Have led an active life. Just over 10 years ago, I had two operations on my spine, the first unsuccessful, the second successful (fusion). I exercise daily: walking, swimming, cycling. However, I do experience aches and pains, especially in my knees: in one, the feeling is as if it's dislocating, painfully but briefly, before it appears to 're-set'. This often happens in bed at night. I've learned to live with it.
My question is: What would you recommend in terms of diet, exercise or alternative therapies to manage what feel almost like the inevitable aches and pains of getting older?

Nanawind Mon 21-Jun-21 17:40:55

I have just been prescribed Letrozole after Breast Cancer one of the side effects seems to be
joint pain in my right hip is there anything apart from painkillers. I've tried different makes.

62Granny Mon 21-Jun-21 18:33:43

I have pain in my left hip but only at night, if is not severe more like a niggle, as if someone is pressing a finger into my hip, I take paracetamol and ibuprofen at night before bec but it doesn't always help.

fevertree Mon 21-Jun-21 18:35:48

My issue seems minor compared to others, but it prevents me from pursuing my hobbies of knitting and crochet, so here goes:

My thumb joint becomes very painful from repetitive movements required by e.g. knitting. I presume it's becoming arthritic. I don't want to give up my creative hobbies (although I sometimes give it a break to ease the joint pain) because I find it soothing and enjoyable. Would it help if I wore a joint support whilst working?

CraftyGranny Mon 21-Jun-21 18:49:23

Hello. from about May 2020, and worried about Covid, I stopped taking my methotrexate, which I normally take with sulphasalzine for Rheumatoid arthritis. I stopped taking the methotrexate because I am aware that it can cause severe irreversible chest problems, especially if one has a chest infection. This made sense to me, in that, if I did get Covid I would have a better chance of survival.
Do you think I was wrong in doing so?

Nortsat Mon 21-Jun-21 18:55:26

I have osteoarthritis in my left knee, which is quite well managed with gentle exercise.

In consultation with my GP, I do 35/40 mins of gentle exercise x 5 times a week, usually walking or the exercise bike. I have gently increased the duration over many months and can now manage to walk 1.5 miles per day.
I am on a calorie counted eating plan and have lost 22.5% of my body weight in 18 months.

My issue is that often my knee hurts when I am taking exercise (maybe 3 on a scale of 1:10) but I continue with the walk/cycle.
Is this the right approach?

soozieee Mon 21-Jun-21 19:02:38

I have arthritis in both hips (diagnosed after scans) which caused me pain at work whenever I stood up from my office chair, since I have been working from home and using a wooden dining chair, the pain has gone and my hips are so much better. Unfortunately I will soon have to return to working in the office, can you recommend a style of chair I could use as they won’t allow me to use a dining room style chair.

ems07957 Mon 21-Jun-21 19:49:05

What's the best thing for knee pain I've had most of my life please? It's worse when it's cold and wet and it occasionally gives way. Thank you! 😊

Yasmin0147 Mon 21-Jun-21 20:29:12

My mother has arthritis and I was wondering if it was a genetic problem or if there was something that would stop me from getting it in future.

fishnships Mon 21-Jun-21 20:29:42

My arthritic knee can suddenly 'go' and I am then in pain and unable to do the exercise, including cycling, which was suggested by my physio and helps to build up the muscles surrounding the cartilage to support my knee.
How best do I deal with this situation? I currently use high dose ibuprofen, paracetamol and heat/cold sprays and gels and avoid exercise but would like to cut down on painkillers.

wendycl Mon 21-Jun-21 21:50:17

I suffer with sciatica in my lower back on my right side. The "exercises" I was given by the physico are impossible as they are mostly on the floor and with two dicky knees there's no way I could get up again! I've trawled the web but can't find a 'cure' , so I take ibuprofen to kill the pain enough to get to sleep but they are only a temporary fix - what can I do that will actually work! I'm 66 and feel like 100, every time I get up from a chair it hurts, if I do anything like gardening it takes a week to recover. I swim but it doesn't really help once I'm out of the water. Suggestions welcome!

eGJ Mon 21-Jun-21 22:12:21

Second frozen shoulder; this one caused by ‘flu jab given inaccurately. First shoulder treated with two steroid injections. This one has had one injection, but GP who did steroid injections has left general practice. Told to wait six months, when there might be someone qualified. Doing exercises, any more ideas?

Maggiemaybe Mon 21-Jun-21 22:32:02

Like my parents before me, I take a daily cod liver oil capsule in an attempt to ward off joint problems. Could you please advise as to whether this is at all beneficial or am I just wasting my money?

Happiyogi Mon 21-Jun-21 22:45:25

I’m really sorry to hear what painful conditions some grans are having to endure. flowers

My question is about my osteoarthritic hands. I have several Heberden’s nodes and painful joints. My main concern is a large Bouchard’s nodule on one finger which is painful and keeps getting knocked. Could I have it removed, and is there anything I can do to prevent further deterioration? Thank you.

imacmum Mon 21-Jun-21 23:01:33

I have an enlarged thumb joint at the base of my thumb on my left hand which is painful. Is there anything I can do to relieve this or is it going to get worse. My Osteopath seems to think there is a ganglion on the tendon

pamelaJEAN Mon 21-Jun-21 23:16:44

I have severe arthritis in both knees, went for x ray and was told to come back in four years time, I have more than gone over that time now, but with Covid am afraid to mention it to my Dr again, I am on Pain killers Narproxin prescribed by the doctor , but now can only walk short distances, also my wrist is fused and I get terrible pains in my fingers and backs of my hands, I cannot exercise as I would like, so am putting on weight, is there any thing I can do to help my condition, as some days the pain is excruciating.

Elrel Mon 21-Jun-21 23:44:47

I have had one TKR and should at some point have another. I’m not in pain from the ‘old’ knee but awaken with strong lower back pain and often my hip is painful. I try not to take paracetamol too often and sprinkle powdered turmeric on food. What else can I do?

ujhunt1961 Tue 22-Jun-21 11:22:19

I have a sore elbow, how do I know if its tennis elbow or arthritis