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Mamie Thu 19-Apr-12 16:48:11

Can anyone recommend a good DVD for learning Tai Chi? We would love to go to a class but this would involve a round trip of 120km so we thought we might try to learn at home.

granjura Thu 19-Apr-12 17:12:35

I've been doing Tai-Chi for years, and personally I'd say learning with a DVD is very difficult and not very effective. Without the personal help of a trained teacher, it really is almost impossible to see and feel essential detail. DVD's are usually used to practise and repeat what one has already learnt and practised in class.

If somebody can recommend a very good DVD, I'd be really interested. It might be easier to start with Gi-Gung - which does not involve a long series of linking moves as in the Tai-Chi form.

Perhaps a good idea is to find a holiday class for a week somewhere - and then follow up with a DVD. Good luck. Tai-chi is so good for you, physically, mentally, emotionally - wonderful. Good luck.

Maniac Fri 20-Apr-12 15:17:23

There are several Tai-Chi DVDs on the Amazon site .No personal experience of any.I would go for a beginners one and avoid the American e.g David Carradine type.
I had a basic DVD compiled by Ben Milton a teacher in Bristol whose classes i attended.Sadly I lent it to someone who didn't return it.I will find out if it is still available.I also have just been lent a book by a friend 'Tai-Chi in a Chair' 15-min routines of seated exercises.

Mamie Fri 20-Apr-12 16:30:24

Thanks Maniac - that sounds good. Granjura - have you managed to find classes in France? The only class I can find is in the departmental capital, which is too far, it seems to have a martial arts focus too.

granjura Fri 20-Apr-12 16:49:46

I have found a Gi-Gung class just a few km's from me. But sadly the only Tai-Chi class is, like in your area, in the capital. Ask your Mairie, they might well have information. Gi-Gung is a very good start anyway. You could phone the person who gives the classes in your main town. Most are part of an Association and would be able to find out quickly if there is something nearer. Bonne chance.

Maniac Sat 21-Apr-12 10:57:22

A Tai-Chi residential course might be worth considering to get you started.I have a friend locally who taught Tai-Chi for years-has been on a course in China. .I'll ask her for info .