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Olympics-best result?

6 GrannyGravy13

Tokyo Olympics 2020

44 MayBee70

The fight for our attention: How can sport broadcasters make themselves the most attractive option?"

11 Lincslass

Norwegian women's team and beach games rules at the Tokyo Olympics

43 Summerlove

Tennis Fans 🎾🎾

1 NanKate

Horse riding & fitness classes

15 Annie1962

Horse racing and cruelty

59 Eloethan

Prince George

61 Allsorts

Is it just me....

16 welbeck

Anyone else doing something else this evening?

26 grannysyb

Can you predict the results?

28 NanKate

WEMBLEY and England v Italy *title edited by GNHQ at OP's request*

161 maddyone

Wimbledon 2021 🎾🎾🎾

169 Shez1955

Ashamed of British fan last night

152 GrannyGravy13

Real football fans to brighten your day

5 Baggs

On the positive side of the European Cup ......

5 tanith

Raducanu's withdrawal. What can we learn from this?

61 MayBee70

Kayak paddle today, what activity did you do?

4 Mattsmum2

Cheering on the underdog

16 FannyCornforth

Why are footballers hugging, kissing and breathing into each other’s faces?

5 Esspee

Andy Murray what a hero

29 varian

OMG! England 2 : Germany 0

79 Witzend


9 bpoxperts

Australian Open

7 Rufus2

Another spit in the face.

1 Sarnia

Fabulous tennis today

106 Grandmadinosaur


12 blue25


2 Kateykrunch

Kicking a ball

12 Cressida


20 Grandmabatty


16 fairfraise

Six Nations

43 Anniebach

Swimming - too old to lern?

40 PeppermintPatty


6 mokryna


12 Urmstongran

Return to Walking Netball

3 Teetime

Open Water Swimming- anyone taken this up?

15 Elrel

Lets get cycling

52 craftyone

Returning to Swimming

15 DiscoDancer1975

Gransnet annual sports day report

24 Jane10


31 nikolasanastisia

A move to ban Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. What are your thoughts rugby fans?

32 paddyanne


5 philiphis123


22 annodomini


3 rubysong

Missing my golf

11 Marydoll

Dance with grandchildren

23 LiTom

Six Nations

3 J52

Who are your favourite rugby commentators

7 mary51

Radio 4 discussion - racism in football

1 GagaJo