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Is jumping on a trampoline, considered good sport activity for childrens? 7 aggie
badminton 1 lure1959
The Boat Race - who cares anymore? 69 Grandma70s
horse riding 45 Jabberwok
FOOTBALL! 19 GabriellaG54
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Six Nations 53 lemongrove
The rugby 10 BlueSapphire
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Any regular swimmers? 5 Izabella
My team are on terrestrial telly tonight! 7 Alima
Cricket 19 MichaelDismukes
tennis 3 kittylester
Geraint Thomas 32 Anniebach
Touch Rugby European Championships 2 ninathenana
Positively my last word on the World Cup!⚽️🤣 22 Jalima1108
England Football Team 23 Anniebach
It's Waistcoat Wednesday 10 Greyduster
World Cup “celebrations” out of hand? 14 gillybob
I can’t believe I’mgoing to watch it 27 lilypollen
Football... 8 loopyloo
Playing golf 4 jasmina
Winter Olympics 15 Teetime
Velcro 9 hildajenniJ
Tennis 11 PamelaJ1
Jana Novotna 5 Tegan2
Tennis fans unite 5 NanKate
Training or disrespect 10 vampirequeen
Invictas 6 henetha
Tennis lovers unite 8 Pittcity
Croquet 1 Teetime
Usain Bolt 41 maryeliza54
Swimming 30 PamelaJ1
In praise of a champion 3 whitewave
I love Wimbledon 91 Anniebach
Murray - addressing sexism 5 Imperfect27
Any more don't-give-a-fuck-ab out-Wimbledons out there? 36 DanniRae
I hate Wimbledon 76 Linbrikat
Tennis Eastbourne 3 tanith
New to swimming 7 grannysue05
Ascot 3 jusnoneed
Walking Netball 9 Pittcity
Cycling for fitness leisure (it looked so easy)!!! now sat down with cuppa and wobbly legs. :) 13 tiggypiro
Anybody else watching the football this afternoon? 110 Shamrock
Park Run Hanley 1 Floobie
Six Nations 121 Fitzy54
Cricket 16 bumblebee123
Andy Murray 48 angelab
Walking Netball 20 annsixty
Valegro 2 Hilltopgran