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Equal pay for football teams.

5 25Avalon


9 Kate1949


212 MayBee70

ScotGov would like to know your views on female participation in sport and physical activity

15 rebel1

England football

13 Jaxjacky

Tennis Fans ??

5 AlexKok1955

Gymnastics world championships

19 Deedaa

Does anyone cycle?

5 Oopsadaisy1

'Competitive Gaming' joins the Commonwealth Games

15 Callistemon21

Boom radio

13 chatterbox2

Time for all countries to follow suit?

16 Prentice

Thank you Roger Federer

9 PoppyFlower

I’d be ashamed if my 7 year old grandchild behaved like this !

27 foxie48

Burghley Horse Trials

37 nightowl

US open

4 Grandmadinosaur

Swimming again- makes me feel great

23 mayisay

FINA bans trans swimmers

25 Angryfeminist

Way to go Eilish (mostly for Scottish Grannies)

6 Petera

Adult Gyms, have you ever seen anyone using them?

19 lixy

Commonwealth Games 2022

2 Kate1949

We ❤️ Wimbledon ‘22.

563 NanKate

Swimming - too old to lern?

48 Prentice

Were you popular and sporty in school?

130 Cassy0110

? Do the British ❤️ a good loser more than a bad winner? ?

2 Ailidh

Wimbledon 2022!

45 Blinko


15 KellyGransnet

Rafael Nadal

15 MissAdventure

Soccer Aid

3 rafichagran

French Open

16 soop

Football World Cup Qualifiers

10 Casdon

Lester Piggott

16 MayBee70

Epsom Derby

3 Fairmaiden

Invictus Games

3 Blossoming

RSPCA to charge Zouma brothers

1 Sarnia

Men,sport and television.

31 grumppa

Six Nations starts today

48 fairfraise

Kamila Valieva allowed to compete

38 tidyskatemum

Djokovic speaks out

90 Mollygo

Keeping items of loved ones.

38 Serendipity22

Australian Open

22 TillyTrotter

Congratulations to Dave Ryding

6 Visgir1

Australian Open

8 Zoejory

Grand Prix

77 Aveline

Another spit in the face.

4 ayse

US Open

5 annodomini

Emma Raducanu

118 Sarnia

Women's football

3 25Avalon

Heading for young footballers/dementia risk

3 Eloethan

Olympics for over 70s

133 kittylester

Tokyo Olympics 2020

47 Sarnia