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Ukriane Football Boycott

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AlisonMA Fri 08-Jun-12 13:33:06

What do you think about our government boycotting the football but only in this round? May reconsider if England get further in the tournment.

dorsetpennt Fri 08-Jun-12 14:08:49

AlisonMA you stole my thunder I was about to post a thread about Euro 12 as well! Ukraine is notorious for its overt racial views and certainly show them at football matches. Poland isn't much better. The Dutch team has a number of black players and have already been in receipt of racial taunts. Whilst training at a stadium various onlookers made so called 'monkey' noises. Last weeks Panorama programme showed the appalling behaviour of Ukrainian fans towards several Asian fans, who were supporting the local team incidentally. They also showed fans making Hitler salutes during a match in full view of the local police. A Police Inspector said they weren't making salutes but 'pointing' - this caused much laughter in our household. This country is also overtly anti-semetic as well as racist. So why on earth is FIFA allowing the Euro 2012 to be held there? I realise that all European countries are entitled to hold the Euro Cup, but surely there must be something in their rules against this sort of behaviour?.

AlisonMA Fri 08-Jun-12 15:10:44

Dorset there is also some talk that the police are not entirely honest as well.

My point was really about the way our government is behaving, hedging their bets about going just in case we are successful! Surely if their principles make them boycott it should be the whole tournament not just the earlier rounds.

Sorry about the theft of your thunder grin

dorsetpennt Fri 08-Jun-12 17:00:55

After I posted my thread here I went for coffee at my favourite spot with a friend and we discussed this at length. We both felt we should attend however should there be any racist actions our team should walk off the pitch. Thereby showing the rest of the Europe that as a country we do not condone racist behaviour. I would love to think that other countries would do the same.[I would prefer that to winning the cup]. That would show countries like Poland and the Ukraine how we feel about their behaviour. Just think of all the football teams that have black and or Asian players - i.e. the South American teams. I can't think that the Ukraine or Poland woulld get away with their nazi salutes and monkey noises.

AlisonMA Fri 08-Jun-12 17:22:14

The Dutch have already been victims of this, I think it will continue. I still don't think our politicians should boycott only the first part of the tournament leaving themselves the option to have a good jolly if our team does well.

gracesmum Fri 08-Jun-12 17:46:52

I think we should entirely boycott it- half hearted gestures are worse than none. Has anybody else seen the pic on Facebook of the cages of dogs being swept off the streets too?

JessM Fri 08-Jun-12 18:30:27

It would not take more than one of two brave referees calling off a game would it. Blow the whistle. Retreat to the changing rooms. Be willing to resume playing perhaps when spectators all gone home.
However they would have to be very brave.

Jacey Fri 08-Jun-12 18:49:29

I don't understand how FIFA decided to allow these two racist countries to hold this competitionconfused ...the cynic says back-handers?? hmm

The referrees will not take teams off without FIFA agreeing to this before the games start ...which will not happen.

I watched some horrendous racism coverage filmed at football matches in these countries ... didn't FIFA (??) say that the footage was 'manufactured'?shock

Annobel Fri 08-Jun-12 19:01:56

Was it FIFA or UEFA who organised this tournament? UEFA is the body that governs football in Europe.

whenim64 Fri 08-Jun-12 19:31:20

I agree with Dorset. The players should walk off if any racial taunts are made. The world will be watching and this will shame them into seeing how we all view their behaviour. If they don't go, little will be made of it, and I know it will take some bravery if it happens on the pitch, but I say they should go for it and take a stand against racism.

JessM Sat 09-Jun-12 06:46:43

I agree whenim - if the refs and officials won't take a stand, then players, of all colours preferably, should just agree to return to the dressing room. Go on strike effectively. Other people are not expected to put up with this kind of thing in their place of work.

j04 Sat 09-Jun-12 09:01:20

I think the visit to Auschwitz was a good move.

Might get the message into some of the players' heads.

glammanana Sat 09-Jun-12 09:18:05

I would be very surprised if the Ukraine and Poland fans would be bothered at all if the match was boycotted they would still not change their views.

dorsetpennt Sat 09-Jun-12 10:04:59

glammanana I'm afraid you may be right - my son also pointed out that countries like Spain and Italy are also racist thought not so overtly as Poland and Ukraine. Actually think of France banning any religious head coverings in schools ie: turbans,hijabs and yalmakas [skull caps]. It would appear that the Dutch, Germany,Scandinavia and the UK have strict anti-racist laws. There are racist people in these countries, no doubt about that however public displays say at football games is dealt with.

Annobel Sat 09-Jun-12 10:06:38

The so-called fans wouldn't change, but if enough countries who are members of UEFA put pressure on the host countries, the authorities might (just might) stop turning a blind eye to the offenders.

JessM Sat 09-Jun-12 10:25:22

The fans attitudes might not change, but their behaviour probably would if they thought the match would end if they started behaving badly.
And that would be a great start!

absentgrana Sat 09-Jun-12 10:31:39

I can't see why ministers should feel that it is necessary for them to attend football matches in their ministerial capacity (even ministers for sport) at all. If they want to go, then they should go as private spectators.

Events such as Euro12 are always a disgusting display of nationalism – and this time, overt racism as well.

Jacey Sat 09-Jun-12 11:16:48

Mixed messages...

Quote 1 ...”The Dutch FA were not immediately available for comment but UEFA said they were satisfied by claims the abusive chanting from the stands was actually a protest against the fact Krakow had not been made one of the host cities for Euro 2012.” shock

Quote 2 ...”The local police said that part of the crowd were only pointing to something” shock

Quote 3 ...” UEFA president Michel Platini has confirmed referees have been instructed to call a halt to matches at this summer's tournament if a player is racially taunted. hmm

Quote 4 ..."Yet the Frenchman also warned any player who left the field unilaterally in protest over abuse from the stands would be yellow carded.”hmm

That's a lot of pressure on the referees! I wonder what the police will do?

JessM Sat 09-Jun-12 11:57:34

Well the players will be waiting to see what the refs do I guess.
If two whole teams marched off (or even one) then being yellow carded would lose its sting.

nanaej Sat 09-Jun-12 20:46:36

It was 'ignoring' nazi-ism and anti semitism in Europe in the 30s that enabled Hitler to take power. Conditions (recession) were similar so think a big stand against this behaviour needs to be made by all governments now.