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Olympic mascots

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Mishap Thu 19-Jul-12 12:19:38

Cringe, cringe!

When I think of the wealth of British talent in all genres of music (classical, folk etc.) and of art these grim and trashy choices are appalling. Give me the Cultural Olympiad any day - they have had a lot of criticism but they have, IMHO, come up with some good stuff and provided encouragement for British performers and artists.

Nonu Thu 19-Jul-12 11:52:00

WHAT ! [hmmm]

Ella46 Thu 19-Jul-12 11:45:04

Woop woop!

Anagram Thu 19-Jul-12 11:43:27

'Stripping lollipop ladies, Russell Brand singing the Sex Pistols and ballet will all feature at the London Olympics closing ceremony, it was revealed yesterday.

The show, A Symphony of British Music, will see dozens of stars singing their hits in a multi-million-pound extravaganza.

Highlights include performances by Queen, Take That, Annie Lennox, George Michael, Ray Davies, The Pet Shop Boys and Madness. Emeli Sande is due to open the show and One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Tinie Tempah and Jessie J will all play.'

Can't wait! wink

jeni Thu 19-Jul-12 11:42:17


A joke, perleease!

Thinking of our local lollipop lady![cringe]emoticon!

absentgrana Thu 19-Jul-12 11:35:59

They are distinctly off-putting but not so tacky as stripping lollypop ladies. I do hope that the latter is just a silly rumour.

Nonu Thu 19-Jul-12 11:35:24

No please tell ?

Ella46 Thu 19-Jul-12 11:35:06

Worse than the Jubilee, I couldn't watch that either!

Anagram Thu 19-Jul-12 11:33:59

Talking of embarrassing, have you seen the line-up for the Closing Ceremony.....?

Ella46 Thu 19-Jul-12 11:21:06

I agree Mishap, I'm finding the whole olympic thing embarrassing.
I don't want it to go wrong, but I'm cringing inside!

Mishap Thu 19-Jul-12 11:18:26

Following on from the Tracey Emin thread, I have just looked online at the Olympic mascots - what a load of trash - I feel quite embarrassed to be British!
What are they trying to say? They are so unattractive - a being with one eye in the middle of its forehead - whatever is that about? Do people actually buy these things? The international community must think we are quite bonkers!!

I will be glad when the whole thing is over....signed Grumpy Old Lady!!