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That was lovely!

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Anne58 Sat 18-Jan-14 15:56:49

Jamie Moore patting Sire De Grugy before he had even crossed the finish line, then leaning down and kissing him on the neck!

Tegan Sat 18-Jan-14 16:38:28

Oh phoenix, he loves that horse so much [rides him every day]. I've reached the point where I can hardly bear to see him race in case anything happens to him. Jamie rode a horse called Fieppes Shuffle years ago that won over Christmas. We'd gone to Buxton for the day and I didn't hear the result till we arrived at our lodgings and I went mental [he was a big price]. Fieppes Shuffle ran in German Lakes races, where they have to swim as part of the race [honestly!] and his stable name was Flipper. So I've loved Jamie ever since. He's so much nicer than the surly Ryan [shy indeed; he's just a misery]. I'm so pleased for them getting this horse. I got quite weepy when they showed the replay cause he reminded me of Dessie the way he attacked his fences. I hope he beats Sprinter Sacre at Cheltenham; I think he's probably my favourite horse now.