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Cycling for fitness leisure (it looked so easy)!!! now sat down with cuppa and wobbly legs. :)

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tiggypiro Fri 07-Apr-17 08:20:29

I have a battery assist bike and love it. The 'assist' bit only works when you are pedalling but acts just like someone giving you a very gentle push. You get the exercise but it is not so 'knackering' so can go further - or at least as far as the battery allows !! (about 20 miles with my bike).

Faye Thu 06-Apr-17 23:58:59

One of my favourite things to do is cycle. I prefer flat roads and no wind but around here there are gradual hills and it has been windy lately.

My tip is when buying a bike is lift it up at the handle bars, if it is too heavy to lift it will be hard to ride. The lighter the bike the easier to ride. I had a heavy bike before I bought my last bike and I could hardly ride it without my legs burning. My very fit SIL rode it for a short distance and he said it made his legs ache.

mumofmadboys Thu 06-Apr-17 07:35:11

I cycle with the local U3A group. Do between 15 -32 miles. Fitness will rapidly improve. Keep at it!

rosesarered Wed 05-Apr-17 23:09:20

I don't cycle, but saw an advert for a bike with a bit of help ( slight boost when you need it) not an engine as such, but am sure if you look it up you will find it.That may really help, particularly if you don't live anywhere flat.

GrandmaKT Wed 05-Apr-17 22:15:55

I love cycling, though it must be said we live in a very flat area, I'm useless on hills. My top tip is to find a cycling group. A lot of councils run groups called Bicycle Belles (I know, sick-making name). I go out with them every fortnight and there is also a mixed group run by age concern that goes out weekly. We usually do 20-30 miles (stopping somewhere for lunch and a chatter). It's amazing how you don't notice the miles when you're out with friends.Keep it up! x

LadyGracie Wed 05-Apr-17 21:09:56

We went for our first bike ride of the year today. Nice mainly flat ride, along a cycle path, gentle pace approximately 10 miles, stopped for a drink and a look at the view. We had a 10 day cycling holiday in France a few years ago, it was fabulous, we've always cycled, but I don't do hills anymore, which would be difficult living in the valleys without a tow bar and cycle rack on the car!

Izabella Wed 05-Apr-17 18:09:43

Good for you. Training bikes is very easy but if you go long distance always a good idea to book cycle space on trains. I would also advise taking your own restraints to hook onto the bars as some trains have them missing and then your bikes skedaddles all over the place.

I just wish that our buses had cycle racks on the front as per lots of places in Europe. Would make it even better.

bikergran Sat 01-Apr-17 16:28:18

There is a reason why I have gotten myself a cycle otherwise I prob wouldnt have bothered as I have my scooter.

But! my friend of several years has recently had to surrender her driving licence (she failed the field test) she has R.P where the peripheral vision deteriates over time. She passed it ok in November but then I think the d.v.l.a took another look and she will never have her licence back. So had to sell her scooter/motor cycle/caravan. A very independant lady. So..she has now got a pedal bike but of course not quite the same and as she lives about 10 miles away and not very good cycle routes its a bit more difficult.But! she is not one for giving up..hence I rushed out and got myself a bike, we aim to take bikes on train and go various need to get fitter.
[Tanith] I think you may have the answer there...different muscles! hmm

Greyduster Sat 01-Apr-17 15:41:41

I used to enjoy cycling and when we lived in Holland I cycled constantly - shopping, to and from work and long rides with the neighbours and the kids. When we came home to the city on seven hills, it all got a bit more of a chore and eventually I gave it up. The last time I was on a bike was 9/11. We had just finished a lovely ride around Ladybower and Derwent reservoirs and back at the cycle centre getting drinks we saw the news on the TV. We thought it was a disaster movie 😔. I'm not really built for bikes anymore (big bum saddles notwithstanding!☺️). Go for it Biker - a little, often and you'll soon build up stamina I should think.

tanith Sat 01-Apr-17 15:37:07

Every year I get my bike out when the weather warms up a bit and my legs are like jelly by the time I've just ridden round the park which isn't far. It does get easier but I also walk all through Winter and cycling seems to use totally different muscles which need time to get used to the movement. I'm hoping spending a bit of time on the cycling machine in the gym this last few weeks will make it easier this time grin

Izabella Sat 01-Apr-17 15:25:27

Yes. We had a wonderful cycling holiday in The uk last year taking our MTB's with us and had great fun. I had a nasty fall off it some weeks ago near home though resulting in several hand and a wrist fractures and smashed dental implants. I tried the bike out again the other day after my pot came off but still do not have the strength to change gear with my fingers.

This morning I tried my other ordinary town bike with panniers etc., and although changing gear is easier (it is a different gearing system) I have to admit I was glad to get off after around 12 miles. Neither had I bothered to put padded shorts on!!! NUff said.

Your fitness will improve don't worry, it all takes times to get back. Luckily I was able to run while potted up so I did not decline too much. It all get so much harder though as we get older. 🤔

janeainsworth Sat 01-Apr-17 14:52:56

You're not alone biker
cycling definitely reaches the parts other forms of exercise do not grin

bikergran Sat 01-Apr-17 14:48:10

Anyone into cycling? bought myself a second hand mountain bike, not my style but couldn't find what I wanted at the right price and when I did I dithered that much it had gone tut!

Anyway the showers stopped so out come my bike! popped my trainers on and hoodie smile bought myself a little water bracket/pump and have sent off for a BIG bum saddle smile
set off round the block (off
road) did 5 laps I suppose in total about 1/4 of a mile....I am now well and truly cream crackered! they!! make it look sooooooooo easy peddaling along at a leisurely pace.but me ! I need to lie down have a brew n biscuits and oxygen!

Thought I was quite fit having been walking to work since August..
Do any other grans cycle? does it get any easier! hmm