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It's Waistcoat Wednesday

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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-Jul-18 10:02:46

Anyone else feeling slightly nauseous with nerves? The memories of Italia 90 have never quite gone away. I dare not hope...but oh how amazing it would be. I have a lot of time for Gareth Southgate and love that the squad is young and united, not revolving around a few egos or superstars and that they all play in the Premier League. What a fairy story it would be...but argh. I dare not dream. I will just bite my nails until the end. I am wearing my virtual waistcoat for Gareth

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-Jul-18 10:03:27

(when I say slightly nauseous...) envy

Bathsheba Wed 11-Jul-18 10:09:23

It's too hot for a waistcoat but, like you Cari, I am wearing a virtual one. Oh wouldn't it be wonderful? I remember 1966 so well, the excitement, tension, holding my breath till I thought I'd burst, then the jubilation, screams of joy and disbelief when we knew 'it was all over'.
But, oh God, if we do make it through, Sunday's going to rack up the tension to a whole new level! Help!!!

MiniMoon Wed 11-Jul-18 10:11:58

It was the first thought in my head when I woke this morning. I said to myself, "it's the semi final tonight". I wish I did have a waistcoat, I'd wear it with pride. ⚽⚽

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-Jul-18 10:12:22

Exactly this! Honestly my legs are like jelly and it's over 8 hours until kick off. I <may> be a little over-invested

Waterloosunset Wed 11-Jul-18 10:36:29

I will wear a waistcoat when we go through on Sunday - yes when! The hot weather will not deter me even though I might not be able to wear much else 😉

henetha Wed 11-Jul-18 11:14:05

I've still got an old multi-coloured woollen one which I bought in the Sweater Shop years ago. I'll wear that.
Come on,

glammanana Wed 11-Jul-18 11:33:16

My OH has been routing around his wardrobes looking for his favourite waistcoat I just hope I haven't sent it to charity shop.?
No one can wear a waistcoat like Gareth Southgate can they ?

luluaugust Wed 11-Jul-18 16:07:30

Lovely to see them in their 19th century (and earlier) waistcoats, so elegant on the right figure. I'm hunting around for my crinoline. Everything crossed!

Greyduster Wed 11-Jul-18 20:09:21

I shall be wearing a virtual waistcoat, but it will not be too tight, will not have acres of shirt showing between it and the top of my trousers and will never, ever, have the bottom button done up!! 😁. Go, Gareth! You epitome of sartorial elegance you!