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Time for all countries to follow suit?

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Sarnia Thu 31-Mar-22 11:41:59

The Union Cycliste Internationale have barred transgender cyclist Emily Davies from competing in a women's race this weekend. With an increase of transgender athletes competing in sport worldwide, isn't it time to include a 3rd category in sporting events so that every participant has a fair chance?

Rosalyn69 Thu 31-Mar-22 12:24:22


Chocolatelovinggran Thu 31-Mar-22 12:54:52


Franbern Sun 03-Apr-22 09:52:15

I do think many sports need to consider running two further categories, in addition to their usual Male & Female ones. One for Men who a have transitioned to female and the other for women who have transitioned to Male.

NanKate Mon 04-Apr-22 09:16:07


Elegran Mon 04-Apr-22 09:39:40

However, I think their reason for banning her is that she is still registered with them as a man cyclist. What will happen when she cancels that registration and applies to register as a woman? Will she then be eligible to race in the women's class?

Anniebach Mon 04-Apr-22 09:43:40


Coastpath Mon 04-Apr-22 10:18:47

I agree.

maddyone Mon 04-Apr-22 11:25:42

Yes, I think so.

AGAA4 Mon 04-Apr-22 11:40:20

Are there enough trans people who are also athletes to be able to run two extra categories? Just a thought.

sodapop Mon 04-Apr-22 12:40:38

I was thinking that as well AGAA4 but agree with the idea in principle.

Baggs Mon 04-Apr-22 12:49:29

A suggestion I've heard is to keep the separate men's and women's categories and to add a thrid one called the Open category for anyone who wants to take part whether they ave trnasitioned or not.

The unfairness to women of the current situation should never have been allowed. Some lobby groups have been allowed to wield far too much influence.

Elegran Mon 04-Apr-22 13:28:21


Are there enough trans people who are also athletes to be able to run two extra categories? Just a thought.

I imagine that when women athletes were a rare species it must have seemed weird to have women's classes in international sports, but when they existed they soon filled up with contestants.

AGAA4 Mon 04-Apr-22 13:37:50

If that's the case "Elegran* then this would be the best solution. It is very unfair if transwomen compete against natal women.

thugtomas Sat 01-Oct-22 12:05:07

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Prentice Sat 01-Oct-22 13:13:26

I think you are posting on the wrong thread thugtomas

Yes, in sports, for women, there should be no transwomen competing with them, as they have an unfair advantage in strength and muscle mass.