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? Do the British ❤️ a good loser more than a bad winner? ?

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MawtheMerrier Sun 10-Jul-22 16:31:46

Do you cringe when a tennis player barracks his audience? Or argues with the umpire? Do you (like me) champion the “plucky underdog” ?
With no axe to grind today as I’m not particularly fond of Djokovic OR Kyrgios and certainly started off watching much more objectively, nevertheless when Kyrgios started kicking off it just irritated me and predisposed me towards the opposition!

Ailidh Sun 10-Jul-22 17:01:05

Watching today's match, in between nipping out to watch the Red Arrows.

I'm generally a Djokovic supporter, except when he is as being a bit of a tick about covid.

As far as I can see Kyrgios is always a bit of a tick on court, so I'm continuing to root for Novak.