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Swimming again- makes me feel great

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Fleurpepper Fri 12-Aug-22 20:44:12

Really enjoying swimming at the Lido again and had forgotten how great it makes me feel. Only worry, I have to ensure I have a couple of healthy snacks and a flask of water, as I could always eat a horse or two afterwards. Don't enjoy swimming indoors so much, but will try and keep it up in the autumn.

absent Fri 12-Aug-22 21:11:58

I love swimming as I find it wonderfully calming to my mind while my body is getting exercise. At the end of the session I feel as if I have just had a couple of weeks away on holiday even though my legs may be a bit shaky.

Fleurpepper Fri 12-Aug-22 22:47:06

Glad you enjoy it too. I always sleep so much better after a good swim.

Lathyrus Fri 12-Aug-22 22:56:42

I used to love swimming all the stresses away in the evening.

Now the local pool is given over to exercise classes in the mornings, to Clubs in the evening and it’s lessons only after 3pm , so ordinary swims are only between 7.30 - 8.30 and 1.30-2.30?

BlueBelle Fri 12-Aug-22 23:05:45

I ve just got back from a 9 pm swim in the sea under the big red Sturgeon moon about 200 people turned up after it was mentioned on FB to all laugh swim, dip, enjoy and ohh and ahh as the big old red moon came up over the horizon
It was uplifting

heath480 Fri 12-Aug-22 23:52:19

I swim an hour every day,I am 74.Mostly in an outdoor pool.I have been doing it for about 5years now,a gradual build up to being able to swim a mile.My mobility is so good,way better than it was years ago.

I was never a swimmer in my younger days.Really recommend it to keep fit.

tanith Sat 13-Aug-22 07:35:07

I love to swim in the pool or sea. Since the pandemic our local pool has an online booking system, Lane swimming (fast or slow) very small area for free swimming, schools times and swimming club times it’s exhausting trying to work out when I can actually book a suitable visit so I just stopped going. It seems they’re never going back to spur of the moment swims and that’s so annoying.

notgran Sat 13-Aug-22 08:03:39

Love swimming in the local pool. Do about 3 or 4, 40 minute sessions a week. Now I'm on a
2 week holiday and missing it. I am a very slow swimmer but our pool has 3 lanes designated slow, medium, fast. I may one day graduate to the medium lane but am in no hurry to do so. I also try to go a couple of times a month to Aqua Jog classes which certainly benefits my joints.

TerriBull Sat 13-Aug-22 08:41:03

I swim 3 to 4 times a week, I always make for the slower lane, 25 minutes and I'm done, I can only do breaststroke, I'd love to do front crawl, never quite mastered it. I have to get up early for the adult only sessions, I invariably feel better afterwards. Haven't gone today grandchildren are staying.

Fleurpepper Sat 13-Aug-22 09:03:39

I learnt fron crawl quite late, could never do the breathing properly- but I am getting much better and working hard on doing more and more each time. I love to do backstroke, but can never go in a straight line!

Froglady Sat 13-Aug-22 09:09:49

I went swimming in France this year, in a pool on the camp site. Haven't been swimming for years and I had to gird up my loins to be able to do it. My legs are not good to look at as I have a condition called lypodemia where the fat cells don't want to let go of the fat and even when you lose weight it's very hard to lose it on the legs.
But I managed and I'm hoping to continue now that 'I'm back at home but would prefer to do it in an outdoor pool rather than an indoor one. Just got to find somewhere suitable near where I live in Blackburn.
I do feel good after I've swum and I really enjoy it.

Fleurpepper Wed 17-Aug-22 09:59:51

Been a few times again, building up distance. Got goggles and ear plugs now, so much better for neck, and to swim on my back. Did just over half a mile yesterday.

Must make sure I have healthy snack and water for after, as it makes me ravenous.

Aveline Wed 17-Aug-22 10:51:19

I'm not keen on actual swimming but love Aquafit classes. There's something fantastic about being immersed in water and joyfully jumping about!

Chocolatelovinggran Wed 17-Aug-22 10:53:44

Well, folk, I hope to be joining you soon. My children's 70th birthday present to me was swimming lessons. Very slow progress so far, but I haven't drowned- me, or my teacher...yet.

Fleurpepper Sat 20-Aug-22 17:20:14

Brilliant- good for you Chocolatelg.

Keep us updated smile

varian Sat 20-Aug-22 17:28:31

My next door neighbour had a swimming pond built this year.

8ft deep in the middle, but shallower at the edges. The reeds and other plants around the edges purify the water, in theory but there is some blanket weed.

After the very hot weather the top 6 inches or so felt like a warm bath but underneath it was still quite cold. Very refreshhing.

RichmondPark1 Sat 20-Aug-22 20:15:54

My dad was a swimming teacher Chocolatelovinggran and the oldest person he taught to swim was 90 so you are starting young smile.

I swim in the sea almost every day and love it. Moving shortly and a nearby lido was on my wish list. Swimming outdoors makes me feel young, happy and wild(ish!).

So sad about what the water companies are doing to our rivers and ocean.

ethanbrody02 Mon 22-Aug-22 07:33:52

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Chocolatelovinggran Mon 22-Aug-22 07:48:50

Well, I can put my face in the water, float on my back and do a sort-of-front-crawl ( very splashy don't get too near) but I'm not too good at breathing yet....
However, I am very proud, and very grateful to my patient swimming teacher.
I'll keep practicing and hope to join you all in a pool soon - the sea maybe a little later...

Fleurpepper Wed 24-Aug-22 07:43:09

Good for you. I absolutely admire you for learning and sticking to it. Enjoy.

maxlakonsky Tue 30-Aug-22 12:20:07

I love to swim everywhere: in the pool or sea, or river. It makes me stronger and feels of energy

Fleurpepper Tue 30-Aug-22 14:01:32

Good to read many of you feel that swimming makes you feel better and stronger. And marvellous to read some are learning now. Fantastic.

I am up to my ears in renovation and decorating now, and feel quite frustrated I have not had time to go swimming as often as I'd wished. Will catch up as soon as work finished.

I bought a quite heavy electric bike with a high central bar, and after a couple of operations on my legs, had lost the bottle to get back on. Just bought a second-hand traditonal woman's bicycle, and back in the saddle. Once I feel totally confident on this one, I shall go back to the electric one. Again, making me feel so much better and free. I have found it quite un-nerving to be afraid to get on my bike, as I have natural balance and have cycled since I was a toddler- so it's good to finally get back to it.

mayisay Tue 30-Aug-22 14:10:50

Oh how I envy all you swimmers! I would love to be able to, but despite many lessons, have failed miserably. In my dreams though, I am fantastic!