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ScotGov would like to know your views on female participation in sport and physical activity

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FarNorth Thu 10-Nov-22 09:46:58

ScotGov would like to know your views on female participation in sport and physical activity via this survey.
(Closing date 9.12.22)

Lathyrus Thu 10-Nov-22 10:02:58

I’m put off by all the personal data they want 🙁

paddyann54 Thu 10-Nov-22 10:18:16

I have no problem filling in the survey .If we dont give them our opinions we cant complain when we dont get things done the way we want.
I like this style of government not just a lot of fat white men making decisions for everyone else .We get a say as we should .

Baggs Thu 10-Nov-22 10:49:00

Thanks, farnorth.

FarNorth Thu 10-Nov-22 10:55:09

Name & email address Lathyrus. That's not too personal.

Lathyrus Thu 10-Nov-22 11:09:10

Fraid it is for me. Too much spam already.

FarNorth Thu 10-Nov-22 14:21:53

I don't think the Scottish Government sends spam.

Granny23 Thu 10-Nov-22 15:10:25

I've responded to the survey and included my own 2 favourite ideas.
A) invention and production of a pedal powered (like the old Singer Sewing Machines) hub for computer games i.e - The faster you pedal, the faster you win.
B) Our local Playgroup/Mother & Toddlers, ran a once weekly, tutor-led session for Mother or Grannies & their 3 or 4 year old partners. Great Fun & certainly a good 2 hour workout for the senior partner, Think 'Strip the Willow' with a 3/4 year old on your shoulders [GRIN]

Lathyrus Thu 10-Nov-22 15:15:39

It’ll be processed and passed on.

Aveline Thu 10-Nov-22 15:25:24

I was irritated at once by the requirement to agree that my responses would be published in full. If you don't agree there is an email addresses to contact. As people will be bothered to do that. I've completed lots of previous consultations and this has not been stipulated before.
I'm fussy about questionnaires. The wording and response choices really matter. I'm not going any further with this one.
Mind you it's a case of, 'If in doubt do a consultation as that'll make it look like we're doing something'!

FarNorth Thu 10-Nov-22 18:10:51

I hadn't noticed that Aveline as I was fine with my response being published.
A bit annoying, right enough.

Granny23 Fri 11-Nov-22 09:55:52

I note that I failed to say that the tutor taught us Scottish Country Dancing!!!! Other types of dancing would also work.

Aveline Fri 11-Nov-22 10:52:09

Scottish country dancing is excellent exercise!

FarNorth Sun 13-Nov-22 20:54:02

Here's a link to the submission from Fair Play for Women, to this consultation.

rebel1 Thu 15-Dec-22 09:40:48

I had no issues completing the survey. If we don't express our thoughts to them, we won't be able to whine when things aren't done the way we desire.
I appreciate that our country is not run by a bunch of obese white dudes who decide what the rest of us should do.
We have a voice, as we should.