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The end of a great champion?

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annodomini Sun 16-Jul-23 19:36:01

What a stressful afternoon I've had! First set, a washout for young pretender, Carlos Alcaraz. I almost switched off to do some hoovering. But then, Carlito woke up and took the second set to a tie break which he won. At the end of the third set, Novak Djokovic went for what they euphemistically call a 'bathroom break' after which he leapt into action leading me to wonder what on earth he had been doing in that 'bathroom'. Anyway, to cut a long story short, and after many ups and downs it came to the fifth set, in which the champion was looking a bit jaded, the youngster took the trophy and I made a cup of tea and forgot the hoovering. tennis

J52 Sun 16-Jul-23 19:37:36

It was truly amazing!

NanaDana Sun 16-Jul-23 19:42:44

Yes, I'm also totally drained. Pleased with the result though, but like you, after the first set I thought it might be a short match, so almost took the pooches out for a walk. Pleased I didn't. As for Djoko, I wouldn't write him off just yet, even at 36. Apparently Carlos is even better on clay. What a prospect at 20!

DanniRae Sun 16-Jul-23 19:43:37

We were delighted at the result!! grin

maddyone Sun 16-Jul-23 19:49:39

We were also delighted with the result. I’ve never been able to properly forgive Djokovic for his games and lies over the vaccinations in Australia during Covid. However I thought he was gracious in defeat and whilst he sometimes misbehaves on court, it is said the other players like him and he’s a nice chap.
But well done Carlos. A worthy champion.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 16-Jul-23 19:50:51

I’m afraid I was too nervous to watch after the first set! I left OH to it. I rejigged my recipe folder and made dinner. Chicken casserole with dumplings and a new pudding recipe - chocolate and raspberry steamed pudding. Delicious. The match finished 10 minutes before dinner was ready.

tanith Sun 16-Jul-23 19:58:26

Amazing match I think Djokovic was right when he said the better player won.

vickymeldrew Sun 16-Jul-23 20:14:10

Still can’t get my head around the fact that the women get the same prize money as the men !