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Do you find Boden expensive?

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CanadianGran Sat 22-May-21 22:47:44

We do not have Boden in Canada, but I really love their style, and see links on a few blogs I read. I'm not sure if it is the exchange rate, but I find them quite expensive, almost twice what I would pay for a similar quality of item here.

They do shipping, but have a high minimum purchase in order to get free shipping, and returns are at my cost, so I will have to wait until they open up some shops in Canada, or I ever travel to UK. If wishes were horses...

Do you shop Boden?

BlueBelle Sat 22-May-21 23:16:22

Yes very expensive the reason I ve never bought anything from them

Bodach Sat 22-May-21 23:21:28

They are quite expensive, but they have fairly frequent sales, with substantial reductions.

anna7 Sat 22-May-21 23:28:44

I like Boden because I am tall and they do a long length in dresses and jeans. I love their breton t shirts and have had some of them for years. I have some dresses I have had for several years too. I find all their clothes wash well and don't shrink. I only ever buy when they are on sale though and even then, some items are too expensive for me.

Casdon Sat 22-May-21 23:56:51

I don’t think Boden is expensive compared with comparable brands in the UK, like Joules or White Company for example. They often have discounts, but it’s a game to hang on for as long as possible to get the discount without the things you want selling out in your size. The clothes are good quality, and last for years.

AmberSpyglass Sat 22-May-21 23:57:31

They’re not expensive - I’d say average.

muffinthemoo Sun 23-May-21 00:08:29

I buy stuff for the kids and it wears superbly, so it’s way better value than say M&S stuff for kids which is just terrible.

BBbevan Sun 23-May-21 01:43:05

I used to buy a lot of Boden. For myself and the GCs. But I find them too garish I am not a fan of pattern. I think you can get cheaper and good quality elsewhere.

SueDonim Sun 23-May-21 02:27:28

I’m not really a Boden fan but I’ve seen their stuff for sale in the US, either Macy’s or Nordstrom, I can’t quite recall. That might be worth investigating, if p&p isn't too expensive between the US and Canada.

FannyCornforth Sun 23-May-21 03:24:26

They've always got sales on or discounts codes available.
You'd be very foolish if you paid full price - there is rarely the need.
I don't think of them as expensive.
I like the fact that they have a lot of cotton stuff.
I don't think that they have physical shops, do they?

Shirleyw Sun 23-May-21 07:04:42

I dont find them that expensive and i usually wait for 20% discount, I dont buy full price...that goes for other clothes stores as they all regularly have offers....

kittylester Sun 23-May-21 07:13:50

I like Boden but think they are much better quality than Joules, as are White Stuff, which is why they cost more.

I agree - never pay full price.

BigBertha1 Sun 23-May-21 07:18:27

Given the excellent quality and regular discounts Boden are not expensive. Everything washes well and last beautifully. Classic styling so wearable for years. I buy a few things especially dresses every season.

vegansrock Sun 23-May-21 07:22:39

Cost is relative - it’s more expensive than Primark, but better quality. There’s always a sale or discount code, I got a Breton striped t shirt dress in a decent length for £35 recently- supposedly half price, I wouldn’t have paid £70 but for £35 I thought it a good buy and has already had several wears and washes.

Sara1954 Sun 23-May-21 07:27:58

No not expensive, I buy a lot of things for my grandchildren, and usually wait for them to send me a discount code.
The quality is excellent, our two year old wears her eleven year old sisters clothes, and you would have no idea they weren’t new, still good enough to be passed on again.

Riverwalk Sun 23-May-21 07:29:36

They do have physical shops Fanny.

I buy summer dresses from Boden - I'm short and they do different lengths. The quality is very good and there's often some sort of discount.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 23-May-21 07:51:27

I am a Boden fan, good quality. Love their trousers and linen tops. They do have excellent sales throughout the year.

Kim19 Sun 23-May-21 07:56:04

Think I once saw a shop when I visited Edinburgh.

silverlining48 Sun 23-May-21 07:58:41

Am I alone in finding Boden et al expensive? Suspect the frequent sales are because they need to shift unsold stock. Why not drop prices and they might increase customer base.

NotAGran55 Sun 23-May-21 08:02:01

I think the price point is about right for the quality of the clothes .I buy from them , along with White Stuff , Fat Face and Seasalt and think their stuff is superior quality .

rosie1959 Sun 23-May-21 08:45:41

I don’t find Boden particularly expensive I often get 20% off offers from them As previous poster commented they are on parr with Seasalt and White Stuff which I also like
I really like the Pheobe dress which they now have discounted but it fitted a dream and wasn’t too long as 5”2 I don’t want my dresses down to my ankles

M0nica Sun 23-May-21 09:09:09

The only time I bought from Boden the quality of the clothes I received, was very poor, so I haven't been back. I buy a lot from Fat Face and have just bought a White Stuff t shirt, which I am entirely happy with, but Boden, no.

Maggiemaybe Sun 23-May-21 09:10:28

Yes, I do buy from Boden, both for myself and the DGS. I’ve never paid full price - usually half price or less - and have never been disappointed in the quality or the fit. And now I’m off to see what’s on offer......

Aldom Sun 23-May-21 09:31:34

FannyCornforth Boden can be found in John Lewis, small selection though. I used to use Boden, online regularly and still have two dresses and a top. But these days I don't care for the style and patterns of Boden.

eazybee Sun 23-May-21 10:08:50

I only buy shoes and bags now from Boden but have always found them to be good quality and last well, therefore don't consider them to be too expensive. I am still wearing a pair of black high-heeled shoes that I bought for a friend's sixtieth birthday; she is now seventy-two and it is the feet that are giving out, not the shoes!