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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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All pain, no gain!

3 Coolgran65

Son's birthday and he wants 'jogging pants'?

14 seacliff


13 seacliff

Look Fabulous Forever

30 Peonyrose

East clothing - good news

64 Sara65

QVC - a warning!

26 GabriellaG54

What I miss wearing - age related

150 instagran

Sudden hair loss

30 blondenana

What do YOU wear?

98 Mapleleaf

Bags..large / small?

15 GrannyGravy13

Self tanning

11 aggie

Leg Make up/False Tan recommendations?

3 glammanana

Sun protection for scalp

5 Anneliese63

Permanent make-up eyebrows? Anyone done it?

15 Coolgran65


49 Whingingmom

No more panda

7 Beammeupscottie

Organic beauty products

38 Patsy70

Where do you get your t shirts and tops from

52 Avor2

Crinkly arms

12 EllanVannin

Hand cream

13 Sara65

Tinted moisturiser

11 mosaicwarts

Soon be time to get the toes out!

51 grandma60

Makeup tips on G'net

2 BlueSapphire

Waterproof mascara

11 SirChenjin

A good foundation recommendation please

18 Flossieturner

Chinos with elasticated waist.

24 Nannyme

Skin care

16 kittylester

Peach fuzz on face

17 shysal

Thin hair

59 blondenana

Looking for a ruby pendant, gold chain.

11 Lisa63

Volumiser for thinning fine hair -??

75 Lisa63


6 Lisa63

'Bigs' or 'smalls'?

107 Rufus2

vitamin c serum

3 allassinsane

Acrylic nails.

5 Urmstongran

Look at my new shoes

51 Mapleleaf

'Mother of the groom' outfits

27 GabriellaG54

Looking Good, feeling good.

20 crazyH

Any Primark Fans?

60 Blinko

Question about underwire on bras

28 GabriellaG54

Tummy Flattener

35 Jacinta55

"Just Fashion Now" site

8 GrannyGravy13

Winser London

1 Beammeupscottie

Real women

12 Sara65

Have you found "your style?"

96 lovebeigecardigan...

The sun is out and I look 'orrible.

175 MaddyB

Who likes a man with facial hair?

119 Grandma2213

Tixel skin treatment

2 blondenana

M and S sizing

70 Blinko

RapidLash serum. (Other brands available)

13 shysal