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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Hair & Beauty Recommendations (I’ve got one!) 💋

52 AskAlice

For those of you with grey white silver locks

58 NanaDana

Have you bought glasses online?

9 Kate1949

I thought I looked so wonderful back then

47 Yammy

Alternative Beauty Tips… 💋

36 FannyCornforth

Facials? To have or not to have?

27 silverlining48

Do you wear Slips and/or Petticoats

90 BigBertha1

Lightinthebox - know it?

16 Baggs

Stretching a toe box upwards?

26 Callistemon21

Does anyone influence what you wear?

143 Magrithea

Back fat 😱😱😱

2 Poppyred

What should my husband wear?

61 Farzanah

Hand cream for dry hands

37 YorkLady

Comfortable bra WITH lift AND support!

20 Caleo

Hyaluronic acid vitamin c facial serums

3 Germanshepherdsmum

Outfit for special event - ideas please

90 Blossoming

Hair colour

17 foxie48

Buy Indian Lehenga Choli Online in the United States

2 ParlorGames

Morning Cleanse

7 AreWeThereYet

Eye cream

12 lilypollen

Really, really comfortable shoes… 👞

170 Iam64

That make-up video that's popping up all the time

16 Pittcity

Do you keep separate clothes for house and garden chores?

31 cornergran

Thinning hair solutions

6 FannyCornforth

Thinning hair

40 Llamedos13

Paris Fashion Week - what on Earth is its point?

27 Yammy

Do you remember what your first items of make-up were? (Not sure if this has been discussed before)

67 annodomini

Talking about hats………….light/heavy hearted depending upon how you look at it!

46 Oreo

Swim wear

26 CocoPops

Currentskin LED masks for over 70s

1 mokryna

Sewing fine fabric

12 NotSpaghetti

Using make up for things they’re not meant to be used for….

32 Caleo

Advice on toppers/extensions for fine limp hair

16 Debbi58

Dark under eye circles,concealer recommendations please,

24 AskAlice

Where can I find the latest fashion inspiration and tips for women?

18 MawtheMerrier

Big girl knickers

38 Vintagenonna

Is Your Wardrobe Winter Ready?

31 Barmeyoldbat

Really, really, really dry skin - help!

26 janets1963


12 SuzieHi

Anyone decided to go fully grey from brunette

67 crazyH

Style tips for a size 16 (from a 12)

16 JaneJudge

Vivienne Westwood has died

6 Ashcombe

Why are we so fickle?! I don’t think it’s vanity - is it??

21 M0nica

Jumpers embellished with beads

11 BigBertha1

Dressier house shoes

38 OnwardandUpward

A bit too Bet Lynch?

88 shysal

At last - I could be a style icon!

12 Callistemon21

Make-up for us 'mature' ladies

24 LadySybil

Crepey skin on arms

3 LadySybil

Wigging it

16 MissAdventure