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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Self Tan

33 AuntieEleanorsCat

Does anyone have this Seasalt dress?

16 Shirley48


68 Fleurpepper

Electrolysis for facial hair

19 Floradora9

T shirts that won’t shrink in length

21 AussieGran59

Finding a bra

11 Prentice

Armpit boobs/fat - need a bra

51 Nana56

Brightening Shampoo for Gray Hair

12 Lilliesmum79

Hairdresser in Manchester

8 annsixty

Quick one about hair (pics)

59 AuntieEleanorsCat


21 MarinaL

JS Wear the Difference?

8 kittylester

Clothes for "older" people.

80 Skydancer

Men in shorts

41 M0nica

Don't all rush to buy now!

72 Ladyleftfieldlover

Tanning tips/recommendations for "old" white legs!

52 dahlia

Have you found "your style?"

105 virginia0806

Funeral outfit

33 Katek

What styles will never work for you?

33 Witzend

I find this very annoying!

4 PollyDolly

Dermaplaning facials…. Any good?

1 Ffion63

Hair washing

117 craftycrochet

Just watching Venus Williams..........

6 Allsorts

Short fat hairy legs

12 Shelflife

what colour pedicure?

67 Terryms

Wax strips for bikini line , pain factor?

27 DanniRae

Black eyes

10 Jahseh

Replicate a professional make up

2 Sago

Sister in law's birthday party - what to wear?

35 kittylester

What suits short and fat?

10 Jumblygran

My new Skechers

56 Susie42

Dressing fearlessly: throwing out the style rule book

167 Auntieflo

Long grey hair

65 Stormystar


29 SachaMac

You tube /Instagram Beauty

3 Beshalma

Thinning hair

25 J52

Which hair appliance?

10 lemsip

The perfect outfit for a bad hair day

18 AGAA4

Getting my body ready for Spring!

45 Redhead56

Wrap dresses

35 FoghornLeghorn

Your worst fashion faux pas when young

28 Blondiescot

Summer shoes/sandals for swollen feet?

26 Esspee

Is Elizabeth Arden skin cream any good?

8 lemsip

Makeup help

15 AuntieEleanorsCat

Catherine looking utterly stunning

36 Callistemon21

Tear proof eye liner

4 AskAlice

Walking boots

16 anna7

Vicuña socks

8 henetha

Kit and Kaboodal

5 NotSpaghetti

Where to find pure cotton tshirts

18 Susie42