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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Head scarf type thing?

9 Greymar

Short hair. Any tips on coping during the present time

51 rockgran

Any tips on how to blow dry your own hair

19 Judy54

Do you have a little black dress in your wardrobe

30 BradfordLass73

Is it possible to look 'cool' over 50?

78 Tillydisco

are we all gonna be neanderthal women and men

126 NannyKasey

Long grey hair

47 Flowerette

At home beauty ideas when self isolating?

19 Fennel

Advice on going grey please

15 Hetty58

Makeup and skincare routine

4 Nanna58

Anyone still going to hairdresser?

143 Oopsadaisy3

Which Mascara?

14 Maggie123may

Recovery after illness

6 Dec46

Not so nice'easy!

15 glammanana

Laura Ashley going into administration.

16 mumofmadboys

Lurkers' week: What’s the one beauty/grooming product you can’t live without?

93 Mtc59

Funeral coat?

44 Susie42

Delightful Dungaree rediscovery

42 MissAdventure

Lurkers’ week: What’s your favourite piece of clothing?

67 littleowl

What cosmetics did your mother use?

103 CanadianGran

What are your top 5 beauty items that you can't do without ?

115 PinkBanana

Love Cami Sleeves :)

2 Lavazza1st

QVC fashion

10 Marydoll

Pond's Cold Cream - a childhood memory

84 silverlining48

The Makeoverguy

3 harrysgran


17 Grammaretto

Advice Please - swimsuit

19 NfkDumpling

10 years younger

2 Deedaa

Shooshing Cream

32 Wake

Prai neck cream

2 NotAGran55

What makeup do you prefer (if any)?

57 HettyMaud

Sonic cleansers for face?

4 Esspee

25% off Joules for them wi' a few quid

10 NotTooOld

Do you know of a mascara that colours without bits?

24 Dee1012

Frizzy Hair

9 NotTooOld

A Frankie Bergstein dress!

19 GagaJo

Outfit for informal wedding

67 Callistemon

Just can’t find jeans to fit anywhere!

47 Newquay

stripping dye from hair

19 TrendyNannie6

Do you hanker after a dress you just missed buying?

18 Deedaa

I seem to smell of mould!

50 JackyB

Good on line sites?

20 MawB

Goodbye to Boots Seventeen

18 TrendyNannie6

Ideas to add body to fine limp

66 Jane43

Have you found "your style?"

98 Susie42

Very dry (red) skin on face. Any tips?

30 Marelli

Moisturiser for dry sensitive skin

82 MawB

Ponytail at my age?

72 mike28939

wearing make-up

196 mike28939


1 Saxifrage