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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Have you found "your style?"

97 jewelrymaster

Silk Underskirts

15 Buffybee

Grey bras

26 NotSpaghetti

Tip the hairdresser? Should I?

45 Harris27

Do you know of a mascara that colours without bits?

23 travelsafar

Short Hair

58 goldengirl

Colouring my own hair . Help!

69 annep1

Clothes and vanity sizing

2 jemisha198

What to wear while walking the dog.

29 Shelmiss

Lipstick bleed

8 luluaugust

I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself but.....

41 GagaJo

How many pairs of boots do you consider reasonable?

75 Davida1968

What hairspray?

12 Happiyogi

false eyelashes.

58 GagaJo

Beauty tips

18 Winniewit

Horizontal split nails

2 Newatthis

Eyelash alert ! Anybody used serums?

72 jonesdaisy

Bon Marche in trouble!

28 Floradora9

Growing out the hair dye

8 Mrst1405

Jo Malone

24 Daisymae

Fleece pantyhose!? Has anyone ever tried these?

23 Hetty58

When wearing makeup becomes important

97 jacq10

Christmas Jumpers Yay or Nay

95 Nortsat46

Anyone bought glasses from Glasses direct

17 Gonegirl

Moisturiser for dry sensitive skin

80 lucky77

Make-up and perfume for preteens, suggestions please.

88 Ellianne

St Michael

6 Calendargirl

Hold ups

25 BradfordLass72

Say 'pooh' to facials

8 M0nica

Winter boots - cosy, waterproof and non-slip?

24 Patsy70

M and S axe it’s Classic Range !

115 Jane10

Manicure or pedicure ?

13 Charleygirl5


59 TrendyNannie6


3 Missfoodlove

Uniform or wear soemthing different everyday?

58 jaylucy

Faux Fur Coats

23 NanTheWiser


19 Auntieflo

Plain coloured warmish tunic

3 grapefruitpip

Eucryl Toothpowder brilliant

6 Callistemon

Matte eye shadow

16 Teetime

Perfume advice please

18 rishabhb398

Shampoo and Set anyone?

37 HeyTheree

Vertical split nails

3 HappyBumbleBee

Slits - or “does my bum look big in this?”

52 SueDonim

Barbour Jacket

13 Hetty58

Evening in Paris

16 seadragon

Top picks for petites

21 M0nica

Wrinkles- what has happened?

95 JackyB

this might help somebody?

5 grapefruitpip


9 MiniMoon