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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Return of padded shoulders

5 ayse

Love leggings...

13 MayBee70

Tights, forgotten how uncomfortable they are!

121 MayBee70

The perfect white 100% cotton t shirt

11 annodomini

Best shampoo for thin hair.

10 Elusivebutterfly

Strappy tops

7 Daisydaisydaisy

Face cream.

2 Grandmadinosaur

Chub rub

21 LucyLocket55

What do you think of Ameliorate products for flaking skin?

4 blondenana

Hand gel and nail varnish.

2 Flexagon

Morning dress

75 Daisend1


13 Hetty58

Need a new hair style

23 Hetty58

Shirt Collars

4 Gabrielle56

Ditsy dresses

38 JenniferEccles


39 FannyCornforth

Social Media

8 M0nica


94 Kate1949

New Shoes

37 fairfraise

Shirt collars

2 H1954


33 blondenana

Help bras and jeans

19 nadateturbe

Double chins and hairstyles

29 storynanny

Shampoo bars

13 JillEH

Hair chalk

19 NanKate

Shoes ever again?

54 CanadianGran

Do/would you wear second hand clothes?

131 M0nica

Face cream or moisturiser?

47 henetha

Fitflop loafers

24 MikeThomas

Lifting wrinkles

46 BlueBelle


38 Scrapgranny

Has anyone bought clothes from this company - Dealseamew?

7 Polly12

To wear shorts out and about or just at home?

60 LauraNorder

Walking sandals

14 Shelflife

Is it time to go grey?

65 colin893

Foot peel masks

21 Trisha57

Forgiving trousers?

56 Jodieb

Grey Hair advice from gransnet

3 M0nica

Self Tan

29 Lilypops

Making your own cosmetics

10 TwinLolly

Morning dress

9 Callistemon

A ‘dressy’ do I can’t get out of - help!

32 Visgir1

Midi (maxi) dress for a short person.

32 Amberone

Comfortable cotton crops

23 Whitewavemark2

Lines around lips

17 mokryna

Jewellery Chat Please! 👑

76 Harmonypuss

no-hooks bra

16 Margiknot

Vests in May

37 mokryna

Just got some lovely sheepskin boots (for slippers) but too tight!

32 draperus

Il Makiage - have you tried it?

10 Willow500