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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Morchari Sarees | Best Quality Ladies Clothes In Barabazar, Kolkata

3 RosiesMaw

Mature skin

96 M0nica

What do you wear Christmas Day, actively hosting?

40 Norah

False eyelashes!

66 Lexisgranny

Shower soap

39 coco12

Looking for a really good foundation

54 Ramblingrose22

Are ebay Living Proof products genuine?

5 Deedaa

Saggy bottomed and bobbly joggers

28 Callistemon21

Curling tongs anyone?

15 NotAGran55

Dressing gowns

45 Oreo

Amazing discovery on bras

53 PinkCosmos

Hairdressers price increase - can’t afford to keep hair colour up

66 Dogsarefamily

What Size is Petite Really?

2 TillyTrotter


7 Greyisnotmycolour

Another updo thing

2 Skydancer

Granddaughter with tangly hair

30 Supernana1

Ideas please “festival vibe”

26 PetraRomano

A new look

54 Greyisnotmycolour

High street real leather mini skirt

22 LucyAnna

Sorting out my makeup stash

18 NotSpaghetti

Stylish Rucksack to help RA pain?

47 Maremia

Updos/putting hair up...

12 Callistemon21

Style inspiration 70+

163 Marydoll

Mindful shopping - when you know exactly what you want -but

65 M0nica

How to deal with brown pigments

4 Pudding123

Collagen supplements

3 Greyisnotmycolour

What to wear at ABBA Voyage?

19 Casdon

Beautiful grey hair!

47 silvercollie

Dark spots on face

34 Mypennyfarthing41

Thinning hair

46 Daisydaisydaisy

Anyone tried microneedling to stimulate new cells and reduce wrinkles

39 SGBoo


49 Primrose53

Nail strengthening

63 Latachaudhary

Curly Hair Chat 👩‍🦱

80 NanKate

Are serums worth it?

45 Bella23

M&S have upped their game at last

65 Maya1

Winter Boots

33 Holsterdal

Jeans 😩

16 M0nica

Curl confusion and diffusion

6 J52

Looking for traditional style nighties with buttons for relative in care home

8 BigBertha1

M&S high waisted ‘cosy’ jeggings, back in stock, in case anyone else is a fan!

3 V3ra

Disappearing eyebrows

49 Primrose53

Big waisted trousers?

23 Callistemon21

Any hairdressers able to give advice please?

4 Coolgran65

Very red skin on eyelids and under eyes

11 crazyH

How many perfumes do you have?

185 Deedaa

Wearing a wig, how to keep it on

20 AbsoluteGlow

High SPF moisturiser to wear under makeup

27 Nannashirlz

Sick of stripes!

65 Hetty58

Joanna Lumley hair colour.

87 Skydancer