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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Stretchy Fabric trainers

10 Gwyneth


61 JadeOlivia

Side zips in trousers

67 grannie62

Biker boots!

82 Marydoll

Ear-rings and masks

20 mrsmopp

Advise on thin hair and nails please!

30 lizzajohnson10

Grey mascara?

6 25Avalon

Is longer hair on a 69 year old ok?

132 Summerfly

Matching sets of lingerie

118 DanniRae

Does anyone use a foot spa at home?

45 Baloothefitz

Snaggly teeth?

39 Luckylegs


17 Blossoming


6 Trisha57

Woolovers jumper

25 Fennel

Long grey hair

54 crazy3

Lifting wrinkles

44 SynchroSwimmer

between-washes heat protection spray

2 petra

Any hairdressers out there? Need advice, please.

14 Yiayia4

Anyone tried Viviscal for fine hair?

9 blondenana

Upper Eyelift Surgery - had it done a year ago

34 ExD

Lipstick colour discontinued

26 lizzajohnson10

Stylish jogging bottoms?

91 sodapop

Facial redness due to Lupus.

13 Kalu

What colours to wear

13 clementine


37 lizzajohnson10

^Purple Fans^ Clothing, anyone heard of them?

5 BlueBelle

Have you found "your style?"

99 godamwale

Brands we have loved and lost?

127 biba70

Help, very thick bushy frizzy hair.... At a loss what to do.

56 stevelouis

Mascara recommendation.

47 FlyingHxndbag

Skin nasties 😡😳🤯 how do I decide??

14 Jumblygran

T-shirt style and beauty ;)

63 BTS2000

All this 'how to be stylish' advice.

90 M0nica

Perfume advice please

22 genie10

A good hairdresser in derby/shire?

8 Itsnell

Long jumpers, pref plain and polo neck, to wear with leggings?

11 Marydoll

Eyelash alert ! Anybody used serums?

76 lizzajohnson10

'Bigs' or 'smalls'?

108 Iwish80

Bon marche

16 merlotgran

Seasalt and others

27 NfkDumpling

Cotswold collections

3 Auntieflo

Disintegrating Hotter Shoes

26 Doodle

Will never wear a normal bra again!

108 Esspee

Fashion brands for Cool Gransnetters!

71 sparklingsilver28

Not too old for a denim jacket!

112 Sparkling

How many pairs? (Ankle boots again)

71 Sparkling

leather jackets

31 joedenly

Cosmetic surgery without involving a scalpel? 🤓

5 Esspee

Slippers and Shoes, I despair!

21 MawB2

Disappointing Expensive Beauty Product

104 Naninka