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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Duchess of C

47 maddyone

Menopausal apple shaped = big belly HELP!

20 Hetty58

Suggestions Please? Need new 'Non-allergic' Hair Colour

17 annep1

Lightweight fleece

15 BBbevan

Perm or what?

4 petra

Going grey

19 winterwhite

Beauty tips

14 domi001

Has anyone?........😬

8 oldgimmer1

TCS Dental Procedure

1 Jube2

Skirt Pleats

5 Jube2

Perfume advice please

15 omega1

Help... I need a hairpiece/wig

29 blondenana

“You’re not going out dressed like THAT? “

79 Jaxie

Bags..large / small?

34 Noanana

I wouldn't be seen dead wearing XXXX .... and why?

122 Oopsminty

Allergic to eye make up

36 jura2

What on earth to wear to wedding?

35 rishabhb398

Graca Machel

5 Grannyknot

Help! My hair has the texture of Candy Floss!

57 SirChenjin


4 grapefruitpip


157 Deedaa

Summer’s over! (I hope)

65 luluaugust

Throwing clothes away

27 Nannyxthree

wrinkly neck!

30 GabriellaG54

Cotton Socks

34 Shizam

Teeth whitening kits.

11 Patsy70

How to look expensive on a budget

53 Grammaretto

What counts as “old lady clothes” nowadays?

279 Sara65

Bizarre beauty trend sees women glue their top lip to achieve a plumper pout

14 EllanVannin

Scars and spider veins

6 lemongrove

Crepey arms

24 Lazigirl

Autumn/Winter styling.

89 NanKate

Where do you get your t shirts and tops from

60 blondenana

A good foundation recommendation please

25 PamelaJ1

Good eye contour cream for itchy lids?

2 MiniMoon

Hair colour

38 GabriellaG54

Deodorant recommendation

12 vena11

I've got the hair, but not the face!

38 barbaranrod

strange perhpas- but can getting older and less good looking help in some ways?

97 BradfordLass72

Does “Smart casual” have to be an oxymoron?

17 Nannyxthree

Are clothes manufacturers to blame for the rise in obesity?

123 Hetty58

wearing make-up

192 Callistemon

Eyelash alert ! Anybody used serums?

69 jura2

Solid shampoo - have you tried ?

94 TwinLolly

Well done M&S

11 Sara65

10 - 20 years time ?

6 LullyDully

Wide feet dilemma

24 GabriellaG54

wedding hat

27 Tangerine

Economy or extravagance

53 GrannyLiv

Hideously ugly trousers!

10 annsixty