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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Regaine for hair loss

44 blondenana

Pleased with Seasalt!

29 Puzzler61

A summer top recommendation.

47 NanKate

Crepey neck

7 Teetime

Jeggings too tight now. What's next?

21 4allweknow

Eyebrows rampant, appointment cancelled 😢

14 PamelaJ1

I seem to have gone from Judi Dench to Camilla 😧

48 Milo27

Help! Going to a trendy bar/club - what to wear?!!!

33 MerylStreep

Fashionable but not mutton dressed as lamb

43 Greeneyedgirl

Ding - Dong , Avon calling

36 blondenana

Facial hair!!

21 vampirequeen

Back view

3 Chewbacca

T-shirt style and beauty ;)

62 potter4257

Hot hair styling brushes

25 J52

Long grey hair

51 dianalouis

Stains on wedding outfit

1 Elliebeth

A wardrobe challenge! 😊

24 Coolgran65

Rotating brush or non-rotating brush?

13 glammanana

Best beauty brands for older skin? Recommendations please?

92 Neva2bananna

How many beige clothes do you have?

149 Casdon

Something to thicken hair

27 Jane43

No more hair colour

112 Cabbie21

Making Face Masks

27 fevertree

Loose fit cotton baggy t shirts and tops for a fat tummy

44 PattyFingers

Baby Feet

4 paddyanne


4 rafichagran

Best fitting bra

17 P1234

Makeup and skincare routine

17 Teetime

Are Birkenstops worth the money?

27 Marydoll

Cosmetic con

49 Greeneyedgirl

No {sham}poo. Has any one else tried it?

41 Babyshark

Suggestions for attractive clothes wanted

106 Grammaretto

Eye wrinkles

6 Hetty58

Cotton trousers elasticated waist

12 AshleighJHale

Best skin care for wrinkles?

5 alltheglitterglue


19 Shirleyw

Advise on thin hair and nails please!

16 lizaparkerwriter

Sudden hair loss

49 blondenana

No sting sunscreen

11 morethan2

Unexpected PINK hair - expected grey...

5 Namsnanny

Short hair

36 Lillian40

Delightful Dungaree rediscovery

43 Revolucion

Shampoo is salon shampoo worth it?

26 Dorsetcupcake61

Eyelash dye

3 Purplepeony


16 Ealdemodor

Make-up revival.

20 V3ra

swimwear and a really potruding tummy

15 Hellomonty

Has anyone tried the "twist & snip" on their fringe?

75 Fennel

Out of fashion or sensible?

60 Skweek1

Any beauticians out there?

60 Corryanna