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Decent foundation at a reasonable price - any recs. please.

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HowdidIgetthisold12 Wed 28-Sep-22 15:23:30

Okay, I'm 70, I've been taking a high dose of steroids for two and a half years, now down to a very low dose but it hasn't done my skin any favours.
I currently use Max Factor and always have done but find it's a bit claggy so am looking for something to give me a bit of a glow and also goes on nicely. I'm sure you get what you pay for but really can't afford anything too pricey. TIA
Also am wondering if you all use brushes now? is it better way to put make up on do you think?

Nanna58 Wed 28-Sep-22 15:35:34

Hi, I don’t wear foundation so can’t help with that, but can say that my skin n was improved so much ch by retinol that I don’t need it , might be worth a try . ?

Georgesgran Wed 28-Sep-22 15:35:54

If you want to get away from liquids - try Laura Geller. It’s a powder, goes on with a brush, then ‘turns’ into a cream. It gives a natural coverage and can even be applied without a mirror. I get mine from QVC - look on their website, try it and if you don’t like it, send it back for a refund.

Allsorts Wed 28-Sep-22 15:39:33

Hi Nanna58, can I ask where you buy your retinol from please. I’ve tried products with it in but I can’t see the difference, imagine there is the tiniest amount in skin creams.

NanKate Wed 28-Sep-22 22:04:26

For advice on applying makeup try watching on YouTube videos by Tricia Cusden. She is the founder of Look Fabulous Forever a brand of makeup for older women.

I’ve found that putting Garnier Facial Oil with Lavender on my face morning and night has really improved the surface of my skin. You can buy it in Boots or Superdrug.

BigBertha1 Wed 28-Sep-22 22:33:05

It's sounds to me that a primer might stop the cleanliness and help your base go on more smoothly. Many people used brushed now but you waste a lot of product. Sponges work quite well...I still just use my fingers to get a light targeted coverage. I like Nars or Bobbi Brown but they are not the cheapest

Humbertbear Thu 29-Sep-22 07:09:54

L’Oreal True Match comes in umpteen shades and is quite light. I often just use No7 tinted moisturiser with a translucent powder.

Ashcombe Thu 29-Sep-22 07:18:25

Another recommendation for No. 7 foundation which seems to create a glow, specifically the Essentially Natural range which gives a light coverage. The assistants in Boots are very helpful and will advise on which shade would suit your skin.

rosie1959 Thu 29-Sep-22 07:30:14

I tend now to only use foundation when I am going out in the evening. My go to product is Clarins flash balm for daily use it is relatively expensive but a tube will last for ages. Superdrug do a fair alternative to this in their Radiance balm which is much cheaper.
For foundation I use No7 tinted moisturiser mixed with a little flash balm. A good primer helps again I have found Clarins instant smooth covers well but No 7 do some pretty good alternatives
I do use a brush sometimes but my fingers usually do a better job

Grandmadinosaur Thu 29-Sep-22 07:57:03

I use Clinique Super Balanced foundation. For the last year or so I have found they are low on stock at my local Boots. That’s the only place locally I can buy it now after losing 2 department stores.

I like the sound of the No 7 and Laura Gellar so I might give those a try. Thanks for sharing Ash and Georgesgran

J52 Thu 29-Sep-22 08:53:37

I’m another Clarins fan and use the Flash Balm as a primer.
The consultants are very generous with samples, if you purchase something. At the moment there is a free make up bag filled with products if you buy two items of skincare. Go on line to see what might be the cheapest, before shopping!
At the other end of the scale, my day to day foundation is Rimmel Lasting Radience, it gives a lovely glow and contains SPF 25 to protect against sun damage.

CazB Fri 04-Nov-22 16:37:00

I often use Rimmel BB lotion. It's cheap, goes on smoothly and just as good as expensive ones imo.