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High street real leather mini skirt

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Curling Tue 24-Oct-23 14:49:50

I still prefer to buy in person, from a high street shop.

Does anyone know of a high street chain/shop currently selling black or brown real leather mini skirts?

I am checking the charity shops also.

Blossoming Tue 24-Oct-23 15:02:26

No, those sort of shops are usually in back streets.

Joseann Tue 24-Oct-23 15:07:54

Whistles have some.

Curling Tue 24-Oct-23 15:08:39

Not necessarily. A few years ago Marks and Sparks and Debenhams had them.

AreWeThereYet Tue 24-Oct-23 15:42:47

M&S and Next both have one I think. Even Sainsbury has one online - don't know if they are in store though.

RosiesMaw Tue 24-Oct-23 16:00:58

I would be very sceptical of the provenance of real leather garments unless at a very high price, possibly even then.
I have read that dog skin is regularly used in China where dogs of course feature in their meat trade and fur trimmings are, as often as not, cat.
I always used to love leather and real suede jackets and coats but faux is fine for me.

rosie1959 Tue 24-Oct-23 16:12:51

Debenhams has one

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 24-Oct-23 16:22:18

Same here RosiesMaw. Donkey and horse hides are used too, once the animals have ceased to be useful. I check the provenance of leather items as best as I can. Something coming from Asia or India, to give just two examples, would be a complete no-no for me. Price is a good indicator before you see the label.

Talking of cat fur, I still have, for sentimental reasons, a little Father Christmas figure which belonged to my granny - his small white beard is almost certainly cat fur. I think of that each Christmas when I get it out.

AreWeThereYet Tue 24-Oct-23 16:24:36

So sorry - most of the ones I mentioned were faux leather. The only places I've seen real leather is M&S and House of Leather, but I don't think there are many House of Leather shops.

Joseann Tue 24-Oct-23 16:33:43

I think shops like Reiss, Hobbs, Jigsaw might be a good start.

Sago Tue 24-Oct-23 16:53:17

Lakeland have some.

Theexwife Tue 24-Oct-23 17:11:03

Look on Vinted, they have a lot of them.

Enid101 Tue 24-Oct-23 17:18:25

Mint Velvet have some gorgeous leather skirts

Curling Tue 24-Oct-23 21:51:20

Wow! Maybe I am better off sticking to Vintage, instead of shops nowadays pulling the wool over our eyes with which animal skin/leather they use.

I remember it being mentioned on TV a few years ago that real fur was being marketed as faux fur, to sell to unsuspecting customers.

For those of you who still wear real leather minis, rather than knee lengths,what age are you? I am in my 50's and still want one.

LucyAnna Tue 24-Oct-23 21:56:00

So you want to know how old people are that wear leather mini skirts? hmm

Curling Tue 24-Oct-23 22:04:34

No. I really like them, but wondering if some may think 50's is pushing it a bit for one.

RosiesMaw Tue 24-Oct-23 22:09:20


So you want to know how old people are that wear leather mini skirts? hmm

I'm afraid I would not be seen dead in a leather mini skirt!
(But I haven't worn a mini skirt in whatever material since the 1970's )
A suede midi skirt might possibly tempt me but I don't like my legs so don't possess a skirt in any shape or form any more. It's not my age (75) that's relevant, it's just not my style

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 24-Oct-23 22:37:22

Same here RosiesMaw. It’s not a matter of age, rather whether you have the looks, figure and legs for it. And of course what you wear with it makes a big difference to whether it looks stylish or, dare I say, tarty.

Dee1012 Tue 24-Oct-23 22:39:38


No. I really like them, but wondering if some may think 50's is pushing it a bit for one.

I honestly think age is largely irrelevant...if you like something and it makes you happy/ feel good, I'd say wear it!
A colleague wears mini skirts...she teams them with opaque tights and flattish boots. Looks great.

Curling Tue 24-Oct-23 23:46:15

I admit. They can look tarty if worn with fishnets, high heels, heavy makeup, but I plan on toning one down.

Curling Sun 29-Oct-23 18:02:14

I bought a knee length leather skirt in a charity shop today.

It is lovely and in fact, I am not sure a mini is such a great idea for me now.

LucyAnna Sun 29-Oct-23 18:32:29

Oh, Curling, you are a one!