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Suelondon Thu 25-Feb-21 14:35:24

I'm starting chemo soon and want to be prepared, so can anyone recommend an online wig site? Obviously I would rather go to a wig seller but given the situation re the pandemic this won't be possible.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 25-Feb-21 14:44:57

Hello Sue I got one from Paula Young, 9 Fenning Street London SE1 3QR. You can order by post and pay by cheque. If you google them you can find more details. They can send a catalogue and there's loads to choose from. I think there's also a guide about how to measure your head so it's a good fit. I was very pleased with mine. Best of luck with the chemo.

Welshwife Thu 25-Feb-21 15:19:01

When I had Chemo I went to a hair treatment place where they dealt with all sorts of hair loss. After much looking at things I bought a wig which fitted OK and came home and waited for my hair to fall out - which it did completely. When I came to wear the wig I found it so uncomfortable and despite wearing a thing like the top of a stocking underneath it moved - all most uncomfortable. As I only went to places where people knew I was having the chemo I ditched the wig and just wore far more comfortable turbans. I still have the wig tucked away in it’s box - my new hair is slightly darker than before and has a bit of a curl in it still. It is however not as thick as it was.

Welshwife Thu 25-Feb-21 15:19:49

Meant to say - good luck with the chemo - just keep looking to the end of the treatment.

Fennel Thu 25-Feb-21 15:37:45

This is an american website which has a good range of headcoverings at good prices and reliable deliveries :
Thank God I didn't use them for chemo treatment but for other reasons.
Sue wishing you bon courage and a speedy recovery.

Susie42 Fri 26-Feb-21 10:28:43

Check with the hospital as when I had chemo they arranged for me to see a wig specialist at the hospital. Also the NHS pay some of the cost of a wig so it's worth making enquiries.

Like Welshwife I didn't wear my wig very much as it felt like wearing a dead rat on my head. All I would say is, if and when you start losing your hair, have it all cut off and just wear scarves/turbans. Perhaps I was lucky as my hair started growing again very quickly and I really liked it when it got to about an inch or just a bit longer.

Also check to see if your hospital uses the Look Better Feel Good charity which gives great advice on coping with skin problems, make up, etc. during treatment.

Wishing you well for your treatment.
I hope your treatment goes well

Suelondon Fri 26-Feb-21 14:12:22

Thank you for the info.

MissAdventure Fri 26-Feb-21 14:29:45

My daughter saw 2 volunteers (at the hospital) from 'Headstrong' before starting chemo.
They let her try on different wigs, and showed her how to tie scarves in different ways.

Perhaps the hospital you'll be going to may have similar.
She did find it very helpful, and I think they also sold wigs at reduced prices.

It might be worth contacting the hospital to see if they have a similar thing.

Good luck! thanks

MerylStreep Fri 26-Feb-21 15:33:00

I bought mine last year ( in lockdown)
To cut down the amount of time I spent in the shop we did a FaceTime before where they could see me and then brought out several wigs to see what I liked.
Then we made the appointment for me to go to the shop.
I was the only one there with the assistant. Everything was fine.

phoenix Fri 26-Feb-21 18:45:43

Agree with some previous posts, chemo unit can refer you, and they will be specialist providers.