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Growing0ldDisgracefully Mon 04-Apr-22 14:36:46

Can I ask the advice of grans who wear makeup please? I know many of you don't wear any, but some of us need a little bit of help with our natural assets!

I have seen Internet adverts for a UK cosmetics company who produce make-up for women 50+, called Violet Jordan. It is more expensive than my usual budget brands (more aimed at teenagers and 20 somethings - don't think I can fool myself about that any more!).

Has anyone tried this or similar products. Any comments or recommendations?

A lot of these products for mature ladies seem to promote that their products will give you a 'glow' but I want to avoid the result I saw on a colleague at work who possibly had bought something like this for mature ladies but ended up looking like she was having a power surge - flushed and with a shiny face.

Also looking for something which doesn't transfer onto clothing or someone else in the near vicinity!

Over to the collective wisdom on here

FannyCornforth Mon 04-Apr-22 15:06:24

Look Fabulous Forever has recently had very positive feedback on here.
There was a thread about it, around a week ago.
I know exactly what you mean about ‘glow’, and even worse, ‘shimmer’! shock

Deedaa Mon 04-Apr-22 15:23:58

I use Aldi's BB cream which gives a very light cover with a touch of blusher (might be Maybelline but the name has rubbed off) a light dusting of colourless powder (with a brush) and a touch of an Aldi highlighter. i use an eyebrow gel but my friend, who has lost most of her eyebrows, had hers microbladed with very good results. I don't often wear eyeshadow or mascara because my eyes get quite itchy sometimes.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Wed 06-Apr-22 13:02:50

Thank you for your suggestions. I will investigate Aldi first, as that sounds like my budget!
I think what has drawn me to the product I mentioned, is that it is being advertised as items which have multi purposes and very quick to apply., so not many different things to buy.

mktechseo Wed 06-Apr-22 14:30:02

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BigBertha1 Wed 06-Apr-22 14:46:00

For me its about having healthy skin to apply make up to so I have done the cleanse tone nourish thing night and morning for 30 odd years and I think it pays. Also good nutrition lots of fruit and veg. After that most make up ranges offer different formulations. Weekdays I stick to tinted moisturiser, mascara and bit of lipstick- buy the brand you like and can afford.

AreWeThereYet Wed 06-Apr-22 17:21:43

I have never used any of these so I may be completely wrong here but I don't understand the need for make up for 'mature' skin - my skin is dryer than when I was younger so I use products for dry skin. Regardless of brand or who they are aimed at. Whatever brand you use you need to try products out to see whether they suit your skin. I don't use the fashionable matte skin products because they make me look like I am dead, but that applies to all brands too. I think the way they are applied to older faces may be different but most brands cater for all sorts these days. And often more cheaply than the 'special' stuff for more mature faces. So what is special about these products please?

Luckylegs Sun 10-Apr-22 14:43:21

I’m a convert to Trinny London and have bought quite a lot of it now. You can use the same pot if you like for eye makeup, cheeks and lips. It all has staying power. I love the light moisturising foundations which give you a bit of a glow. I’d certainly recommend it all. They’ve just branched out into exfoliators etc which are more expensive but everyone who’ve used them thoroughly recommend them. An idea?

nadateturbe Sun 10-Apr-22 15:01:26

I use Boots no 7. Moisturiser after cleansing with Simple wipes. Then tinted moisturiser or foundation. A little mascara, light colour lipstick, and a blemish stick for dark marks at eyes. Most days I don't bother with lipstick and I don't use anything except moisturiser if I'm not going out. I have a gloss highlighter thing but I rarely use it.
I feel better with a little makeup. But just a little.

Audi10 Sun 10-Apr-22 15:20:57

Agree with every word bigbertha

Yammy Sun 10-Apr-22 19:26:45

I go by the saying less is more as I get older.
I seem to be turning more to sticks bought by DDs usually Clinique.
Lightly tinted moisturizer with sunblock, pinky blusher, eyeshadow in a taupe colour, mascara, very fine eyeliner, brow tint as mine are invisible.
Lastly, a present to myself a Chanel lip tint which lasts about two minutes.
I cleanse with micellar water always have done and find supermarket brands just as good as expensive and a light moisturiser gel morning and night.
If I wear face powder I get told I look as if I have had a tour of a Carr's flour mill by DH
I did buy the new Chanel blusher much to DD's delight as it is like coloured vaseline and she can't wait to get her hands on it.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Mon 11-Apr-22 12:42:06

Ooh some more helpful suggestions, thank you all. I hadn't heard of Trinny London so will have a look.

NotTooOld Mon 05-Dec-22 16:49:15

Rejuvenated this thread as I am currently beseiged by ads for the Violet Jordan Glow and Go set of makeup sticks for mature women/people (see what I did there?} The set comprises three sticks, dew, berry and pearl (?) and I wondered what they are like? Are they worth the money? I am very tempted but the set is £31 and, I believe, postage is another £4, so not cheap. The appeal is simplicity and speed of application! Has anyone tried it? Would you recommend?

Emelle Mon 05-Dec-22 17:06:15

I bought the Violet Jordan Dew stick but have not been impressed by it. It is quite difficult to apply and doesn't seem to make a difference so I have gone back to Studio 10 Bloom and Glow which does seem to give me a lift.
I will have a look at Trinny London as well.

BlueBalou Mon 05-Dec-22 17:16:44

I wear No 7 Intelligent foundation in medium, it blends into your skin beautifully. It has a lovely silky finish. It’s often on Amazon as well.
I also wear Clinique mascara and a touch of neutral lipstick.

MayBee70 Mon 05-Dec-22 17:55:18

I didn’t wear make up throughout the pandemic and had such a shock when I did apply some, because my usual make up looked awful. My eyes lids have gone really crinkly and my sparse eyebrows are now virtually non existent. The shadows under my eyes are awful, too. They’re just sunken hollows. Someone did mention on another thread that I should switch from Touche Eclat to another concealer and they’re right. It’s still good for photos but as a concealer it doesn’t help. I realised that I wasn’t putting moisturiser on my eyelids ( I’ve always just put it underneath) and that’s helped. I do use a very light tinted moisturiser and always have done and realised that it’s best to put blusher just beneath the cheekbones rather than on the cheeks. I, too keep getting adverts for make up aimed at older women. I bought the eyebrow tint from Look Fabulous Forever but it’s far too severe. Added to this my eyesight is so bad that even if I use a magnifying mirror I can’t quite see what I’m doing. I keep thinking if that ‘panda eyes’ scene in The Favourite. I’ve also got an ear ring problem but I’ll start another thread about that.

Coolgran65 Mon 05-Dec-22 19:10:17

I think that having your eyebrows professionally waxed and trimmed makes all the difference. Having blonde eyebrows I use Avon Glimmersticks for eyebrows in shade blonde. It's perfect as my eyebrows otherwise disappear.
Light brown eyeshadow, Brown mascara, a light touch of pencil eyeliner gently 'smudged' with a fine brush. Rimmel lipstick shade Amethyst. Elizabeth Arden foundation Honey Beige. All cheaper from Amazon.
I wear makeup every day. I'm 73. I look poorly without it.

AussieGran59 Mon 05-Dec-22 22:00:45

Covergirl Olay foundation, Rimmel blush, W7 brow crayon ( just a sweep fills in my very sparse brows), W7 The Nudes eyeshadow, Maybelline eyeliner and Guerlain mascara. None of these are expensive and they create a natural look. Skin care? Cetaphil cleanser and Neutrogena oil free moisturiser.
Would rather buy more dresses with the money saved by using these products. I have used expensive brands but keep going back to these favourites.
Coolgran, I also look ill without makeup.

AussieGran59 Mon 05-Dec-22 22:08:14

A dermatologist at the hospital I worked at commented on my good skin. He said how unusual it was to see someone with unlined skin in Australia. I said wearing makeup and a base with spf 30 might be the reason. He agreed. Said it wasn’t true that makeup ‘clogged the pores’ and was protective as long as you cleanse well each night.

Wyllow3 Mon 05-Dec-22 22:18:47

Was attracted by the Neutrogena oil free moisturiser as like Neutrogena products and it costs about the same as my M n S moisteriser but doesn't have the SP factor in for day cream? But want to move from the M n S stuff as always leaves a shiny look.

AussieGran59 Mon 05-Dec-22 23:29:28

Wyllow3, it does have spf15 in the oil free fragrance free one. Or maybe it’s only here and not the same in UK?

AussieGran59 Mon 05-Dec-22 23:32:28

I also hate the shiny look and I find that products specifically designed for mature skin do this to me and cause breakouts.

glammanana Tue 06-Dec-22 10:36:57

I have used Pure BB cream from "H&Bargains every day after washing with "Simple Cleanser" for a dewy finish it is so cheap and as good as any of the expensive options I have used it for years and only yesterday was complimented on how good my skin looked you don't have to pay a fortune for a good product.

LadySybil Tue 06-Dec-22 10:52:58

In some ways as I have got older my skin has got better - no spots any more. I now use tinted moisturiser - would have been too greasy when younger but it now looks good on my slightly drier skin. I use more creamy eye shadows and blushers where when younger I wore powder ones. I think mid range makeups like body shop and no 7 are just as good as the dear ones. I try to use creamy makeup removers too now