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Anyone watch "Glow Up"

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biglouis Tue 24-May-22 02:38:12

A series on BBC1 about make up artists. Yes i know its an entertainment and such competitions are often rigged and unfair.

However I am amazed as the imagination and skill of some of the participants. As someone involved in selling vintage accessories I have always been fascinated by the history of make up. Ive learned a lot watching this series (we are into series 3) about the various styles and disciplines of cosmetics.

Its not all about fashion. The looks that draw me in are the stage and fatasy projects and the use of prosthetics. I know some of these artists are active on U tube so I will be trying to make the time to watch them.

biglouis Tue 24-May-22 02:47:08

Sorry its BBC3

Shirleyw Tue 24-May-22 04:08:43

Yes, I watch on iplayer, some talented young artists , some have amazing imagination.

muse Tue 24-May-22 09:50:34

I’ve watched every series and it’s amazing what they can do in such a short period of time.

It’s great to see youngsters with such a passion for their art/craft.

I love the expression MUAs.

biglouis Tue 24-May-22 13:08:24

The people who really get on my nerves are the various presenters. They are wasting the competitors time walking from one to another making inane remarks and slowing them down.

Stacey Dooley was bad enough but now we have Maya Jama who is even worse. She was trying to get an artist who had a "mouthpiece" in to talk about his plan when clearly it was difficult for him.

If I was an MUA I would be telling them to jog on.