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Corryanna Sun 03-Jul-22 22:20:26

Recently the skin round my eyes looks black and I’ve gone through 3 tubes of waterproof mascara to find one that stayed put. Realised now that it’s my skin that’s permanently discoloured, partly age spots, partly dark shadow. I have good unwrinkled, normal skin for being 63 so I have that to be happy about but any ideas about these black eyes? Should I use concealer to cover it? I never wear any face makeup, only lipstick and mascara (when it doesn’t melt 🙈)

icanhandthemback Sun 03-Jul-22 22:24:12

Have you been tested for diabetes? Skin colour apparently changes with higher blood sugars.

Chewbacca Sun 03-Jul-22 22:28:03

Touchè Eclat concealer by Yves St Laurent is excellent.

Corryanna Sun 03-Jul-22 22:45:16

Could it be medication ? My hair started coming out very easily and a weight gain too - all due to different meds. Maybe a tinted moisturiser would make a helpful difference? Worth a try!

LilyRosie Thu 07-Jul-22 09:54:50

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Esmay Thu 07-Jul-22 12:16:42

Hi Corryanna ,

Have you had a blood test for your thyroid function ?
Some meds can cause hair loss and weight gain .
Maybe you need a health check .

But a cheap and simple method to lighten the skin under your eyes would be to place some thin slices of refrigerated potato under each eye for about 15 minutes .

Cucumber will reduce puffiness .

Nannan2 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:29:46

Dont get me started on thyroid discussions- i am on thyroid tabs for underactive thyroid- they check levels now & again (not often enough i don't think) but doc still keeps saying its right level- but am still losing hair and can't lose weight- truth is i think he keeps me on lowest dose as i take warfarin as well, but other tablets are lowering that dose even further.So i can't win!🙄

Nannan2 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:34:20

A school friend of mine always had 'panda eyes' & this was usual for a lot of her family- the skin under her eyes was just naturally thinner than most other peoples.Or i believe under-eye skin can thin over time- could this be the case for yourself? Get a G.P check up first Corryanna.

Pammie1 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:38:55

I would have a check up with your GP. Darkening of skin around the eyes can indicate a number of health problems - impaired thyroid or kidney function are among them. Blood tests should tell you if there’s a problem.

Jahseh Fri 08-Jul-22 16:21:47

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