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grandmaagain Sun 02-Oct-11 11:05:22

mumsnet have a lovely flowers emoticon. they call it thanks
could we have one please for congratulations or sympathy or maybe thinking of you/

absentgrana Sun 02-Oct-11 11:08:32

What a good idea. There have been a number of times when it would be appropriate to add an extra little something to a posting but smiles and grins weren't right and tea and wine seemed callous.

Annobel Sun 02-Oct-11 11:42:29

Perfect. Flowers would be very useful. GNHQ, we will send you some if you get the emoticon for us!

Libradi Sun 02-Oct-11 11:44:05

That sounds lovely, what a good idea!

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Sun 02-Oct-11 12:05:44

We've already asked tech for this. We'll give him a nudge.

absentgrana Sun 02-Oct-11 12:13:34

GeraldineGrasnnet Give him some flowers, not a nudge. smile

Jacey Sun 02-Oct-11 12:50:30

GeraldineGrasnet ...can I again request a 'can't stop laughing' smiley ...pretty please!! smile

Elegran Sun 02-Oct-11 14:36:12

Geraldine I have fiddled a bit and made what might be described as a potted plant icon, the same size as the emoticons, and uploaded it to my photos (with a wide white border because it insisted on stretching it to be a better size to display!!! And then it went all blurry. Had to start again).

Would it be any use as a flower emoticon? I suppose it needs techy stuff done to it before it would work....?

Twobabes Mon 03-Oct-11 01:03:52

Looks good, Ele. Clever stuff.

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 03-Oct-11 09:31:53

Thanks so much for your kind efforts, Elegran! I'm sure Tech could do with an assistant if you've ever got a spare minute grin

However, Tech have already got cracking on the emoticon that Mumsnet have, it should be with us very soon...

jogginggirl Tue 04-Oct-11 20:18:40

I'm loving the new emoticon thanks

Elegran Wed 05-Oct-11 11:53:26

Here is a bouquet for Tech thanks

I love all the colours.

grannyactivist Wed 05-Oct-11 12:14:37

I'm so glad that you've not only produced a bouquet, but such a delightful one. Thank you Tech. thanks

grandmaagain Wed 05-Oct-11 20:27:51

thank you tech thanks

Annobel Wed 05-Oct-11 21:16:57

Thanks GNHQ and techies for giving us this nice bouquet. thanks

greenmossgiel Thu 06-Oct-11 09:17:53

It's so pretty, GNHQ - and can say a thousand words. Thank you. thanks

Libradi Thu 06-Oct-11 13:44:10

Thank you GNHQ and tech it's lovely thanks

Tech (GNHQ) Thu 06-Oct-11 13:52:50

thanks for all the thanks everyone. We really appreciate it. smile

yogagran Thu 06-Oct-11 22:24:52

Brilliant - thanks. So lovely that SOMEONE actually listens to us for a change...!

raggygranny Fri 07-Oct-11 14:46:14

Now that we have this new emoticon, this thanks is for everyone who sent good wishes and then congratulations when my 'baby' had her baby! It was great to feel the support and concern. Long live Gransnet!