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Gmail on mobile + laptop

13 Missedout

New mouse

19 henetha

Altering settings on Gransnet

28 Pittcity

Any other technophobes?!

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Where about is the authentication notice on aLloyds App?

6 Lovetopaint037

Parking using Ringo

15 Rosieroe

Very simple financial software recommendations, please?

4 Pittcity

Best cheap printer

25 Visgir1

New coal mine in Cumbria

7 TopsyIrene06

Interruptions on a zoom call or mid language course

6 Baggs

Renewable energy

13 falakrogar

Does anyone have an Apple computer?

8 ElaineI


11 lemsip

I'm having trouble getting new passwords, having lost them!

10 Alie2Oxon

Hp envy 360 convertible laptop help

16 junie1

Mobile phone screens 🌞 🌞 🌞

4 sodapop

Copying files from old computer to new computer

17 Chestnut

Dell laptop XPS 15 9510 advice pleae.

6 jeanie99

Can't get photos from camera to computer

6 ExDancer

Minecraft new update... on Windows 7?

7 wowab

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Gaming?

2 Calendargirl

Getting "Banned" from Facebook.

5 Blossoming

Anyone know how to kill Bing???!!!

8 Whitewavemark2

Sky Glass TV (another thread) 📺

6 FannyCornforth

How to deal with “woke” daughter

105 torge

The cost of smart phones

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18 EarleneFinch

iPad keyboards and MS Office

21 Doodledog

Microsoft Scam -Beware flashing warnings

80 volver

Laptop refuses to allow me to log on

17 Doodledog

Good PAYG for basic Nokia mobile?

10 Calendargirl

what is a Chromebook, Asus C523N

38 Elegran

WhatsApp or Signal?

21 Missedout

calling a french reg mobile from the UK

2 sodapop

Technology rage here.

5 Kim19

Cookie Settings

2 Blossoming

I've forgotten (!) how to set up a new email

5 Grannynannywanny

Wanted recommendation for FREE video editing software

8 doomsalesday

Lost folders in my email account.

3 grandtanteJE65

Unable to send mail

4 Oopsadaisy1

Choosing a new smart TV

17 Jaxjacky

Broadband/phone contract

11 Aveline

unpleasant text on my moble phone

8 Marmite32

Passport renewal: new passport not arrived yet….

34 Grantanow

My Samsung J3 just died

19 nadateturbe

Fitness tracker/smartwatch

11 Petera

New laptop recommendations.

12 Spice101

Robot cat or dog - anyone bought one?

14 Shinamae

who's on youtube?

38 MiniMoon