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Books app on IPad

17 korol

Photographs in the Cloud

9 Howjado

Photo editing program?

7 rosecarmel

Text jumps in size whilst typing

1 ExD1938

Useful apps?

16 Chestnut

Amending notes made on IPad calendar

3 Auntieflo

iPhone case

5 Gr8dame

DashCam - any recommendations

16 Abderian

I seem to have done it again.....

9 rosecarmel

Amazon Prime scam

17 toscalily


15 NanKate

Banned from gumtree!!!!!!

22 Bright

Kindle and Amazon Prime

2 Doodledog

Windows 7 finishing

15 Marydoll

Apple watch for seniors

7 Mollygirl

help needed buying SAT NAV

5 Dec46

Do you use a Mobile Banking App on your phone.

27 Pittcity

Photo stick

7 Chestnut


16 phoenix

Smart watch’s which is best

2 Mollygirl

Norton pop-up

10 Luckygirl

YouTube Videos

14 cheskel

Paying for TV channels

15 NanKate

Yet another scam variation

23 MamaCaz

Grandchildren's online safety

12 endlessstrife

AOL users, help please.

3 Doodledog

Game of Thones

10 BBbevan

Help Idiots Guide please? Android phone, how to listen to books or podcasts

8 vidoy

Stylus for SE Iphone

3 sneazzy95


16 Rufus2

Does anyone have a modem for traveling

12 grandtanteJE65

Which mobile company supports WiFI calling for SIM only phones

14 jeanie99

BT problem lost emails

1 silversurf

TV Pixellating

5 Calendargirl

Windows 7 not updating in New Year

4 M0nica

Plusnet mobile sim - warning.

3 Greeneyedgirl

Can I delete from the cloud

8 jeanie99

Linking phone with new laptop

7 tktech

Blinking Apple

7 Lovetopaint037

Doro mobile phone

5 Lovetopaint037

No ITV channels

8 korol

Microsoft email re update to service agreement

12 mailhelpus5

Miracles do happen!

3 H1954

Emojis on main computer

3 NanKate

Windows 7 Death Of ?

11 sneazzy95

TV Newbie

6 Jennerdysphoria

How do I copy and paste ?

8 Callistemon

Tablet not syncing,

3 Willow500

which device to get?

12 Gfplux

Keeping my IPad screen clean

11 NanKate