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Sky Glass

2 toscalily

TV, Internet and phone packages

4 Missedout


10 ExDancer

Soundbar. Has anyone got one they can recommend?

10 kittylester

Another Scam warning.

3 LauraNorderr

Indoor Security Camera

2 MiniMoon

A mystery about a photo/printing problem.

12 Lovetopaint037

Google Docs or similar instead of Word

5 Susie42

Where can I find the QR code?

7 Mazgg

My daughter can’t get her wi fi sorted out with BT

21 MrsKen33

Cost of cloud storage

25 overthehill

Virgin Mobile

4 MerylStreep

Can the human body block the wifi?

18 Grantanow

When does your computer become obsolete?

42 biglouis

Constant videos on this site

39 eazybee

Face recognition and credit card on I phone

2 Theexwife

Excel 2010 suddenly opens without password

1 jeanie99

Amazon Prime freevee

4 Chestnut


15 jeanie99

Are you prepared if you have got home and left your mobile somewhere.?phone numbers etc

15 LOUISA1523

Facebook and current maintenance issues- for you too?

4 Fleurpepper

HELP!! Can’t ring 0345 number

14 Pittcity

Upgrading my iPhone and stressed

24 Lovetopaint037

Am I the only one...

13 mrswoo

Doro mobile phone

3 Blossoming

Deleted Message on Mobile .. Retrievable ?

6 Debbi58

Apple TV 🍎

22 grannydarkhair

Hey! Broadband

4 Blossoming

How to transfer photos from my I Phone to laptop or memory stick

13 jeanie99

Can you help please. A new laptop is needed.

9 Shelmiss

Getting a new email address

3 Pittcity

Need some printer advise.

16 Marydoll

Solar Farms again - are panels biodegradable?

4 Katie59

Any ideas, this one has me stumped!

8 Missedout

Best low energy use kettle?

44 M0nica

Best Big Button Mobile - not a smartphone!

4 StephLP

Choosing a new smart TV

36 HowVeryDareYou

Radio 4 fed by wifi changes 2023?

21 Chestnut

Mini Plug-in Heater Recomendations

4 shysal

Freesat box

4 Missedout

I phone 6s

7 Missedout

Advice needed on an E Reader for my Mum!

31 Floradora9

Palm swiping

7 MerylStreep

Facebook message 'temporarily banned'

28 Curtaintwitcher

Internet misunderstandings

51 Allsorts

Pay pal

3 Allsorts

Helping grandma with the controller - taken to extreme.

4 Elegran

People who post on Facebook

61 Lesley60

Network Issue Fix in Smithtown NY

2 Callistemon21

I phone sent an audio message without me knowing.

8 Lovetopaint037