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Upgrading my iPhone?

19 Cabbie21

Windows 10 updating

36 Jane10

Disappearing Gransnet.

13 chaffinch

Block this caller

6 tomhiddleston

SatNav on phone

31 sneazzy95

Lost email folders on IPad

6 britten

Making a Photo Book

4 schnackie

Windows update

2 B9exchange

Hope nobody minds -made me giggle

30 crazyH


11 ExD

How to get GN out of spam

3 kircubbin2000

Scams to watch out for.

11 FarNorth

Microsoft Scam -Beware flashing warnings

78 FarNorth

Tablets or Ipad

15 Lexisgranny

Bought amazon firestick, trying to download Netflix app

5 phoenix

Bank security Grrrrr

26 petra

Paper is dead! Really?

18 Blossoming

Website Images

5 Jane10

Finding a song/music on your phone with Google..

11 bikergran

Are our mobiles listening in !!! just coincidence!! [hmm]

44 Grandma2213

I pad changing what I type

7 Elegran

Apple email problem

3 Missedout

My computer got locked

17 johnalen

Computer breakdown

15 johnalen

Smart TV and voice control for Netflix

8 FannyCornforth

How To Find Wifi Password On Mac?

3 Marydoll

iOS 14 problem

12 henryjames34

Going to treat myself to a Tablet (cant afford ipad) any recomendations?

53 phoenix

Turning older tv into a smart tv via a smart stick (tv now) etc

21 Bigred18

Help Photographers advice please

18 flavia110

bt yahoo email account

10 joanna12

Help, please! Photos not appearing😕

12 GrandmaKT

Subtitiles on BBCiPlayer

7 schnackie

Virus protection for new computer

8 Sar53

Outlook and Hotmail

6 Sparklefizz


9 NotSpaghetti

Smallest Win10 possible?

5 MawB2

Online chat companion

2 MawB2

I use a pay-as-you-go phone

5 ExD

I'm very, very cross, ITV Hub aarrgh!

14 heribert

Apple versus Sony

3 Missedout

Beware of this scam

15 Lovetopaint037

MP4 files.

3 Rufus2

Mobile phone help

9 Maggiemaybe

Putting photos on Ebay

6 Marydoll

I ve lost my whoosh

9 BlueBelle

Fuddy Duddy GrandMa Phone

29 Lolo81

YouTube Videos

16 fasilend

Wildlife cameras

2 Hetty58

Storing the power produced by intermittent generation

7 Elegran