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WhatsApp or Signal?

26 Georgesgran

Flip phones with external screen

10 julianthom11

Choosing new broadband supplier

5 Aldom

Echo dot.

4 Sago

Meta/Facebook ultimatum received today. Have you got it too.

12 RosiesMaw


5 lemsip

Recommendations For Best SIM Only Deals?

45 win

Is it possible to speak to a person at BT about my landline problem?

12 Alie2Oxon


6 Anniel

Buying a new phone

29 Huia

what is this???In the Chat MN thread IIRC.

3 spabbygirl

Anti blue light screen for IPad

2 PinkCosmos

Buying a New phone

7 Rachel311

I can no longer hear whoever is speaking to me on my phone!

7 Caravansera

No google on my ipad....

10 BlueBelle

Why can't robots pass CAPTCHA tests?

5 RosiesMaw

I cloud storage full

56 silverlining48

When does your computer become obsolete?

67 Paul59

email help

5 Theexwife


23 Calendargirl

Fastest way to archive old documents?

14 bakinbread

iPad 12x9 . Has anyone got one?

11 Lovetopaint037

Helping themselves to your money

8 liamsunsunnix

I can't open Gransnet on my phone

3 25Avalon

Epilators vs threading

21 MalikZeeshan1

Bluetooth headphones x 2 connected to TV

3 Sidelined

Passwords and signing in problems

3 Grammaretto

Kitchen upgrade, induction hob query.

13 Aldom

Classic View of GMail

7 LackofCheese

LBC radio

5 TopsyIrene06

Contents of old broken iPad

10 irepairguys

Zoom- the ultimate irony?

3 AreWeThereYet

NOW Broadband/calls/Tv

7 MiniMoon

British Gas and smart meters

12 Patsy70

MidJourney and A I Art 🎨

2 FannyCornforth

Websites flicking from one image to another

4 karmalady

How safe is battery powered transport?

76 Mamie

Using Alexa to work the TV

10 kittylester

When did having a smartphone become compulsory?

131 NotSpaghetti

Google search coming up with Sponsored ads on laptop - driving me mad

5 jeanie99

BBC Sounds: can no longer access on my Apple ipad

4 MayBee70

Best mobile phone for confused mum

10 CrochetBliss

BT phone landlines changing to IP technology

85 Bea65

Charging EVs away from home: is queuing a problem?

103 Grantanow

Is it me or are tv screens getting darker?

17 Grannynannywanny

Signing up for Netflix how to do this safely

13 Oldbat1

Anyone with Virgin and having landline attached to wi fi?

30 Hetty58

Stopping sponsored ads HELP

2 B9exchange

Amazon password problems

9 Sarahmob

Split screen keeps appearing and can’t get rid of it on iPad.

12 Lovetopaint037