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Broadband deals/suppliers, need to renew contract but plusnet not offering me very good deal.

12 bikergran

Any suggestions?

29 Jonat

Computer breakdown

17 mabelgoodrich

Car park ticket machines

14 Flexagon


5 Sparklefizz

How do I get rid of Amazon’s repeated request for me to switch accounts.

5 Lovetopaint037

How to deal with “woke” daughter

90 Skydancer

Hotmail emails not working

8 Blossoming

Why have I had to change my Username?

8 Alegrias1

Passing on a useful tip

3 JackyB

Strange email

15 ElaineI

How do you keep your iPhone 12 Pro Max charged up while using Waze in the car?

5 Lovetopaint037

Lap tops versus computers

9 Humbertbear

Sync phone and ipad

2 Humbertbear

Updating present "setup"

29 henetha

What's app on I phone draining battery

20 henetha


31 Lovetopaint037

Frozen Kindle

7 MerylStreep

Smart meters - are they being 'forced' on us?

73 M0nica

‘Search box’ white and n white,

5 Lexisgranny

Self-Driving Delivery Robot

25 Blossoming

Security online

8 Missedout

Has anyone had trouble putting their hotmail email onto their iPad recently.

4 Tizliz

Has anyone had this trouble? Scam or mistake!

7 Blossoming

Security Protection for an iPad

13 JeffreyNew13

I have really upset my granddaughter

53 Doodledog

Disobedient printer

11 Jaxie

How to wireless printer to new computer

10 grannyactivist


2 MawBe

And...........Now TV stick is installed on our TV. Hooray!!!!

8 Trisha57

New steam floor mop!

3 Oopsadaisy1

My non technical brother has lost his Apple ID for his iPad.

14 nanna8

Contents of old broken iPad

9 Crystal46

iCloud storage

8 Humbertbear


14 B9exchange

Finding a song/music on your phone with Google..

12 SilviaAnderson

Would you get a Personal Alarm?

15 Tonucha


9 Spidergran3

Oppo phones

3 granfromafar

Budget Smart phone

10 LuisaRey

i-pad wont connect to internet

5 Scentia

Signal instead of WhatsApp

4 MerylStreep

Very angry with my printer Grr

18 StatenIsland

Easy to use Smartphone

5 Grannycool52

Mobile broadband internet

2 B9exchange

Oppo phones

9 B9exchange

Why do I seem to have to pay more for less tech?

28 Pittcity

Smileys & People on my mobile disappeared 🙁

8 cb1963

Facebook Marketplace error messages-can't fix this?

5 Skydancer

Simple Computer Skills

14 TerriBull