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Apple Keyboard anyone?

3 cornergran

Passwords = the bane of my life

42 BlueBelle

Computer breakdown

13 jeanie99

Kindle and Amazon Prime

4 rosecarmel

iPad printing

4 tanith

Text jumps in size whilst typing

3 cliford

Amazon Echo

38 annep1


2 Esspee


12 MiniMoon

Advice re. buying a new iPad...a bit complicated!

10 Missfoodlove

Today's heartsink task

62 sodapop

Beware of this scam

4 Toadinthehole

Trouble with gmail after downloading update.

1 Lovetopaint037

Virgin media

9 Lovetopaint037

Indestructible headphones for heavy handed teenagers

2 Missfoodlove

Mastering my technology - need suggestions

8 Jane43

Can anyone help? Email problem!

13 phoenix

Block this caller

5 sneazzy95

Apple versus Android Robles

6 sneazzy95

Rolling Scrolling

5 Rufus2

Is it me? Tesco delivery help pleeeeese!

16 Rosalyn69

Track and Trace technology

3 rubysong

Do you use a Mobile Banking App on your phone.

47 bikergran


29 Rufus2

I had to wait until he went to bed to...

13 EllanVannin

Best games for iPad?

12 Sussexborn

IPhone message turned green.

6 clementine


8 Grandad1943

Amending notes made on IPad calendar


Help with WhatsApp and data use.

15 shysal

Honeywell T3R programmable wireless thermostat. HELP!

23 rowyn

Photo editing program?

10 michellestoclet

nintendo wii

12 getlines


4 Missfoodlove


1 mrsmopp

Small Electronic Thesaurus, Dictionary, Spellchecker.

7 Auntieflo

Help Photographers advice please

16 Gulia3art

You rang?

42 eazybee

Photography cheat sheets-anyone know?

5 CanadianGran

Windows 7 finishing

18 Marydoll

Books app on IPad

17 korol

Photographs in the Cloud

9 Howjado

Useful apps?

16 Chestnut

iPhone case

5 Gr8dame

DashCam - any recommendations

16 Abderian

I seem to have done it again.....

9 rosecarmel

Amazon Prime scam

17 toscalily


15 NanKate

Banned from gumtree!!!!!!

22 Bright

Apple watch for seniors

7 Mollygirl