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Cancelling Virgin Media

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Stillgood2go Thu 09-Feb-12 12:19:14

Has anybody managed to cancel their Virgin media in a hassle free way? I have heard all sorts of horror stories about difficulties and exorbitant charges. Sadly like a lot of people my cost of living is increasing but my pension is not, so something got to go.

artygran Thu 09-Feb-12 12:38:37

I think dealing with any telecoms company is a hassle! When we moved house, we told TalkTalk that we wanted to transfer our contract to our new address. Fine, they said. We then received a bill for £163 for cancelling the contract. On telling them we hadn't cancelled the contract, just transferred it, we were told they automatically cancel your contract when you move and you have to take out another one, and they charge you because your previous contract has not been completed! DH put his foot down with a firm hand and they cancelled the charge 'toot sweet' , but we have had all sorts of other difficulties with them since we moved. I would dearly like to ditch them, but we are stuck with them now for a while. Friends have had similar experiences with BT, but I haven't heard anything detrimental about Virgin. Good luck with it, Still.

susiecb Fri 10-Feb-12 13:34:07

If you are looking at costs I can recommend BT Vision and internet - we get telephone, TV (BT Vision has much more than Sky) and broadband for £42 per month so we are £20 per month better off then when we had Sky.

glammanana Fri 10-Feb-12 13:47:59

We use BT vision and broadband and I can just beat you on the price susie we had to renew contract in December and got the package for £38.00 plus 24hr calls and two free months on sport channel for DH surprising what they can come up with when you say you are looking to change suppliers isn't it.Never ever had a problem with the service far better selection than Sky or virgin.

Pennysue Mon 25-Jun-12 17:51:21

Sorry this is a bit long, but I need to get it off my chest and OH is not helping!!!!!

We am moving and phoned BT as we want to take number (which we have had for 45 years and are staying in the same exchange area). I also ordered one of their packages.

I have ordered 4 times and the order has been cancelled 3 times (4th about to happen) as the right hand does not seem to know what the left is doing.

I was told that there was no line to the new property - it had been disconnected. I was not surprised as the house has been empty for many months (Executors sale). We would have to wait 13 days for reconnection. Fine I accepted that.

I had an email confirming the order, followed by an email saying it had been cancelled. I phoned to enquire why and was told there is a line to the property. Re-ordered.

Then another email - sorry there is no line - did re-order, but would be waiting 15 days for line!

Then had a call saying order was being cancelled, (each of these were from an Indian call centre, could tell by the back ground noise and strong accent, which make hearing what was being said difficult). They put the order through at the Indian call centre

Had email saying it had been cancelled

Phoned BT again and spoke to someone in Britain and told her that I would be very upset if the order was cancelled again because they cannot sort themselves out. Very nice young man did my order and assured me that it would not be cancelled.

Had another call from Indian Call centre saying there we going to cancel the order. I told her in no uncertain terms that if my order was cancelled again I would report it to OFCOM. The line went dead as they were phoning me on my mobile and we do not get a good signal;

Phoned BT spoke to someone in Britain and was assured that I will be getting a call from technical support tomorrow - will be interesting to see what their excuse is.

When we did this 25 years ago, it took a simple phone call and all was done on the day of moving - so much for progress

dorsetpennt Mon 25-Jun-12 18:13:05

I had to live in another flat on a temporary basis whilst mine was being refurbished due to a fire. As I was moving to the next road I wanted to take my telephone number with me. I rang the number on BT and was put through to an Indian Call Centre. Really nice people, but very very strong accents and why do they insist on giving themselves silly English names? Try as I might could not either understand them or they me - I was NOT moving out of area or cancelling my account. This went on for a few days. I then decided to ring their number for payment problems etc, Accounts Department I suppose, it was based in the UK and the lovely young lady changed the address and put my old number to my new address there and then. When I finally moved home after 7 months I rang the same department again with the same result.