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BOTCH job!

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bagitha Sun 08-Apr-12 17:28:49

Supernana as was wanted to change her username. She now has a new one (*SOOP*) but her old profile has not been attached to the new name. We've been told that this would be OK. PLease can you sort it pronto? She's had a hard week and a harder weekend!!!!!!

*SOOP* Sun 08-Apr-12 17:33:36

grin grin grin grin grin grin] etcetera

glassortwo Sun 08-Apr-12 17:37:37

soop suits you grin

Annobel Sun 08-Apr-12 17:43:03

Please, give her back her profile!

jeni Sun 08-Apr-12 17:45:30

Bring back soops profile, or I'll................

bagitha Sun 08-Apr-12 17:59:43

Come on, you guys! This is serious! It's like separating Lyra from Pantalaimon! No... but really!.... Oh HECK!

Butternut Sun 08-Apr-12 18:00:08

I want Soop's profile up!

(I found the site clunky to say the least when last using it - and I don't think it was me 'cause I had my computer prof. in assistance!)

Ariadne Sun 08-Apr-12 18:33:09


Annobel Sun 08-Apr-12 18:35:12

Or it's like separating Peter Pan from his shadow...

bagitha Sun 08-Apr-12 21:18:49

Just bumping this before I go to bed. Anyone else got the feeling they've all bunked off for the bank holiday? Oh well, poor dears, I suppose they need time to eat all their choccie eggs.

SOOP Mon 09-Apr-12 10:59:22

flowers to my pals. Understanding message received from Cari. All will be well in due course. xxx

wotsamashedupjingl Mon 09-Apr-12 11:10:09

God! You lot don't half expect something, don't yer?!

Easter Sunday that was!!! hmm

glammanana Mon 09-Apr-12 11:10:15

Thank goodness for that we are missing you and your fabulous pics.Hoping you are feeling well to-day and not running about too

wotsamashedupjingl Mon 09-Apr-12 11:10:18


SOOP Tue 10-Apr-12 11:24:24

Thanks glam Cari has sorted. Bless!
Feeling sore. 25 metal staples removed from wound. Three were deeply embedded shock.
A gorgeous day in Kintyre. Rory [cat] has called by for refreshments, had a swift wash and sauntered off again. The deer has been handfed with apple by my husband. Another daily ritual. The nurse who was here to remove the clips, couldn't believe her eyes. Sika deer are usually very timid. We quite often have a gang of five come through the forest and wait by our fence for some attention. grin

gracesmum Tue 10-Apr-12 11:30:42

Ouch! flowersflowersbet you are glad that bit is over!

Annobel Tue 10-Apr-12 11:58:43

Horrors! Sounds like torture. Sympathy! I give thanks to my surgeon that I had self-dissolving stitches. How lovely having a deer to visit; they must know a soft touch when they see one!

bagitha Tue 10-Apr-12 12:03:05

Glad to see Tech has done good by you, soop. smile

Re the staples.... aargh!! Fast wound healing vibes flying your way post haste!

SOOP Tue 10-Apr-12 12:10:07


Carol Tue 10-Apr-12 12:30:25

Staples are good - you get a nice neat line instead of those awful zip marks. Hope it all becomes a distabt memory soon, SOOP

SOOP Tue 10-Apr-12 12:36:12

Carol Lovely to have you back. Leg has no ins and outs. It resembles a solid purple tree trunk from way high on the chubby [dimpled] bum to the back of the ankle. Knee appears ball-cock-like...all round, smooth and shiny grin

Annobel Tue 10-Apr-12 12:53:04

No zip mark here, Carol. A scarcely visible line. Shoulder the same.
Soop, I hope your leg settles down to a normal shape soon. How's the walking coming on?

SOOP Tue 10-Apr-12 13:17:12

Annobel Much better thanks. Do the exercises for longer periods and with much more ease.