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joanveronica22 Wed 06-Jun-12 13:51:10

For several weeks I have been having trouble with the Vodafone website. When I try to claim my rewards it says it does not recognise my phone number. I tried twice to speak to the customer team but was told they could not help me. Ultimately they sent me an email and told me I had to give them some information from my phone (which meant taking it to pieces) + some security information. The nearest phone shop is 30 miles away so today I tried for the third time and hey presto I found a customer assistant who listened to me and finally is getting the problem sorted. He apologised for all the trouble I had had. I said that they may be used to dealing with younger people but they need to be aware of the substantial population of older people who are perfectly capable but problems should not be handed back to us to sort out!! So I hope by my persistence I have raised the profile of those of us who are 70+ and he assured me he would pass on my comments - hopefully there will be some more customer awareness training. So my message is don't be fobbed off by these customers who do not want to bother with older people - just keep politely persisting and we will get there in the end!!

effblinder Wed 06-Jun-12 16:08:18

Good to know, joan!

Honestly, these "customer service" lot seem to always give you the worst service!

Glad you set them straight smile

AlisonMA Wed 06-Jun-12 16:25:29

Vodafone's customer service is rubbish and so is their website. I often have trouble trying to see my bill and they always say it is my fault but the website is down. I'm quite techy and I have lots of issues with them.

I have been told that whenever you get through to a foreign call centre that you have the right to ask to be put through to a UK centre and it has worked for me with other companies but Vodafone refused to do it.

Grandmanorm Fri 08-Jun-12 15:51:14

I also have had trouble with Vodafone, and like you joanveronica22 I complained about their service. I also told them that I did not need all those "free" texts and that it was time that Vodafone took notice of the older generation, who are more than capable of using mobile phones, and brought out a package that was more suited to us.
I was told that would be passed up the line. I often wonder if it was.
Once my contract is up I shall change supplier.

Anagram Fri 08-Jun-12 16:16:34

I'm still on 'Pay as you go' and have never had any problems! grin