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AlieOxon Mon 11-Jun-12 17:44:37

Why have my lines of text suddenly got too wide for the screen?

Also something odd is happening to the heading that you use to find the right page in a thread ('next, previous' etc)....sometimes it isn't visible, and I find myself chasing the right hand slider down the thread!

Ariadne Mon 11-Jun-12 18:28:03

I wondered too!

AlieOxon Mon 11-Jun-12 18:43:58

Techies please?

Anagram Mon 11-Jun-12 18:54:30

Alie and Ariadne, there have been comments on the problem - see 'Empty Boxes' thread.

Maniac Mon 11-Jun-12 22:21:54

The gremlin causing message $search.TopicName attached to certain threads is back again.Help!

whenim64 Mon 11-Jun-12 22:47:09

This new layout is terrible on my iPad - having to use the laptop.

Faye Mon 11-Jun-12 23:46:36

Has the layout been changed? I used my ipad this morning and usually I can enlarge the page, but I had to scroll to the left and the right because I like the print to be a bit larger, normally it all fits in. confused sad

Ella46 Tue 12-Jun-12 07:47:30

Look at the "Empty Boxes" thread Faye. You can make the print bigger but it doesn't work very well!

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 12-Jun-12 10:06:04

Have replied on the other thread too,

Thanks for all your feedback, we'll have a think. Is everyone who's having problems using tablets/phones? It would be good to hear any feedback (positive or negative) from people using computers.

There may be a separate solution for tablets/phones, so would be very useful to know.

whenim64 Tue 12-Jun-12 10:30:06

On my laptop, the threads are not always opening, but defaulting to the home page, and some very full threads will only open at the OP and not the most recent post.

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 12-Jun-12 11:17:10

Think that should be fixed now, whenim. So sorry that keeps happening.

Keep your feedback on the wider comment boxes coming in - all very useful.

AlieOxon Tue 12-Jun-12 13:11:07

So sorry for starting this other thread - I didn't realise what 'empty boxes' meant! Suggest we use that one?

Jacey Tue 12-Jun-12 14:10:01

I like the wider boxes using a laptop sunshine

But ...might be helpful if you forewarned us when you're tinkeringgrin

Jacey Tue 12-Jun-12 14:13:57

Oh ...and it means I can 'see' more than one message at a time, which does save me having to scroll back to see what the latest post is relating too.grin

petra Fri 10-Aug-12 15:29:37

Hi all. 2nd time of trying with this post. Don't know where the 1st one went.
We have bought an ipad 2. We travel a lot in France and Spain and want to take this instead of the laptop.
We don't want a contract. We want a pay as you go; but we want to buy this in France /Spain. Is there anyone out there who knows anything about this.
The ipad that we have bought has been unlocked.
Thank you, Petra

petra Fri 10-Aug-12 15:52:53

Can anyone tell me why my post comes up under the heading of 'wide Lines' when its nothing of the sort.

Annobel Fri 10-Aug-12 15:57:01

You have been going onto the tech_stuff forum rather than choosing a specific thread. You could start your own thread.